Mind Over Matter

How are the things we experience and think about relevant to who we’ve become? Have you ever wondered why some view the world in stark terms of black and white and others see finer shades of color? Are you passionately convinced or uncertain of your beliefs? Have they ever led you astray? Are you ever surprised when an experience turns out different than you first expected it would? If you grew up in another culture or foreign land do you think you would be the same person you are right now? Would you hold the same views? How about if you grew up in another family? Would a different personal history equate to holding different beliefs? Have you ever read a truly inspiring book? What if you’d never even heard of it? Would life be the same? We like the words Gandhi used when talking about the importance of our thoughts…


A quote by Gandhi: "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes."



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