The 7 Best Ideas For Saving Energy At Home


Remember to turn off lights to save power.There’s no doubt about it.  Energy costs continue to rise.  That makes it  important to take all the steps you can to reduce energy consumption if you want to keep a tight rein on your budget.  What are some of the best ideas?  We’ve composed this list of seven below:


Energy is a componet cost to almost everything.

It's not your imagination.


(1) Install a programmable thermostat, and then program it for 55 degrees at night, or whenever you regularly leave your home.


(2) Unplug unused appliances, or use so-called “smart strips” to plug items in, as many draw some power even with technically shut down.  If you don’t believe it, just look for all the blinky lights on computers, TV’s and other electronics during nighttime hours. A smart strip allows you to turn several appliances off at once, which takes the hassle away.


Is there a light on?

Don't forget!

(3) Turn off lights when you leave the room.  If your kids aren’t cooperating ding them a quarter every time they leave them on.  Just don’t be surprised if they ask you to pay up the minute you forget.


This range and refrigerator are Energy Star compliant.

Seek out "Energy Star" appliances.

(4) If buying new appliances, look for the “Energy Star” label to be sure you’re getting maximum efficiency.  Old refrigerators can cost you an extra $200 a year to operate (depending on the model).


(5) When washing clothes adjust the water level for the size of the load, and be sure to set the temperature setting to cold.  And when drying clothes, consider installing an outdoor retractable clothes line instead of using the dryer.  Clothes dried outdoors last longer, too.


(6) Check with your local utility and consider getting an energy audit for your home.  Of prime importance: Weatherize windows and doors and add insulation in the attic.


Save those dimes, nickels and quarters.

It all adds up to big savings.

(7) Turn down the thermostat on your hot water heat to 120 degrees F.


Are you doing everything you can to save energy?  Your family budget will thank you!





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