George Duckington Crosses The Delware


The real tragedy of the Delaware river crossing.


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Famous Ancestry


Many people are unaware that our very own Javabird is related to a number of noteworthy ducks throughout history. One of Javabird’s famous ancestors is George Duckington, depicted here in his famous trip across the Delaware River. Though historians often get General Duckington confused with General Washington (who later became President of the United States), the former is actually the one who first forded the Delaware in an attempt to surprise the Hessian soldiers hired by the British Empire. If you doubt it, ask yourself whether a man or a duck is more likely to cross a frigid river in the middle of the winter?  Are you convinced yet?  I thought so.


To be sure, it was a miserable crossing as these things go.  Most would probably guess the icy conditions were the problem, but it turned out to be something far, far more sinister…


George Duckington crosses the Deleware


We hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on one of the great duck’s in history. Until, next time…keep quacking!


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