10 Recipes For Cookie Monsters


A cookie monster drawing by Shaun Novion.It’s that time of the year again: Cookie time! If you’re a cookie monster like me, there are never enough cookies lying around ready to be gobbled down like a good cookie should. That’s why I’m listing ten of my favorite cookie recipes below. These range from easy to make (try Microwave Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies), to incredibly delicious (Nutmeg Logs), to the really unique (Chili Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies) to a super twist on an old favorite (Bliss Bars – Yum!) Better check out all these recipes to keep your inner cookie monster satisfied. You won’t be sorry.


This is one delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Need a quick cookie? Try this microwave recipe.

#1 Microwave Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


The answer is yes. Yes, you can make cookies in the microwave. Yes, it’s super easy. And yes, they taste delicious. Need a cookie in a hurry? Then give these a go.



You've got to love the taste of butter and sugar in a cookie.

Are these the best cookies ever? You be the judge.

#2 Nutmeg Logs: The Best Cookies Ever?


Though traditionally a holiday treat, these are arguably the best cookies ever and deserve to be served at any time of the year. Don’t believe it? Then make them and find out for yourself. Hey, it’s hard to beat sugar and butter when it comes to taste.


I'm never going back to the old way.

Hey, what’s not to like about a healthier chocolate chip cookie?

#3 Hearty Twist On Chocolate Chip


This recipes proves once and for all that you don’t need all white flour and butter to make a fantastic chocolate chip cookie. The secret? How about whole grains and olive oil? Once you try these, you may never go back.


Oats mean more fiber and that's good for you.

This is an easy to make pan cookie. Your kids will love ’em.

#4 Easy Oaties


This recipe is so simple and easy your kids will love making it on their own. Better yet, it uses healthier ingredients than most traditional cookie recipes and still tastes amazing. Don’t worry, you probably have everything you need in the pantry.





You won't be disappointed with this cookie recipe.

The secret in this cookie is that little touch of spice.

#5 Chili Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies


Okay, gourmet cookie monsters. Want a cookie that could pass the muster for brownie goodness, but one with a hint of spice to trigger your flavor palette? Believe me, your friends will be begging you for this recipe.


I'm never going back to corn syrup and white puffed rice.

If you liked Scotcheroos you’re going to love these.

#6 Bliss Bars – Yum


This is a fantastic take off on the old Scotcheroo recipe my Mom used to make when we were kids. We’ve changed up the cereal which gives it more texture and vastly improves the nutritional content. And last time out we substituted real maple syrup for corn syrup and they turned out great. Seriously, this is one good cookie.


These no-bake cookies going together in a snap.

You don’t need the day to be hot to enjoy this special treat.

#7 Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies


Too hot for the oven? No problem. You whip these babies up on the stove. Best of all they are easy to make, quick, and your kids will love ‘em.


Can I have another cookie?

Cookie in sight! My cookie! Mine!

#8 Butter Toffee Crunch Cookies


Mmm. Butter Toffee! I can personally guarantee these cookies have a nice light texture, a delicate crunch, and with the toffee flavor and hints of vanilla they have quickly become one of my go to favorites


Taking a bite of my Kahlua Cinnamon Coffee Date Bar.

“Whoa, these are good.”

# 9 Kahlua, Coconut & Cashew Blondies


Another exotic entry for the discriminating cookie monster, these “blondies” aren’t to be missed. They have the consistency of a cake-like brownie and yet the taste is all about the sweetness of dates, the spicy goodness of cinnamon, and to top it off that rich coffee flavor in Kahlua. You only reason you’ll end up sorry is if you don’t try delectable little morsels.


Another exclusive recipe from Javabird.com

I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to plain old peanut butter.

#10 Shockingly Good Almond Butter And Date Cookies


I call this an “adult” version of peanut butter cookies to scare away the kids.  That leaves more for me. These delicious cookies are a whole lot healthier than most any peanut butter recipe you’ll find, but believe me you won’t be giving up on taste.


Never Give Up! Never Say Die!


Still didn’t find a cookie you’d like to try? Stay tuned. We’ve got another list coming your way.


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