Shades Of Summer

A goldfinch.

It seemed like there were fewer goldies this summer.

It’s the end of August.  I always feel sad as I discover summer’s about to end.  Somehow, it zips past and before I realize how it happened, I’m wondering about all those projects I was supposed to finish before the weather starts changing.  It didn’t help that this year’s summer in Seattle was unusually cool and gray as they go.  At any rate, I wanted to gather a few pictures of summer scenes, lest I forget summer was here at all.


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A Petunia

You can always count on petunias to bloom.


The leaves provided shade.

I looked up and found the leaves bathed in light.


At least this bird got some sun.

Nothing like wading in the surf.


Some lucky soul went sailing.

The sun did shine on occasion.


A babbling brook.

This was a pleasant place to rest.


A walk on the beach.

There were many wonderful moments walking on the beach.


Yellow marigolds.

The marigolds were bright.


An Pacific NW Indian Totem

The totems kept watch.


Bright clouds at sunset.

There were some gorgeous clouds at sunset.


Sunset from the beach.

I'll miss summer sunsets sitting on the beach.


Stay tuned, there’s more to come.


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