Does your anger exist outside of your body? Can anyone ever really feel the way you feel inside? What makes you furious? Can you let go of your rage after a time or do you cling to it? Does your anger ever end up clouding your thoughts? Does your anger ever get in the way of building up a relationship or achieving some sense of happiness? If you blow up in an explosive tirade do you end up feeling better? And what about the person you directed your wrath at—did the words you spewed at them improve the situation between you or make it worse? We think Mark Twain had a point when he said:



A quote from Mark Twain: "Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel..."

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Close your eyes. Inhale and hold it. Now release. Do it again. And again. Do you feel it? Imagine your anger flowing out of your body as you breathe. Keep at it until you can let it go. Shake it off. Don’t let your anger rule you. Learn to rule your anger.


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