The Great Statue of Liberty Rip-Off


I salute thee!

Another Famous Ducks Of History Update


The true story history of the Statue of Liberty is only now being told.  Oh, I know the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi made a big splash creating his marvelous statue supposedly based on the goddess Libertas,  (i.e. the Roman goddess of freedom).  And I also know the statue’s tablet held by Ms. Liberty bears the date of the American Declaration of Independence (i.e. July 4, 1776).


However, what I have also ascertained, through my rigorous study and careful sleuthing is (1) Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi the human, whose original name was George Washpatoody Pinkytoe, stole the idea for his statue’s design from the famous duck sculptor Frédéric July Bartholdi, and (2) a year prior to the French gift of the statue to the U.S., George Pinkytoe changed his first and last name to match Frédéric Bartholdi in what was an obvious attempt to confuse and mask his grand deception.  Is there no shame?


The Proof As They Say Is In The Pudding


It’s no accident that the Frenchman who gets credit for the statue carved July 4, 1776 on Ms. Liberty’s tablet.  Indeed, the date is not only the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, but it is also Frédéric July Bartholdi’s birth date.  Obviously, as Bartholdi was born in 1776 and liked Yorkshire pudding and Pinkytoe was born in 1834 and preferred tapioca pudding, there should be no question who copied whom.


The history of Frederic Bartholdi.

Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? We do! Hey, I said it first. No, you didn’t. Did, too! Nice hair, dude. Shut up!


Alas, we humans have a rather shoddy record of recording history as it almost practically never really sort of happened.  By the way, except for the invention of hot dogs, Pinkytoe cared not one whit about the American’s day of celebratory excess, but obviously felt enough guilt he carved Bartholdi’s birth date on Ms. Liberty’s tablet as a clue over the original inspiration for his blatant plagiarism.  What other explanation can there be?


Live on liberty!

The original Miss Liberty just outside Paris – A true masterpiece!


Sadly, neither poor Frédéric July nor his statute ever saw the site originally envisioned for it, which as we have now learned was either Martha Stewart’s Vineyard, Martha’s Vineyard, or perhaps Martha Stewart’s Vineyard on Martha’s Vineyard (the references conflict and are a bit too obscure to be 100% certain). And when we tried contacting Ms. Stewart about this unfortunate turn in history to see if she could shed any light, her response was a less than forthcoming “Bite me.”


Yes, after a tragic accident where Bartholdi was run over and killed by a drunken oxcart driver—one who had accidentally pulled his squirrel cap down over his eyes and then mounted a donkey instead of his cart—the statue ended up in the backyard of Bartholdi’s uncle’s cousin’s half-sister’s aunt’s third son’s daughter’s husband’s cousin twice removed—i.e. in Mabel Mallard Milton’s garden just outside of Paris.


Unfortunately, for the art world, this masterpiece was destroyed by the Nazi’s in World War II under the direct orders of Herr Führer himself—the notorious and infamous Aduck Hilter.


Hitler claiming the statue for the Hen Land

Aduck Hitler was without doubt the world’s most maniacal duck.


And there you have another piece of history as it really happened if it had only been recorded by ducks instead of humans.


‘Till next time…keep quacking!


Art by Shaun Novion and Bob Anderson
Interpretative History by Bob Anderson


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