Tuna Vegetable Salad


Another recipe from Javabird.com.


We’ve talked a lot about weight and dieting as well as embracing a healthy lifestyle over the past few weeks. We’ve learned balanced nutrition is an essential key to long-term health and weight loss. That’s one reason I like this recipe for tuna salad so much. It’s loaded with heart healthy omega 3 fats from tuna, olive oil and almonds, plus there’s plenty of protein from the tuna and almonds and lots of fiber and nutrition from all the vegetables. In other words, it makes a terrific side or main dish for most any meal.


Some of the vegetables in our tuna salad.

There's lots of great veggies in this tuna salad.

I must admit, as a kid tuna salad was simply tuna and mayo slathered on a couple pieces of white bread. No more! Today’s recipe is really a gourmet salad at its core—one that just happens to contain tuna. Of course, if you prefer a little bread or a roll to go with it, I recommend a whole-wheat variety in order to add complex carbohydrates.


Olive oil has many health benefits.

Don't forget to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for even more heart healthy omega 3's.

I happen to love tuna, but if you don’t you could substitute canned salmon or perhaps some chunked up chicken breast. However, to reap the benefit from omega-3’s you’ll want to use fish instead of chicken.


This salad is tasty and filling. Heck it might even satisfy that meat eater in your family. A quick note: I didn’t have it on hand this time, but if you want terrific-tasting, wild, pole-caught, certified sustainable tuna check out the selection at VitalChoice.com.


If you’d like a print copy of today’s recipe click here. Otherwise see the graphic and instructions below:




1 can of tuna (solid white albacore in water is best)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
3/4 cup chopped red, yellow, orange mini peppers
3/4 cup sliced celery
1 cup chopped sweet onion
Large handful of spinach chopped
15-20 grape tomatoes halved.
1/3 cup toasted almonds
Add salt or no-salt seasoning to taste.


An original Javabird.com recipe.




Take a bite of this tuna vegetable salad. Start by gathering the ingredients. Open a can of tuna, drain it, and then flake it into a large salad bowl. Next make up the dressing. Mix the extra virgin olive oil with the vinegar, add Dijon mustard and all the spices listed. Combine and then pour over the tuna and stir to saturate the tuna with the dressing. Next, cut up all the veggies and stir them in as you go. When you’ve got it all together, let the salad set a few minutes before serving to allow the flavors to combine. Finally, broil or microwave your almonds to toast them. You can stir them in or sprinkle over the top as a garnish. Makes about 4 servings.



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