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If you only recently joined us at, we thought you might enjoy reading some of our favorite holiday posts from the past. Are they still relevant? You bet! Check ‘em out, here.

25 hot deal websites.

Why run to the store when the best deals are often at your fingertip


Learn about Santa's best helper.

Let’s see here…ah yes, a true masterpiece. Ahem…’Twas the night before Quackimas and…

Twas The Night Before Quackimas 

Here’s our wacky blogger’s adaptation of that famous holiday classic, “Twas A Night Before Christmas“. If you like ducks like we do, pour yourself a glass of eggnog, gather the kids and prepare to be entertained by Larry, Santa’s favorite helper. Read more…


Candy Cane's how to make them.

These reindeer are cute and so easy to make.

Candy Cane Reindeer

The holidays always inspire me to want to do fun (easy) crafts. I love to give away the things I make as gifts.  Plus, I’m a pushover for cute critters, so the candy cane reindeer project was perfect. This simple project will create whimsical ornaments to decorate trees, gifts, stockings or presents. Read more…


I can't wait for Christas.

Life was simpler when we were kids.

Holiday Giving Part 1: The Magic Of Christmas

Though the tradition of holiday giving is as old as humanity, my experience of Christmas is the story of a boy growing up in a good-sized, middle-class family. My parents tried to instill a strong sense of Christian values within me, which meant a good part of my tradition took on religious overtones. Read more…


Giving is definitely part of my holiday experience.

I like giving, but it sure takes a bite out of my wallet.

Holiday Giving Part 2: Getting Real About Giving

As much as I like the sights and sounds of the holidays I’ve learned there’s a practical side to giving—one I can’t afford to ignore. I don’t know about you, but unless I’m careful the holidays really put a hole in my budget. That’s why I love these gift ideas.  Read more…


How much power does it take to run Christmas lights?

Holiday lights are so pretty, but I’m on a budget. Can I afford running them?

Are My Christmas Lights Costing Me A Fortune?

Are Christmas lights big energy wasters? How much do they impact a typical energy bill each year? I was curious to find out, so I went to Kmart, wrote down the figures listed on the boxes, and then plugged them into my computer. Here’s what I discovered. Read more…


This year I'm going to make real changes.

Here are some tips for making resolutions that stick…New Years or otherwise.

Six Tips For Making Successful Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, I’m often asked whether I’ve made any New Year’s Resolutions.  I know lots of folks who’ve given up on the whole idea, but I’ve discovered 6 sure tips for making resolutions that stick. Read more…


I'm stuck and I need a change.

I’ve almost given up. Is there any way to achieve my dreams?

The Life Timeline: Planning For A Brighter Future

Feeling stuck?  Hopeless? One planning tool that can make a real difference is the life timeline. Unlike resolutions or random goals, a life timeline is a great tool for bringing peace back into a life in turmoil. Making a life timeline arms you with the information you’ll need to start turning your dreams into realities. Read more…


Stay tuned…we’ve got a whole lot more coming your way.  Happy holidays!



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