The Pain Of Change

What happens when you discover you are no longer the person you were and need to make changes? Is it easy to embrace the growth you foresee? Do you hesitate by getting mired in self-reflection? Do others reject you for wanting to be different and try to hold you back? Do they ever shame you into giving up on changing for fear you will leave them? Do you end up suffering as a result? And if you do, can you say if your anguish or pain is ultimately a good thing or a bad thing? In other words, does it lead to more suffering and discomfort, or is it simply the by-product of coming to terms with the emotional, spiritual, or psychological growth you seek? We think Khalil Gibran had an excellent point when he spoke of pain in this quote…


A quote by Khalil Gibran: "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."

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