Instant Presto Candied Walnuts



 Instant Presto Candied Walnuts


Awhile back we posted a recipe for Instant Presto Candy Bacon.  It’s been a smash success around our house, and maybe yours as well since we keep getting lots of hits.  Meanwhile, I went out to dinner last night and ordered a delicious salad that was topped with blue cheese and candied walnuts.  My creative juices immediately got me thinking:  I wonder if we can do for walnuts what we did for bacon?


Now I can have nuts anytime.

I'm a nut for nuts, but she's not.

I love nuts in almost anything, but I’m married to a woman who usually prefers her nuts by themselves.  To her, it’s a mouth feel issue—she doesn’t want to mix the crunch with other smoother textures.  And while I feel the same when it comes to ice cream, in everything else I don’t mind mixing—and that’s true in soups, salads, casseroles or just about anything.  You see the issue don’t you?  I like nuts in mine, but she doesn’t in hers so most of the time I do without.  No more!


I did a quick search on traditional candied walnuts, and no, it’s not hard to make them as all you basically need to do is dip them into melted sugar.  The trouble is most recipes have you make a whole bunch at a time and warm sugar over the stove.  Not satisfied I’d need to go to all that trouble, I ran down to the kitchen, pulled my huge Costco bag of raw walnuts out of the fridge and started experimenting.  Here’s what I came up with.



For today’s recipe, we’ll need:


Add the brown sugar.

Nuts and simple is that?

¼ cup of raw walnuts

1 tablespoon of brown sugar

¼ teaspoon of water

Salt to taste (optional)


Here’s what I did:


First I turned on the broiler and placed a small sheet of foil on a cookie sheet so I didn’t have to wash it afterwards.


Roasting my walnuts.

Since I was using raw walnuts, I wanted to roast them first. They're best this way.

Next, I measured out my walnuts and spread them on the foil.


Then I popped them under the broiler and cooked them about 2 minutes.  You want to watch this as the nuts cook fast and you won’t want to scorch them.  While you at it, take the time to smell those roasting nuts.  Yum!


Coat the nuts with sugar.

Add the sugar, water and stir.

When the nuts are done roasting, dump them in a microwave-safe bowl, add your sugar and water and stir them up.  You basically want to coat the nuts in the sugar.  For this reason, I added the small bit of water to help soften up the sugar and make it stickier. Note: If you don’t find these sugary enough for your tastes, just add more sugar, or try adding a little real maple syrup or honey in place of the water.


Okay, after this it's time to eat.

Time to nuke these...give about 20 to 30 seconds and then check them.

Now, pop the bowl into your microwave and cook for about 20 to 30 seconds.  It could vary a little depending on your machine.   When the buzzer goes off, pour the nuts back out on the foil and allow to cool.  If you think they need it, you can also sprinkle with a touch of salt.


That’s it!  You’re done.  In just a few minutes you made enough nuts to top your soup, salad, cereal, casserole, or favorite dessert.  And the best part is the only dishes we dirtied up were the bowl we used in the microwave and a couple of measuring spoons.


These may not be quite as sugary and gooey as the candied walnuts you’ll make on the stove, but I personally found them delicious and so simple and quick to prepare.  Plus, I think candied nuts always taste better fresh so this gives me the option to whip them up anytime I have the urge.  And, do I even need to mention that walnuts are really good for you?  Nut lovers rejoice!  Instant Presto Candied Walnuts are here!




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