Leave Us A Note Vacation

The leave us a note vacation.

The kids have grown. They're on their own schedule.

Back in the day, going on a summer trip with our kids was relatively easy—we’d pack up the car, head to the beach, and spend our days in the sun together.  Yet now that they’ve grown, our kids seem to have developed their own schedule—one not in tune with our own.  That got us wondering.  Would spending some time down on the beach be easy or hard?  Here’s how we think it could go…


It starts well enough.  The kids and us each arrive in separate cars for a two night stay at our beach rental.  We then spend our first evening sharing a nice meal and really enjoying each others company.  At 10 pm, my wife and I are pooped, since it’s been a long day with all the packing, traveling and so on.  That’s when the fun begins.



The sun is just coming up.

Oh, my gosh, honey, look! What a beautiful sunrise. Let's go for a walk.

A long walk in the morning air at the beach left me hungry.

We must have walked a mile. I'm hungry. Let's go get some breakfast.

Let the kids sleep a bit longer.  They must be tired.

The kids still aren't up. Shall we wait for them or go out site-seeing?

I wonder how long they stayed up last night?

I can't believe the kids aren't up yet, but I'm not about to wait. Let's grab a sandwich.

It's the afternoon already.

If they want to sleep this long they're on their own. Let's go back to the beach.

I am tired.  It's been quite a day already.

Let's not wake them. We can take a power nap and then we'll be fresh when they get up.

I'm surprised Mom snores.  Aren't you?

Can you believe how loud Dad snores?

Wow, I must have been out like a log.  I didn't hear a peep.

Maybe we'll find them at the restaurant? Let's hurry up there and see if they're still there.

I'm not waiting. I want to hit the beach before the sun goes down.

I say if they're not back in 5 minutes, we head to the beach. Enough of this waiting around business.

I can't believe it.  We haven't seen them all day.

Where in the world do you suppose they went? We've been up and down that beach a dozen times.

I think Dad's note sounded mad.

Come on, we've got to go! The movies starting in ten minutes.

I don't think we saw the kids at all today.

Do you suppose they went to another theater?

Anybody up for a game of cards?

Oh, oh...sounds like Mom and Dad are ticked. Jeez, I hope they don't wake us early.


5 AM The Following Morning

Good morning, Sweetie.  Hey, am I just imaging it or did manage to spend an entire day without seeing our kids?


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