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A Tale Of A Tail


If you’ve been paying attention, you now realize most human traditions are actually inspired by ducks.  Alas, the story is no different in the case of the old Easter favorite “Peter Cottontail” for which Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins claim credit for the human version.  Now, far be it for me to deny them their rightful due, but Peter Cottontail, a popular song amongst Easter bunny followers, was and shall remain a blatant copy of Wally Burlaptail, the rap tune written by Sedgewick Smoothlips Lamar, one of the most famous rap quackers of all time.  Furthermore, according to the premier duck historian of our generation (a.k.a. me), the original song was not about the holiday of Easter, but was instead about a hip hop dance widely referred to as “The Easter”.


Here’s a picture of Wally doing his thang…

A real rapping bird.


Here Comes Wally Burlaptail


Without further ado, here are Wally’s original lyrics…


Yo, here comes Wally Burlaptail.

Waddling’ down the ducky trail.

Scratching and flopping, hipping and hopping,

All the live long day.

Bringin’ ev’ry duck-o-ling,

A really baaaad new tune to sing.

Tis no rhyme nor good reason

But the Easter’s bound to stay.

Yo, here comes Wally Burlaptail

Waddling’ down the ducky trail,

Scratching and flopping, hipping and hopping,

All the live long day.

Cha, cha, cha!


And as good old Wally would say…

“Yo, Dog, that was eggscellent!”


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