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Got red wine?  Is it a cheap bottle?  Rather than drink it straight up, maybe it’s time mix up a batch of anytime fun by making your own “Super Simple Sangria”.  Making Sangria is about as easy as it comes, and it tastes incredibly refreshing.


Perfect Answer



I love the way the citrus freshens the wine.

Even if you don’t care for red wine, you may be surprised at how delightfully fresh and sweet Sangria tastes.  Or maybe you have a bottle of wine you’ve been sitting on because you suspect it won’t live up to your usual standards.  In that case, Sangria is the perfect answer.  And by the way, if you need to buy a bottle for this recipe, look for one of the cheapest dry red wines around—Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah or most red blends containing these grapes should all work great.


The Basic Recipe




1/3 cup simple syrup (see below)

1 bottle of dry red wine

You'll need oranges, limes, lemons, brandy and wine.

I usually buy a couple extra lemons and limes to add when I serve my Sangria.

2 ounces of brandy

1 lemon sliced

1 lime sliced

1 orange sliced

1 orange juiced

1 cup of club soda




The first step in this recipe if you haven’t already done it is chill both the wine and club soda.  This works best if you remember to stick them in the refrigerator overnight.


Preparing the Sangria.

After preparing the simple syrup, I slice up my citrus.

Next up, we need to prepare the simple syrup, which is essentially sugar melted in hot water.  The proportion is 1 to 1 so in this case you can take 1/3 cup of sugar and 1/3 cup of water and warm in a pan until the sugar is dissolved.  If you like you can make extra—the syrup will keep well if stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.  Note: It works best to make this up ahead and cool it in the refrigerator for at least an hour.



When you’re ready to put it all together, cut all the citrus (lemon, lime and 1 orange) into thin slices and place in a large pitcher. Juice the other orange and add it to the rest.


Peels can taste bitter if left in the wine too long.

After the citrus I add in the wine and brandy.

Now, add in the simple syrup, wine, and brandy, and then stir.


Refrigerate the mix for up to an hour to let the flavors combine.  After an hour, the citrus peels tend to taste bitter.   For this reason it’s best to remove them unless you plan to serve your Sangria right away.


When you’re ready to serve, add in the club soda and pour over ice cubes in large tumblers.  If you like, you can add more fresh citrus slices to jazz up the look.


Time To Experiment?


Once you’ve tried this simple recipe you may want to experiment.  Some suggest adding in fresh strawberries, blackberries or even peaches.  Still others add in an equal portion of “Triple Sec” with the brandy.  Bottom line:  If you’ve got fruit, wine and a little bit of your favorite liquor on hand, you’re bound to come up with your own favorite.


Want to share your idea to make the best Sangria?  You can do it in the comments below.


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