Frozen Honey Blended Yogurt

I love making my own frozen yogurt.


I really love ice cream—so much so I find it far too easy to overindulge.  And now that I’m paying closer attention to the ingredients on labels, I’m finding a lot of things I rather not consume.  That’s where this recipe comes in—it’s a delicious alternative to home-made ice cream that’s great any time you want something yummy and cold.


Frozen Goodness


At its most basic, ice cream is frozen cream, milk, or half and half, with sugar and flavoring added in.  Sometimes egg yolks are also added and the mixture is first cooked before being frozen.  However, you can make ice cream without eggs, and as we recently learned in “Sugar Sugar Honey Honey”, sugar comes in many different forms.  This means you can easily substitute a natural sugar like honey or add a fruit in place of white sugar.


Blended Is Better


I love "Greek Gods" yogurt.

This yogurt has half the sugar and calories of typical non-fat yogurts.

You can use yogurt alone to make frozen yogurt, but blending it with some cream or milk gives it a creamier and smoother taste.  In today’s recipe, I use plain, non-fat Greek Gods yogurt as our base to cut down on the overall calories and sugar.  This yogurt has half the calories and sugar of common non-fat or “light” yogurt brands.  Better yet, the ingredients include only nonfat milk, inulin, pectin and active cultures—there’s nothing funky here.  Now, as mentioned, I do add some cream for added taste, but if you like you can use half and half for less fat and fewer calories.



Let’s Gather The Ingredients


For this recipe, we’ll need:


This is a simple, easy recipe.

Gather up these basic ingredients.

2/3 cups whipping cream

1-1/3 cups non-fat plain “Greek” yogurt

1/3 cup honey

2 teaspoons of vanilla

Your favorite topping to taste




Don't overdo it.  You can turn the cream to butter.

I usually like a whisk or spoon, but when it comes to whipping cream I'll use the mixer.

Add the cream to a mixing bowl and whip it.  You can use a whisk if you want a work out, but when it comes to whipping cream I prefer an egg beater.  Whip the cream until it’s stiff.


I love using honey instead of sugar.

Measure the yogurt and then add in the honey.

In a separate bowl, measure out the yogurt and then add in the honey and vanilla.  Stir well.


I'm adding chocolate syrup to this batch.

You can add chocolate syrup to the mix if you prefer a chocolate flavor.

Once combined, gently fold in the whip cream.  If you want to add another flavoring like chocolate do it now.  I just added a little chocolate syrup, stirred and then taste tested until I had it right.


Serve with frozen.

I used small ramekins and covered them with plastic, but you could freeze it all in one container if you prefer.

Now, pour the mixture into small serving bowls like ramekins, cover with plastic and freeze for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours.


My frozen yogurt was cold and delicious.

The chocolate flavor was my favorite. Yum!

To serve, eat plain or top with your favorite chocolate, caramel or butterscotch syrup, nuts, or fresh fruit.  Serves 4 to 6 depending on serving size.





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