3 Ideas To Create Millions Of New Jobs

Make your voice count.  Join the movement for creating new jobs.I don’t know about you, but I get physically ill as I think of all those politicians in Washington that have nothing better to do than point fingers.  If it were up to me, I say we toss everyone in the Congress out in the street and strip them of their healthcare and pensions.  Then let’s put some real folks in charge.  Can you imagine the ideas and energy that would go into solving problems if real people actually ran the place?  Come on, Congress, wake up!  This is America!  You’re embarrassing us!


I’ve been thinking about it and I just don’t see why we can’t put people back to work—and that means starting today.   Check out these 3 relatively simple ideas and then tell me we can’t at least use them as a road map to create millions of new jobs:


Off the wall ideas.

Jobs: Off The Wall


I’ll start with an idea that may seem a little nutty at first, but it’s bound to generate U.S. jobs in short order.  Here’s what we do:  Outlaw businesses (except the very smallest ones just getting started) from using any type of automated telephone answering system.  Seriously, who actually likes talking to a computer on the phone?  At the same time, require companies that sell more than half their products or services in the United States to field all their calls from U.S. soil—yes, this means we’ll be taking back our call centers from countries like India and China.  Sorry guys, we’ve been supporting you far too long!


The end result:  Companies will immediately need to hire secretaries and operators and those jobs will be U.S. jobs—not outsourced foreign jobs.  And just think how great will it be to talk to real customer service people on the phone—people who actually speak English!


In addition, companies will require more office space and hard assets to support their new workers.  That will create a wealth of new hiring in office supply, related manufacturing, and commercial building services.  And don’t forget: Once these employees get paid, they’ll be out buying all kinds of goods and services which is bound pump up other areas of the economy.


Banks are at least partially responsible.  Let's force them to act.

More Jobs: Housing


Immediately pass a law that forces banks to convert all bank-owned home properties into rental properties.  These properties are located in the U.S. so this action will directly impact the U.S. housing and jobs market.


This action will instantly eliminate the glut of foreclosed housing, since banks can no longer just dump them on the market.  In doing that, it will create a strong floor under existing home prices and the added supply of rentals will help put a lid on rising rents.


This action will also require banks to hire U.S. contractors and/or workers to fix up the homes that have sat empty in order to make them more attractive to potential renters.  Improving those properties should help the value of surrounding homes, which are currently being devalued by the bank’s inactions.  Once the bank-owned homes are leased by long-term renters, then and only then, allow the banks to sell them off as “occupied” investment properties.


Make no mistake:  It won’t just be the public who benefits from this proposal.  The banks will also benefit if they get busy and get with the program.  Why?  Because they’ll improve their balance sheets by getting higher returns on their equity—that is, they’ll be turning non-income producing assets to income producing assets, either through the rents they receive or the ultimate sale of the properties involved at higher prices.  This should help beef up the banking system which will ultimately be good for all of us.  Plus, for those individuals looking for better or more stable returns on their portfolio or retirement fund, it will provide a way to buy into “proven” income producing investments.


Consider this: The Federal Reserve is charging banks zero percent interest and the banks turn around and lend that money out, charging several percent for business loans.  Let’s force banks to do what they should have been doing the past few years anyway:  Make them spend some of that money on improving the housing market—a market they had a huge hand in destroying through large scale mortgage fraud and the reckless use of credit default swaps and derivatives.


Our countries future is at stake.  It's time to act.

Lots More Jobs:  Infrastructure


Immediately set up a Federal Public/Private Partnership to build and repair infrastructure projects in the United States using U.S. contractors and workers.  This entity can sell investor bonds to finance all projects.  Those bonds can ultimately be paid off by the savings or benefits that result from the projects undertaken.


Projects undertaken could include road and bridge construction and repair, clean energy projects like solar or wind power for state and federally owned buildings (or even local communities who want to buy in), a national bullet train passenger system, and perhaps most importantly, a rebuilt national electrical grid.


This effort will mean a huge boost to job growth and the economy.  It’s also a clear path toward gaining true energy independence.  That means the U.S. would no longer be tied to all those special foreign oil interests.  In addition, it will provide incredible opportunities for contractors of all types (and thus their workers), not to mention the business it will generate for suppliers of raw materials, and goods and services to the construction trade.


In order to jump start this process; let’s have the federal government put up the first $100 billion dollars of investment capital.  And to pay for that initial investment, let’s put a transaction tax on each and every trade of investments like stocks, bonds, commodities, options, credit default swaps, etc.  This tax could run as little as a fraction of a cent to a few pennies a trade and easily pay for this program in short order.  Better yet, it may actually help bring long term stability to the financial markets by making insider “computer driven” trading models less profitable.  Take that Wall Street!


Let’s Get To It!


Whether or not you like these specific ideas, the point is there are many different things we can do and should be doing right now to jump start our economy—things far too few in Washington are even talking about.  Doesn’t that make you mad?  It should!  And did you notice I’m not taking about income tax increases for anyone with any of these proposals?  Let’s put America back to work.  We all win when our people are gainfully employed.


Please add your job producing ideas in the comments below and share this post with all your friends.  Together we can make a difference.  Oh, and don’t forget to write your Congressman.


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