Great Savings Tip #68 – Make Your Own Fast Foods

Make your own frozen fast food.


Tip #68) Make your own frozen “fast” foods:


For anyone with a busy schedule, the convenience of fast, frozen meals can really be a lifesaver.  These days, you can get just about any kind of meal in the frozen food aisle of your grocer.  Yet when you start looking at the cost of those items, as well as the quality of food ingredients in them, it can be downright depressing.


Brown rice in my palm.

I like to control the ingredients in my recipes. That way I know I'm eating right.

Quality Ingredients


More and more, I’ve come to appreciate the ability to control the ingredients that go into my food.  As I’ve done more cooking over the years, I’ve discovered a number of things that matter.  For example, I used to think plain old white rice was good for me, and then I learned it has less fiber and a higher glycemic index, which may be a contributing factor in Type 2 Diabetes (For more information check WebMD).  Now, when I can I’ll use brown rice or other higher fiber, lower fat ingredients in all my recipes.  By making my own, I also avoid unnecessary chemicals or food coloring.  It’s a good feeling to know that the things I’m eating are healthy.


Use foil or freezer paper to wrap frozen foods.

Wrap frozen foods with freezer paper or foil, or use plastic containers or bags.

Double Up And Save


One terrific way to stretch your food dollar, save time cooking meals, and to control what goes into your meal in the first place is to make your own frozen “fast” foods.  It’s relatively easy to get started.  Instead of cooking your normal quantity, simply double or triple up on the recipe.  If you have a vacuum sealer you can use it to remove as much of the air from your freezer storage bag as possible.  If you don’t have a sealer,  push the excess air from your plastic bags before closing them.  If you use plastic containers, try to fill them completely up with food.  Excess air in a bag or container contains moisture and will leave an icy frost on the surface of frozen foods.  That frost will shorten it’s freezer shelf life by causing a condition often referred to as freezer burn.  The best way to avoid it is to wrap your foods well in the first place.  I recommend using foil, freezer paper or a second plastic bag to wrap your meals and keep them fresher, longer.


Make Life Simpler


By multiplying the size of your regular recipe, you can store the extra food you make in the freezer and have meals ready to go.  You’ll save time and energy cooking and you can sometimes cut the cost of your meal by taking advantage of bulk quantity buys.


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3 Responses to Great Savings Tip #68 – Make Your Own Fast Foods

  • DY says:

    I bake lots of cookies all at once and then freeze them to keep them fresh longer.

  • connie says:

    When using vacuum sealer devices, do NOT attempt to seal anything that is liquid or even damp.

    Instead, fill the bag, place in the freezer in a pan for a few hours until it has frozen. THEN vacuum seal it.

    Another good trick is to buy 8″ disposable pie pans. When making a fruit pie, double or triple the recipe and assemble the extra pies. Place them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. When frozen, insert into the gallon size vacuum bags and seal.

    (I find that during summer I can lay in a stash of ’emergency desserts’ when we have fruit galore.)

    To bake, remove them frozen from the bag, place on a cookie sheet, and bake as your normally would. They WILL take a few minutes longer to bake, since they are frozen.

  • Javabird says:

    Great tips Connie. Thanks. I remember I used to go to my grandmother’s house and she’d always have home made frozen pies in the freezer ready to bake. I loved her apple pies. Yum!


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