Different Drummer

Should everyone look and act the same way? When you see someone wearing clothes or jewelry that seem out of the norm are you offended by it? Would you prefer if people always agreed with you? If they did would life be more peaceful or would it be boring? Do you feel comfort in knowing you’re a part of a group or would you rather strike out on your own? Should people have a right to believe what they want, no matter how wacky or far out they sound to you? How do you get along with people who hold a different opinion than you do? What does it mean to be free and live the life you want when others would take that away if they could? We like Henry David Thoreau’s thoughts on following your own path in this quote. 


A quote by Henry David Thoreau: "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it because he hears a different drummer. "

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Follow your heart and rejoice when others do the same.



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