Is Easter Over? I Hope Not.


Memories of Mom and Easter


Always A Favorite


Easter was one of my mom’s favorite holidays. These days Mom’s memories are foggy for she suffers from Alzheimer’s.  Yet for as long as I can remember she always had so much fun with this special rite of spring. As a young girl, I recall getting up early Easter morning and finding a basket waiting for me.  It would be filled to brim with a variety of delights to tickle my senses.  There’d be fuzzy toy chicks (the ones with pipe cleaner legs), jelly beans & hummingbird eggs (which are miniature jelly beans), a big chocolate bunny (always solid never hollow), foil covered chocolate eggs and special trinkets and gifts. There was such abundance it was nearly as exciting as Christmas.

I loved finding my chocolate easter bunny.

Mom always got the solid chocolate bunnies.




The eggs we colored the day before were never in my Easter basket.  Mom and Dad would scatter them around the house, while I was sleeping and dreaming of solid chocolate bunnies.  None of those sugar plum fairies for me!  I can just picture them trying to outsmart me as they carefully hid them away.  They knew I’d search high and low, so they did their best to keep me guessing.


A Package Of Love


Even after I had grown and gone to college my mom would send me Easter care packages. She’d never miss the day.  The packages would contain the all the mandatory ingredients: Foiled eggs, solid bunny and some kind of silly gift. I know she had fun doing it.  She had to, because it was always fun for me.

Mom went all out when it came to Easter decorations.

Mom always dug out her silver for the Easter holiday.


No Way To Know


I have no idea why Easter was her favorite holiday but she really went all out. She would host a family brunch and spend hours searching for the “perfect” new recipe.  Then she’d set an incredible table with one of her best table cloths, her finest silver, bright flowers, fancy dishes and a fun holiday centerpiece.

I learned my lesson: Shop early.

I wanted my baskets to look like Mom's.


Carrying On


The way Mom always made Easter magical inspired me to do the same for my daughter.  I remember her first Easter was about six months after she was born. Oh, sure, she was much too young to remember or understand, but I wanted to continue a tradition and do it right.  I set out to create a basket my mom would be proud of.  I had visions of it containing all the things mom gave me.



Rookie Mistakes


I cannot begin to describe the horror and despair I had when I went to the store.  Silly me.  I thought I could shop on the day before Easter. I had no clue that solid bunnies and cute little basket stuffers sell out weeks before the big event.  It turned out one has to be on their game for holidays like this and I didn’t even realize it was a competition! I couldn’t believe it.  The stores were picked clean.


Live And Learn


Sure, there was some items, but in no way shape or form did it amount to the plans I’d been making in my head.  I was truly heartbroken.  My very first attempt to make up a basket turned me into a basket case instead. I don’t know if all new parents go through this, but it was definitely a learning experience for me.  In fact, that first Easter with my daughter will forever be etched in my mind, for it taught me never to wait to the last minute to get those Easter goodies. Of course, now I can look back and laugh as I picture myself running up and down the store aisles.  There was nothing, but the saddest of broken hollow chocolate bunnies, and they just wouldn’t do!  Worse, there were no fuzzy chicks or baskets to be had.

Mom loved spring flowers.

I guess it's up to me now.


She’s Here But She Isn’t


My mom’s condition doesn’t allow her to enjoy Easter or the all the treats that go with it anymore. We have to be very careful of what we give her to eat, now—no chocolate bunnies or jelly beans. There are also no more family brunches catered by Mom.  It’s been several years since she set one of her beautiful tables.  I miss those a lot.


Rebirth, Renew And Hope


I do like chocolate.

I wonder how many bunnies I'll need to set the table for.

Though she never told me, I suspect Easter was her favorite holiday because it’s all about the hope for new beginnings.  It’s a chance to come together and celebrate life.  Mom loved gardening, too.  And as I think about that, I suspect Easter was a day that signaled the beginning of a new season of growth in the garden—a season filled with the bright colors of beautiful flowers and the promise of things to come.


Up To Me Now


This bunny will be joining us for Easter.

I love this little bunny vase.

This year, I’ll be hosting the brunch.  It will be special because my daughter will be there to help me celebrate and she’s invited some close friends.  I spent lots of time coming up with the menu and I hope to set the table so it will be as festive as Mom’s. I’ve gathered up several of her traditional decorations so even though she won’t be sitting at the table this year, I’m hoping to capture a small piece of the spirit and love she always brought to the holiday.


Hoppy Easter, Mom.  I miss you.


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  • gweny duke says:

    I’m crying…………. Keeping those tender memories alive and passing them on to your daughter is a beautiful generational transfer of the heart and hope of your momma!
    Happy Easter! My first without my momma so I feel your pain!


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