There Are Duckus Amongus


There are duckus amongus.


We’ve been invaded.  There’s no other explanation we can come to.  It’s true we started this blog and have been using a duck (aka our very own Javabird) as our official mascot, but that doesn’t give them the right to take over our lives.  We’re not quite sure when it started, but as we looked through the house today they were everywhere.  We talking ducks, folks.  And as we see it there are far too many duckus amongus!


Yodeling duck.

We caught this little guy trying to imitate Heidi. It wasn't pretty.

Two ducks playing Marco Polo

Every time we turn around we find ducks playing in the pool.

Too much starch in the duck laundry.

Talk about permanent press.

This duck is stuck.

We have to watch our backs. The duck Mafia is out in force.

Bless you.

Turns out it was only an allergy. The duck's name is Sneezy.

What a bobblehead.

This poor bird has a bad case of trans-species confusion.

Duck salt and pepper.

We never did figure out which one was "Pepper".

A bad case of duck vapers.

Hey, is there a dog in here?

I'm better than the chicken!  I am!

I need a new agent. That stupid chicken gets all the press.

Multi-colored duck.

Pot of gold! There's no stinkin' pot of gold!

I'm the king of the world.



In case you were wondering, we don’t need any more ducks!


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