How To Save On Gas And Groceries


The costs keep going up and up.


Prices Are Headed Higher


If you believe the government, then there is little need to worry about “core” inflation.  Unfortunately, core inflation doesn’t include volatile food and energy prices and the only direction they’ve been heading in recent times is up.  So how do you afford to feed your family or gas up the car?


Inflation is heating up.

It seems like everything I buy keeps going up.

Save On Gas And Groceries


Check out these 7 tips for staying ahead of the game:


(1)  Add to your income/slash your debt: If are lucky enough to find one, get a part time job to supplement your income.  Use all the extra cash you earn to pay down your debt as any interest you pay for groceries or gas significantly increases their cost.


(2)  Watch for specials: Watch for sale fliers from your local grocery store—the ones that come in the mail.  Also go to the web and find your store’s “online circular”.  Most large chains post a new one each week with all their special deals.


(3)  Check the internet for manufacturer’s coupons: Use your favorite search engine and type in the specific item you’re looking for and the word coupon.


(4)  Make and stick to a shopping list: If it’s not on the list, it has to be (a) something you use all the time as opposed to something that looks good and (b) a real bargain.


(5)  Use higher prices as an incentive to lose weight: If you are struggling with your weight and have been thinking of dieting, use all these price increases as an incentive to reduce the portion size of your meals.  Dietitians have been telling us for years to eat smaller portions so here’s the chance to (a) lose some weight and (b) eat more healthy.



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Gas prices are impacting my food budget.

Gas goes down a little but then goes higher than ever. I need more ways to save.

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How Do You Do It?


Everyone has their own ways to save.  What’s yours?  Please share your ideas with our readers in the comments below.  Let’s band together.  We’re going to need all the help we can get to beat inflation.


For more ideas on savings see these Great Savings Tips.


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