My Bunny And Me

Dusty with his best friends.


The Treat’s All Mine


Like lots of pet owners, I enjoy treating my puppy, Dusty, with toys, treats, and other things he probably doesn’t need. Okay, at six “people” years old, Dusty is technically not even close to being a puppy anymore, but he’ll always be one to me.  I suppose I treat him to show how much I love him.  I want him to be happy.  The sad truth is I can’t go into a pet store without looking at all the little toys and wonder which one might be his next favorite.  And he definitely has his favorites.


An Oldie But Goodie



This poor little bunny’s seen better days.

The other day I found his beloved stuffed bunny on the floor.  It almost made me tear up a moment as I envisioned the endless hours of playtime “Bunny” has seen while Dusty’s Dad (AKA Hubby) belts out the old Queen favorite, “Find Me Some Bunny To Love.”  Okay, it’s true, we changed the words.


Keep your eye on Bunny, Dusty.

Come on, Mom, throw him, already!



I’ve tried figuring out why one toy always seems to be Dusty’s BFF (Best Friend Forever). Though there’s no way to know for certain, I can only guess it’s something to do with size, mouth feel, and that all important squeaker.  To me they pretty much all sound the same, but there must be something he hears in his favorites that I don’t. At this point, Dusty clearly has two BFFs—Bunny and Slobber Ducky.  And in case you were wondering, all the toys get named at our house and Dusty clearly knows which toy I’m talking about when I tell him to find it.


Seen Better Days

Another trusted friend.

Dusty’s had a lot of short term favorites like Woofy pictured here.

At this point, Bunny has been so loved and laundered his fur is nearly gone and he no longer has eyes. His little ears are also quite limp from endless chewing and shaking, and I doubt if his head can take many more tug-of-war battles. Yet as a favorite, he has served beyond the call of duty and is always ready to be part of the evening fun.


Mover Over, Mister.


Slobber ducky gets pretty slobbery!

Dusty loves Slobber Ducky.

Slobber Ducky is a more recent addition, but no less a favorite.  In fact, there’s little doubt Bunny is slowly being pushed aside as Dusty’s favorite and Slobber Ducky is laying claim to the top spot.  Slobber Ducky can best be described as a blue rubber duck doing a very good rubber chicken imitation. He has two squeakers so is quite noisy during playtime. Slobber Ducky got his name after one really good play and I went to pick him up.  Since he’s all plastic and has no fur, there was nothing to soak up the excess dog slobber. Blah!  Okay, I admit it: Nothing says good fun quite  like a really slobbered up squeaky toy.


Come On Guys Let’s Play

Nobody will play with me.

I’m depressed. Won’t anyone play with me?

They say you train your dog whether you intend to or not.  As Dusty’s parents, Hubby and I therefore seem to be responsible for Dusty’s current post dinner evening ritual.  After dinner as we start to do the dishes, Dusty will find Slobber Ducky and then plant himself in the living room with his chin resting on the duck, all the while looking as sad and pathetic as possible.  There’s no question in my mind that Dusty believes life would be so much better if someone would just toss him his Ducky. I admit it. I’m a sucker for this ploy—it never fails to work on me.


We All Have Favorites


Teddy Bear Austin (aka TBA)

Mom recovered my teddy, but he’s long overdue for a new set of clothes.

Dogs amaze me.  They’re much smarter than we give them credit for.  If you don’t believe it you’ve got to see Dogs Decoded, a NOVA special which you can play from your Instant Queue if you have Netflix (just search on the title).


I find it fascinating that Dusty has clear preferences for certain toys. And how well loved those favorites are! It reminds me of when I was young and had my teddy bear, good ol’ Teddy Bear Austin (TBA). Ah, nothing like giving your little stuffed pal a good descriptive name, is there? My TBA was always there for me.  In fact, he was so loved at one point, that my mom had to sew on a slip cover in order to keep him properly stuffed.


Worn But Still Loved


Dusty and Foxy at play.

Here’s Dusty wrestling with Foxy, yet another old favorite.

Dusty’s Bunny has the same loved look as my old TBA and Hubby claims that were it not for his brave work with a surgical (i.e sewing) needle one morning while I was away, Bunny would already be a goner.  That makes me sad.  Bunny’s droopy, worn and faded body proves he has been there for thick and thin. It’s hard to beat that kind of friendship.  I can’t begin to imagine what secrets and fears Dusty may have shared with Bunny, though I can say I’ve witnessed untold hours of running and fun between the two.


Nothing Beats A Good Friend

I'm ready for a drink.  Man that was fun.

I just love playing with you and all my buds, Mom!

There is definitely something about having a special friend that is always there for you through thick and thin, joy or sorrow, or for just for resting your weary head on after a good romp.  Hang in there Bunny!  Anyone seen Slobber Ducky?


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