A Walk On The Beach

A place to soothe the soul and find inner peace.

Is there really anything as peaceful as a walk on the beach?  I love strolling along the shoreline and soaking up the sites and sounds.  There’s a soothing rhythm to the waves—the surf can be powerful and thunderous as it pounds upon the sands, or it can be as carefree and listless as the touch of a lover’s hand that gently brushes over my cheek.  Either way, the song of the sea soothes raw nerves, and when combined with the abundant variety in nature and the vista of an open sky, there’s really nothing to compare.


Change On Full Display


One of the most striking things about the beach is the way it continually displays change.  Unlike people who use every means to resist it, here there’s no denying the effects of tide, sky and time for they are constant and ever-shifting.  The ancient rite here is a raw reminder of the truth—our lives allow us just a fleeting glimpse of the glory and majesty we call creation.


The rules of the beach are bound by mystery and drama.  The tide surges and ebbs in an intricate dance with sun and moon.  The winds blow softly across dunes or race across open waters to power up a storm.  Clouds gather and surge before roiling past.  A myriad of creatures gather here—some from the land and the others from the sea or sky.  At the beach, the forces of nature come out in full glory to mix it up at a whim.


Wave upon wave roll in endlessly.

Wave crashes over wave in a thunderous chorus.

Seashells and driftwood litter the shores.

The shores are filled with treasures. It's fun to play.

Pounding surf smashes and breaks the rock.

Giant boulders are sculpted by the sea's hand.

These gulls sun and run across the sand

Gulls cry out as they gather to sun.

Lazy clouds sail overhead.

Lazy clouds dance and drift across the heavens above.

The light shimmies and a cloud parts to let it through.

Hold your breath and watch sunbeams shine upon the water.

Is that a crab I see?

This day is a one for discovery.

My dog loves the beach.  It's a place to be free.

Here we like to run.

I come for the fish and for the beauty.

The beach is the place we feed the soul.

The colors are bright and vibrant.

I love sand underfoot and water purest blue.

The light of day begins to give away.

My time here is serene.

I can see it all from the shore--mountains and so much more.

The sights, they astound.

The variety of birds is amazing.

The creatures are magnificent and surprising to behold.

Can a storm be far behind?

Colorful skies and waves abound.

How can it be so beautiful?

Can you feel that sense of awe and wonder? I'm ready for a walk, are you?


One Of Life’s Gifts


A walk on the beach is truly one of life’s greatest gifts. The sights and sounds are amazing.  The beauty of nature is enchanting.  I get a true sense of inner peace as I take in the experience and the best part is it’s free.


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