My Precious In A Cup

There's nothing like mocha.

A Lovely Obsession


One of the things I’m working on controlling right now is my near obsession with a deliciously perfect MOCHA!  It’s like I’m turning into that character, Gollum, from the movie, “The Lord Of The Rings”.  As the lady in the coffee stand starts to extend her arm, I’ll snatch my cup from her hand.  “It’s mine!  It’s mine!  Oh, yessss….my mocha…my precioussss.”


A perfectly brewed mocha.


Mocha Bliss


Hey, what’s not to love about mocha?  You’ve got the amazing flavor of coffee mixed with the even more incredible taste of chocolate all topped off with milk.  If you ask me, if someone were to invent heaven in a cup, it would look exactly like a steaming, frothy mocha.


It’s A Plot!

Coffeetown USA!

It may rain here, but at least we got our coffee.

Living in Seattle, it’s nearly impossible not go past at least half a dozen coffee stands every half a mile.  I suspect if you weren’t around from here, you’d begin to wonder if it’s some plot of a local city planner with connections to the trade.  We’ve got coffee for sale everywhere—on the corner, in all the major stores, at the airport. There is one intersection in our neighborhood where there is a Starbucks on opposite corners and this is not uncommon.  They really do get you coming and going  Yes, if you need a coffee fix in my town there’s little doubt you can find one.


All In The Beat


Caffeine and I have a love hate relationship—I love it, but it doesn’t love me. I’ve recently read a few reports on studies suggesting that a cup here and there is actually good for you.  Now, this is the type of science I can support! Heck, I know I always feel perkier with a cup of caffeine…er, make that coffee.  The trouble is the caffeine can make my heart pound.  You know how it is…the rhythm goes from a slow easy jazz to the kind of loud, thumping boomp, boomp, boomp you hear from a car stereo on steroids as it rumbles down the street.


To Drink Or Not To Drink


A mocha goes down so easy.

Do I risk getting another?

Even though there are less than happy consequences to drinking too much coffee, I still end up struggling over whether to have more. I admit it: I love the feeling I get after taking a couple of sips.  I like staying mentally sharp and feeling like there’s a bit of zip to my step, so when I have coffee it’s like I can picture a wave of energy flowing into my brain—usually enough to power up my internal energizer bunny.  Now, in case you were worried, I am not a caffeine junkie.  In fact, since I know how it can affect me, I’ll often opt out of the leaded version in favor of an unleaded Joe.  Besides, if I drink enough caffeine-free coffee, I can get an occasional caffeine jolt when I need one—like 6 am on Monday morning!


A Special Treat


In search of a good mocha.

Favorite coffee stand in sight.

A good cup of coffee is really something I can enjoy morning, noon or night, but a mocha is definitely a treat.  I think if I allowed myself I could easily “justify” having at least one every day. However, there is a bit of cost to this habit, so I try to limit myself to special occasions.  Okay, I admit it: Lately every weekend is a special occasion as are about two out of three mornings during the work week.


Mocha Madness


Good to the last drop.

No, say it isn’t so!

My favorite coffee stand is a half mile from our house.  Let me just tell you, they make one delicious mocha.  I’ve lately started a weekend ritual.  I’ll get my walking shoes on and then take the long route to the stand, which is about a mile and half.  Once there, I’ll order my favorite 12 oz. nonfat mocha, and then I’ll do my best not to suck the foam off the bottom of the cup before I walk the last half mile home. I’ve got to say, it isn’t very often I’ve made it more than half way back before coming up dry.  Hmm…maybe I need a bigger size.


One Of THOSE Women


I am worried I’m starting to turn into one of “those Seattle women” I used to make fun of.  You know the type—constantly walking around with a coffee cup in their hand at any and all hours of the day, or waiting in the drive-up queue at the coffee stand on foot, while giving the car behind a fierce glare to back off.


Walking up to the house of mocha magic.

Is my precious in there? I need my preciousssss!

Hey, I’m Dying Back Here


It’s hard, but I try not to think how my effort to stay healthy by walking isn’t being canceled out from all the extra calories in the mocha, or from breathing those fumes spewing out of the car in front of me.  Hey, if you see a lady gasping and wheezing behind you at the coffee stand, please turn your motor off!


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