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A beautiful dawn.

Wake up to a new dawn. (Click to expand).


It’s a new year. Are you where you want to be? Are you hoping to make changes? If you’ve struggled with resolutions in the past, maybe you’re going about change the wrong way. Check out these articles for some great ideas to start building the future you want:


Making the new years resolutions.

I resolve…

6 Tips For Making Successful Resolutions

If you think resolutions are pointless because they never work out, it could be you’ve never tried these tips.  In truth, resolutions are just another form of goal-making, so if you want real change it pays to learn the ropes.


Build on your success.

What hope?

Hope For A Brighter Future

Times may be tough economically, but let’s put this in perspective. Building wealth is about taking a longer view.



I started of list of things I thought I never wanted to try.

Reverse List

My Reverse Bucket List

I’ve often dismissed doing certain things in life—like bungee jumping or parachuting. I just don’t see the risk worth the potential reward. However, some things are less life threatening and I’ve still ruled them out. Maybe it’s time to rethink things.


Have a cup of Joe and then start working on your list.

Big Picture

The Time Lifeline: Planning For A Brighter Future

If resolutions or goals don’t work for you, maybe it’s because they don’t go far enough. A better approach may be to look at life from a big picture perspective. A Time Lifeline gives you all the information you need to turn dreams into realities.


Boxes are observable.

Honor Bound?

Unbind The Chains And Unlock The Locks

Do you feel a sense of duty or burden that ties you to a situation you loathe? Do you feel there is no way out? Learn about the forces in play and discover this 7 step technique for getting out of your box.


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