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Picture This…


You’ve just come home after a long and stressful day at work. You’re tired and crave something yummy and comforting to eat.  You don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking because you have so little energy.  What do you do?  Try the Easy Cheesy!





All you need are pasta, sauce and mozzarella.

If you’ve got these ingredients you’re ready to go.

At its most basic, this recipe calls for 3 simple ingredients:

1 – 16 ounce package of rigatoni pasta

1 – Jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce (I’ve tried this with lots of sauces and think Prego Traditional is best, but any will do.)

8 to 12 ounces – Chunked mozzarella cheese (fresh mozzarella is best)




Step 1: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


Step 2: Cook the pasta per the instructions on the package, drain it and pour it into a casserole or baking dish large enough to hold it.


Preparation is a snap.

Throw everything into your casserole dish, stir and then sprinkle more cheese on top.

Step 3: Pour the spaghetti sauce over the pasta.  I usually hold back about 1/8 of the jar as I think the recipe tastes better with less moisture, but you can use it all if you prefer. If you do hold some out, you can always use it as pizza sauce if you buy one of those pre-made pizza crusts.


Step 4: Chunk up the mozzarella cheese and throw in with the rest, then stir it all up.  If you like, add some more cheese on top.


Step 5: Cover your dish and bake about 40-45 minutes. When it’s done remove from the oven and serve with a little grated Parmesan over the top.


This dish makes 6 to 8 servings.


Easy Breezy


This recipe is great with garlic bread and green salad.  Plus, it’s so easy to make it’s a great one to teach the kids.  It’s also a terrific dish to prepare ahead of time, especially if you’ve got company coming over.  In fact, I swear any pasta you make using spaghetti sauce tastes better if you let the sauce sit a few hours so it can soak into the pasta.  Note: If you make this up early and refrigerate it, you may have to tack on a few minutes of cooking time to warm the pasta all the way through.


Want To Spice It Up?


Melted mozzarella on rigitoni pasta.  Yum!

Mmm…what’s not to love about pasta and cheese? Delicious!

If I’m feeling energetic, I’ll often add a few ingredients to my spaghetti sauce.  I’ll sauté sliced onions and mushrooms, add a couple cloves of crushed garlic, and then as they brown, I’ll throw in my sauce and let the mix simmer awhile before mixing it with the pasta.  You can also cut up sausage and add it if you’ve got someone in the household who just won’t eat a meal unless its got meat.


We hope you enjoyed today’s recipe.  Come back soon for more.


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