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It’s A Dog’s Life


Today, we examine the life of our little guy behind the scenes—our pooch, Dusty.  Now, for those who may not be familiar, Dusty is the trusty and faithful companion to yours truly. And though, he doesn’t get much credit for the things we do here, he certainly plays a role. For example, say I’m trying to whip together a new recipe. In this case, I can always count on Dusty to scratch at the door to tell me he wants to go out just as my timer goes off to remind me my meal is ready. What do we say? We say, “Woof Da!” Or say I’m running behind on a putting up a new post. In this instance, Dusty has invariably been outside and wants me to let him back in—muddy feet and all. Again, we say, “Woof Da!” Or perhaps I’m scouring the internet as I research another topic and he drops his Slobber Ducky (i.e. his current favorite toy) on top of my feet. What’s he want? He wants to play. “Woof Da!”


Reversing Roles


So I got to thinking: What’s life like from Dusty’s perspective? Though we can’t be sure, I’m thinking it may be a bit confusing for a dog.

Let’s watch him and find out…

A puppy adjusting to his new life.

"I'm not sure what happened. One minute I'm playing with my brothers and the next I've been tossed in with a new pack and am throwing up in their car."

This floor is slippery.

"Excuse, me! I could use an assist here! Yoohoo!"

I'm not sure I like this idea.

"Mom just explained it to me, but I don't know if she's serious."

I'm dying in here.

"Ew! That was a doozy!"

I don't get no respect.

"Here's me doing my impression of De Niro."

Speck is such a kidder.
Speck taught me a lot about taunting.
Anyone got a brush?

"I gotta stop dragging my feet on the carpet."

Hey, this blogging thing is fun.

"If you're asking me, this blog's got way too many posts on ducks."


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