Recharge, Refresh, Energize


The Oregon coast has great beaches and beautiful vistas.


If you’re a fan of our pages you may have noticed we didn’t post last week.  The truth is we were enjoying the sun down on the Oregon coast.  After almost a year of trying to come up with new content day after day, it was well past time for a vacation.


Away From Home


It was on the cool side, but then the sun came up and it turned gorgeous.

On vacation, I love getting up early and catching a low tide.

There’s something magical in getting away from home.  Even a long weekend doesn’t do it when I want to break up the monotony of life.  When I take a vacation, I want to transcend routine.  And as I do, I enter this zone where I start to recognize the toll of life’s burdens.


The sun sets on another gorgeous day at the beach.

Is it just me or are sunsets more beautiful on vacation?

Fortunately, that feeling of weariness doesn’t last, for after a few days of sun and fun I begin to unwind and relax.  I can tell by the way my body takes over to short-circuit some of my otherwise all-the-time thoughts.  The first sign I’m really relaxing is feeling I can sleep in or take a nap without the sense of guilt I need to get up and do the daily chores.  Then I enter this place I can sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy the simple act of being.


Well Read


I always enjoy reading, but I love it on vacation.  Much of the time at home, I’ll read a few pages here or there as I can fit it in my day, but on vacation I’ll sink into a story and pleasure in the escape for several hours at a time.



Sink Into Sand


I love the way my feet sink into the sand.

There’s always something new and interesting at the beach.

Of course, reading isn’t the only activity worth doing when I get away from home.  One of my all time favorites is walking on the beach, and with a trip to the Oregon coast that’s easy.

I think I'm more at peace near the ocean than anywhere else.

The pounding surf is incredibly soothing.





I love listening to the thundering sounds of the waves breaking on the shore, and the occasional cry of seagulls.  I revel in the caress of a light sea breeze or scent of salt air.  And there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding a good spot to sit—I’ll watch the clouds go flitting by or get caught up in the beauty of a sunset.


I got caught up in looking for agates.

We found lots of agates on our beach walks.

A good sit usually requires I pull off my shoes.  I like to bury my feet in the sand and just sink into the peaceful feeling that sweeps over me.  Unlike the world of blogging, where my biggest interaction with the “real” world comes from typing on my keyboard, the real world of the beach hits me in a hundred ways and overpowers my senses.  Here I’m connected with nature and it’s thrilling.


Idle Time


I like antique shopping best.

This “trinket” isn’t really my cup of tea, but it still cracked me up.

On vacation, I also like to get out and poke through some of the shops.  Though I occasionally pick up a trinket, I generally do more looking than buying.  I especially like browsing for antiques so inevitably my vacation includes any number of forays in search of hidden treasure.


A Taste For Life


The crab was outstanding.

We bought some delicious Dungeness crab and enjoyed a feast.

And what vacation would be complete without eating?  Food just seems to taste better when I’m “off duty”.  Maybe it’s because I make the time to sit down and enjoy my meal.  Or maybe it’s because I do a lot of extra walking and other activities that fuel my appetite.  In any event, I love firing up the BBQ and enjoying a fresh salmon fillet or pulling out a pick and nutcracker to break into a juicy crab leg.  And what meal that would be complete without a cool refreshing beer, or delicious glass of wine at hand?


Rediscovering The Inner Me


Here's my wife reflected in a tidal pool.

Vacation is a great time for self-reflection.

There’s something magic in the time we spend away from daily routine.  We reconnect to people and nature.  We are reminded of times past, and the places or things that hold the most meaning.  We reflect on life and discover where our passions lie or how priorities have shifted.  If only for a short time, we give up control and it doing so we break the cycle of stress and anxiety that plague everyday existence.


Take The Time


Life is short.  The regrets we have looking back on life aren’t for spending extra time or effort to take a trip, but for missed opportunities.  If it’s been awhile, take a trip to recharge, refresh and energize. If you’re like me, you’ll be glad you did.



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