Great Tips To Start Saving: Part 20


3 more savings tips to put to work immediately.Please excuse our housekeeping. We are in the process of updating or replacing all our Great Savings Tips. To find the most current tip see below.


60)  Embrace Change: Having a hard time making a change? Maybe it’s because you have an underlying issue you need to address first. For more information ,see our all new savings tip #60 by clicking here


61) Embrace Virtual Records. Save money, get organized, reduce clutter and, go virtual instead. Check out our updated tip by clicking here.


Eat better and save money.

Stock up on cheap, nutritious, ready to go foods and then take your own lunch.

62)  Make your own lunch. About the last thing most busy people want to think about is making a lunch to take to work.  It’s just another chore, right?  Though some are lucky enough to have a loving partner prepare a complete and balanced meal for them, others have to fend for themselves.  The thing is there are two very good reasons you should consider taking the time to make a lunch even if you have to do it yourself:  (1) You’ll eat a lot better and (2) You can control the cost.


Dining out is expensive.  Yes you can get a sub sandwich for $5 bucks or maybe a burger and fry deal for a little less if it’s on special, but it’ rare when you can’t make a more nutritious sandwich yourself for less money.  Save a $1 a day on your lunch for each day you go to work and it adds up to about $25o a year.  Save two dollars a day and it doubles to $500.  Suddenly, you’re talking enough change for a new netbook, top of the line smart phone, or perhaps a good start to your emergency savings fund.  The key to making your own lunch is planning ahead so you have the ingredients you’ll need to get some variety as there’s nothing worse than eating the same old thing every day.  Another related tip: If you’re buying your lunch or snacks out of a vending machine, chances are you’re paying several times the actual cost.  If you must have that afternoon candy bar or other pick-me-up, buy it at the store on your next grocery trip and take it along to work.  Or if you drink a pop or two a day, do the same thing and save enough money in a couple months to pay for a years supply at the store.




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