Finding Balance In Nature

Finding Balance

The Stress Reliever


Life is a constant balancing act.  With the demands put on us by our jobs, or the obligations we feel to friends, family or coworkers, it’s hard to find time for ourselves.  Yet unless we purposefully make the time, all those burdens we feel begin to add up.  Pretty soon we feel stressed.  Throw in the demands of a 24/7 wired world and the stress becomes overwhelming.


This post is a reminder that there are many things worth taking time out to experience just beyond our immediate surroundings.  To find balance takes practice, but as you seek it, look to the beauty of nature in all it’s various forms as a way to step back and relax.


The photos below bring back memories of the places I’ve visited, and of the people I’ve journeyed with along the way.  They remind me I’m surrounded by the bounty and wonder of nature if only I open my eyes.


The sand beneath my feet.

Find solace in the texture and patterns of sand.

A Mexican sky.

Gaze upon the striking canvas of the heavens above.

A wave crashing on the beach.

Revel in the thunder of a breaking wave.

Wheat country.

Seek quiet tranquility among rolling hills.

The breathtaking beauty of mountains across the water.

Marvel at the majesty of an ice-capped peak.

A breathtaking Mexican sunrise.

Discover breathtaking beauty in a tropical dawn.

Tall firs bordering a beautiful lake.

Listen to a breeze as it meanders through the trees.

The spectrum of tropcial light.

Expect the unexpected.

A large dessert cactus.

Delight in diversity, no matter how prickly.

A grove of palms.

Let your spirits soar.

Waves and surf.

Tune into the rhythm of the sea.

The serenity of a stream.

Hum along to the song of a gurgling stream.

Nothing like a sunrise you can see out your back door.

Take a deep breath. Renew. Relax. Re-energize.


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