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We know how it is. Life is busy and there’s lots to do. Believe me, we understand if you haven’t had time to visit in awhile. Maybe you’d be surprised to learn we’ve been busy, too, and have dozens of new recipes, comics, savings tips, self-help ideas and more all waiting just for you. Here’s the great news: It’s never too late to catch up with us. Just go to our Index page for a complete list of all our posts, or select a page or post from the menus on the right.


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Here's a healthier alternative.

Making your own fresh scones is surprisingly easy.

A Woman Sconed: Furiously Good


Recipe – Here’s a delicious recipe for homemade whole-wheat scones.



Avoid joint financial disaster.

You could be much less diversified than you thought you were.

Avoiding Joint Financial Disaster


Personal Finance – Learn why it may be critical to know how your partner invests.




Another famous ducks of history entry.

Wait until you learn the almost totally real facts about Gandhi.

Gandhi The Interpreter


Humor – What’s not to admire about Gandhi and yet would he ever have achieved fame without this duck?




20 great tips for free entertainment.

Try out these fun and inexpensive activities.

Great Savings Tip #86 – Think Free Entertainment


Saving Money – Here are 20 ways to play without all the cost.




Try these tips for getting better sleep.

Having trouble sleeping?

Help I Can’t Get To Sleep


Your Health – 14 suggestions for getting the rest you need.




Check these out for some great laughs.

You can find lots of great comics on our Comics page.

JB It’s Monday – A Comic


Here’s another in our Adventures of Javabird comics.




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