Ducks Occupy Wall Street


Ducks know a thing or two about demonstrating.


For awhile there the 99% were making big waves and garnering the buzz of the social media. These days, you hardly hear a thing. Yet we all know the 99% are as disgusted as ever by the excesses of Wall Street and a Congress who refuses to take action. Fear not! As your prime source for all that is ducky rest assured our fowl friends are ready to lend beak and feather to show the rest a thing or two about proper demonstrating technique. Hey, when it comes to struggle, ducks have been at this game far longer than any human, and that means they may just be worth watching…


Mouse over the photos for additional commentary and helpful hints.


The duck "crippling us" pose.

Flexibility is key in any duck pose, especially one this tricky.

A good occupation requires a number of ducks willing to make this pose.

The “Your killing us!” pose is often confused with the “Drunken sailor” pose. “Occupiers” should shoot for the former (i.e. hide the can). Otherwise, you may unintentionally lend support to the “Mother’s Against Drunken Occupiers” movement.

It's time to quick bailing out the banks.

The “Splits” pose is always popular among former yell kings and cheerleaders.

Quit bailing out fat cats! It's time to bail out us regular ducks!

The “Peace Pose” is a time honored signal to law enforcement you’re bending over backwards to demonstrate peacefully. Curiously, this is also the position you’ll end up in after being sprayed with a fire hose.

It's time to vote the bums out!

This is a duck classic if ever there was one. For best results turn your backside toward the intended target of the demonstration and drop your shorts.

Help, help, we're being repressed.

A cult classic, the “Monty Python” pose is always a crowd pleaser. “Now, you see the violence inherent in the system!”

I didn't know occupying meant holding it.

A highly useful pose, the “Gotta Go” indicates you’ll hang in with your fellow protestors in spite of the pressing need.

A brave little duck volunteered for this job.

Due to the risks involved, the “effigy pose” should only be performed by a well-trained professional familiar with the proper equipment. “Gulp. It’s a tad on the tight side, Sam. Hey, Sam, you there? Sam?”

Join the movement.  Be part of the solution.

Down with rich fat cats! Up with cute little fluffy ducks!

This sitting around thing gets old.

Alas, almost every occupier eventually suffers from V.S.B.S. – also known as Very Sore Butt Syndrome.


Here’s to being a duck poser.  Be the change!


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