Emergency Valentine’s Card


You didn’t mean to, but you forgot. It just happened. Or maybe you went to the store, but there were no cards that adequately expressed the depth of your love. Yeah, right. Lucky for you we’ve designed two greeting cards—a his and a her version—that will hopefully extract you from this deep dark hole you’ve dug yourself into. We show you our basic design below, but if you click on either image you can access a PDF file which you can print. You will have to trim and fold, but is that really so much to ask? We suggest that in lieu of walking in empty handed, you at least give your sweetie the card. Oh, and if you’re still around tomorrow to tell us about it you can thank us then. Happy Valentine’s!




And for her some furry “two lips”…


Emergency Valentine Card For Her

Hey, it’s free. What did you expect?



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