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Like beauty, perfection may be in the eye of the beholder, but at least let’s agree that when it come to a dip or garnish there’s nothing quite as delicious as fresh guacamole.  I love guacamole.  It has a rich and buttery texture that melts on the tongue.  Better yet, avocado (the main ingredient) is loaded with many important nutrients and studies suggest it may reduce cholesterol.  So with so much to offer how does one create the perfect guacamole every time?


The Key

Checking the firmness of an avacado.

You've got to gently squeeze it to know if it's just right.

My search for perfect guacamole begins at the store, for the key secret to this recipe is in selecting a properly ripened avocado.  Get a bad one and you might as well toss it out and start fresh.  Here’s what to do:  Test for firmness.  If the avocado is hard and without any give it’s not ripe.  If you don’t mind holding onto it a few days first, then take it home and let it sit out on the counter (never refrigerate). When your avocado offers the slightest give as you squeeze it’s ready to eat. On the other hand, an avocado that’s soft and gives easily is “overdone”.  Cut into one of these and it’ll have black sections or veins. A overly ripe avocado also loses some of it’s flavor so there’s definitely a window here for getting it right.


This gets easier with a little practice.

I run a knife all the way around the outside and then twist the halves apart.

Hey, we’re halfway there.  The rest is a snap.


Let’s gather up the ingredients:


1 medium to large ripened avocado.

1 or 2 medium cloves of crushed garlic (start with one and then taste). Alternatively, substitute about 1/4 teaspoon of powdered garlic.

2 – 3  tablespoons of finely minced sweet onion. The key word here is “sweet”.

3 or 4 finely chopped“grape” tomatoes (other types are fine—we’re mostly talking a small quantity here)

1/2  lime for the juice. (This is optional. Too much lime will alter the flavor so I often skip it.)

Salt and pepper to taste.



Stirred Not Whipped


This guacamole recipe goes quickly.

Mix well, but don't over stir to avoid a mushy consistency.

Step 1: Skin, peel and core the avocado. I’ve seen a number of methods to do this, but here’s what works for me.  I cut all the way around the avocado (and thus the pit) and then twist the two halves apart.  If I note any black portions near the edges I’ll slice those off.  Then I just invert the half without the pit and gently squeeze the contents into a bowl.  Usually, that’s all I need to do—the skin will separate from the rest and I’m good to go.  If not, I’ll take a knife or spoon and scoop out the rest.  The same goes for the half with the pit—once I remove it with the edge of a knife or my fingers, I can squeeze out the rest.  A sure fire method to remove the pit is to whack into it with the sharp edge and then twist. It’ll pop right out. Watch those fingers!


Step 2: Toss the other ingredients over the rest and stir. If your avocado is a little on the firm side break it up first with a fork. Otherwise, add all the other ingredients, stir together and taste. Add more salt and pepper if needed. A key point here is not to stir up the guacamole so much it gets mushy.  I believe a little bit of chunky is better.


I love fresh guacamole.

This batch came out perfect. Time to eat up!

Step 3:  Eat up! I love my guacamole with all types of tortilla chips, but my absolute favorite chip is one I find at Costco called Boulder Canyon Rice and Bean Chipotle Cheese Artisan Snack Chips.   These chips are gluten-free, cholesterol-free and have no trans-fats if that matters to you.  For me, I just like the way they taste, especially with my guacamole.  Of course, guacamole also tastes great when used as an ingredient or garnish on just about any Mexican dish or sandwiches. Hey, you can never get too much guac!


Let’s Hear It

I hope you enjoyed today’s recipe and are ready for the perfect guacamole.  I know I am.  And by the way, if you have a variation you prefer, why not share it in the comments below.


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