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There are lots of great deals on wine.


What’s Up Doc?


I just went to the doctor for a physical and the doctor asked me what  kind of alcohol I drink.  When I told him I drink red wine he said, “Don’t stop.”  I have to admit it: I can take that advice.  Thanks, Doc!


Is resveratrol an anti-aging wonder?

Hmm…I think I’d rather get my resveratrol from wine.

Actually, in the past few years there has been a variety of studies on wine and its potential to affect health.  One of the biggest benefits in drinking wine may be its ability to increase good cholesterol or HDL as it is called.  In addition, some proponents talk about one of wine’s potentially more exciting ingredients—a substance called resveratrol.  However, while there are a number of people now promoting resveratrol as the new anti-aging wonder, the scientific community is still debating the merits of this claim.



Great Anytime


Irregardless of its health benefits, claims or even the risks associated with drinking too much alcohol, a good glass of wine has the potential to turn a so-so dinner into a great one.  Properly paired with food, wine can enhance the taste of any meal.  And let’s not forget—drinking in moderation can also take the edge off.  That can make socializing vastly more pleasant.


Snob Appeal


Each wine has it's own unique taste.

Is there really a difference in taste? You bet there is.

For many people, wine has a “snobby” quality about it.  There’s no doubt its cost and the way wine enthusiasts describe it make wine an easy target.  Nevertheless, if you’ve discovered the joy of tasting wine you inevitably learn there are distinct differences in the wines you try.  And that brings us to shopping…


Shopping For Wine


One of the few benefits of the recession has been its affect on the price of wine.  Many top wine makers have had to lower prices to stay in business.  And that’s been a bonanza for wine shoppers, since some of the better wines are more affordable than they were just a few years ago.


So how do you save money when buying quality wine?  If you buy your wine at a grocery store, look for in-store specials and then take advantage of the store’s discount offer for a case or half-case purchase.  Most grocery stores offer a half-case discount of at least 10% and if you talk to the store’s wine steward you can find out when they plan to hold the next sale.  If you can afford to stock up this way, it can make a huge difference to your budget, especially if you look at the savings over a year.  By the way, some stores in my area offer a 10% discount when buying only four bottles so check around to make sure you’re getting the best deal.


There are good deals on wine everywhere.

One of my favorite places to buy good wine is Costco. My last find? An excellent Cabernet Sauvignon at $12.

Where you shop also makes a difference.  Grocery stores sometimes have the best buys on the more well-known or common brands of wine.  However, if you’re looking to try something new, CostPlus World Market brings in wines from around the world and many are real bargains (they also have a wine club which will give you a break on pricing).  Of course, almost every one has heard of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck”, but TJ’s also carries better quality wines under there own label and others brands, all competitively priced.


One of my personal favorites for shopping wine is Costco.  I like their selection and I’ve found a number of excellent wines at very reasonable prices ($10 – $20).  And let’s not forget all those specialty wine shops or the wineries themselves.  Most will extend a discount if you buy a case of wine and many have wine clubs.  Though club benefits vary widely, they typically offer special pricing on wine or even the first crack at new vintages.


Shop The Internet


I recently ran across another option to buy wine—one worth checking out.  The company is called  They are affiliated with which has been ranked number one in online wine sales six years in a row. The company’s pitch is this:  They work with top winemakers around the world, negotiate an incredible price on a wine and then offer a limited deal to buy it.  You need to go to their site and sign up as a member to take advantage of their deals.


A toast!

Here’s to your health.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email when the company makes a new offer.  The company claims they sell terrific wines (many rated in the 90’s, which is great) and they sell them for substantial discounts, some as much as 70% off.  They also offer free shipping for orders over a specific amount, but quantities are limited.  Other limitations apply: You must be over 21.  Also, they only ship in the U.S. and wine sales over the internet are not allowed in all states and locales.  This means you may have to try and order something before you’ll know whether they can sell to you.



We shouldn’t leave off without mentioning you can find boxed wines or dozens of inexpensive wines (under $5 per bottle) available at places like Wal-Mart or the grocery store.  However, with so much competition in the industry, some really terrific wines that were previously out of reach are suddenly affordable.  This means you should never have to pay full retail if you’re just willing to shop around.


One final option to consider is to try a blended wine.  Wine blends are made from a variety of grapes and are typically a good bet in terms of taste—meaning winemakers keep adding to the mix until they get it right.  Plus, many winemakers offer a less expensive blend in hopes to build interest in the other wines they produce and that means they’re often a real deal.


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