Rules of Engagement: Written In Stone


Check out these do's and don'ts for meeting someone new.Meeting someone new can be difficult, but there are time tested rules, like showing you are interested, keeping it light and flirty, and avoiding foot-in-mouth disease.  Here’s a short pictorial lesson in trying to engage someone who seems as cold and unapproachable as a statue.




For insight into her thoughts, mouse over the pictures.

I'm too sexy for my shorts.

Start with your best pick up line. You’re trying to engage her.

Careful, mister!

At least in the beginning, avoid pointing out a disability.

I hope they bury him so deep they have to pump sunshine to him.

If you can’t get her attention with witty banter, a little singing might help.

What a moron!

Oops, poorly done. Next time try asking her out without insulting her.

There you go again.  Somebody help me!

Making it all about you won’t do it, either.

Say what you mean.

Careful. Continued lack of response is a sign she’s uninterested.

Take a hike, buddy!

Well…I suppose we ought to give him credit for persistence.


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