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The very word “impersonator” shows a blatant disregard for the history and majesty of ducks. Case in point: Had it not been for the should-have-been-more-famous, Elvis Ironly, the human Elvis Presley may never have achieved status as a star. Naturally, since men write most history and go on and on about people rather than the far more interesting species of duck (yours truly being the notable and quotable exception), most historians have made Elvis Presley out as the original. Sorry, Elvis P. fans, it just ain’t so.



Ironically, one of the most imitated stars of all time turns out to be an impersonator himself, or shall we say an “imduckanator”? That’s right, Elvis Presley copied his entire act from Elvis Ironly, and then had the audacity to call it his own. Here’s a portrait of a young Ironly. One look and you can easily tell who’s copying whom.


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Elvis - The early years.

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Even His Lyrics Were Copied


Take Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” for example: That so-called “original” was a blatant rip-off of a true classic, the “Mailhouse Waddle”, a tune written 10 years before Presley first sang his version. I won’t bother you with the “Presley” lyrics (you can find a written version here or see him perform in a YouTube video here). Suffice to say the Elvis Ironly version took place at the local post office and not the county jail. The first few lines of Mailhouse Waddle went like this:


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“The postduck shouted, “Party!” while sorting through the mail.
All the quackers, there, started munching fresh kale.

The sorters were humin’, their eardrums a-ringin’.

No way to miss all that dancin’ and singin’.

Let’s waddle.  Come on, grab a bottle.

Now, every ducky in the whole wide room

Fluff up your feathers and waddle to the tune.”


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Pictured below is Elvis Ironly performing his before-it’s-time-yet-still-classic tune.


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Elvis performing one of his classics.


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Perhaps the saddest part of this story is how Elvis Ironly met his demise. Hooked on painkillers to alleviate the severe joint pain caused by endless repetition of his patented pelvic thrust, he was so doped up he mistakenly confused the commode with his bath tub at Gracepuddle (i.e. his mansion). Though his agent at the time tried to cover up the truth, the official coroner’s report leaves no stone unturned: Yes, sadly, Elvis accidentally flushed himself. What a way to go!


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The less than poetic end for Elvis.


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