Drones Are Set To Destroy Our Way Of Life


You didn’t ask for it, but they promise to bring it to you anyway. What is the “it” we’re talking about? Package drone delivery. In case you missed it, Amazon.com is promoting a new video, which shows an insect-like drone picking up a package, flying it up and out of their distribution center, and straight to your doorstep. The promise is delivery within 30 minutes of your order. If you appreciate anything about the life you have now, get ready to say good bye to it.


Here’s the Amazon.com video. If you have a problem viewing it here you can see it on YouTube.



A convenience? Arguably, receiving a shipment 30 or even 60 minutes after you type “enter” on your computer seems wonderful on the surface. The problem comes as we imagine the sheer quantity of packages delivered every day. Ultimately, (as in 5 or so years down the road) we are looking at hundreds of thousands of new drones crowding our air space to handle the volume. Does noise annoy you? Better get ear plugs. Sadly, if the FAA allows it, we could have buzzing mini-drones zipping through our skies at an ever-growing rate as early as 2014-2015. And it won’t matter whether you order packages for drone delivery because your neighbor will. That means an incoming or outgoing drone will fly just a few feet over the top of your house.


There will be drones everywhere.

Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos envisions a new world for us with package delivery drones filling our skies. Are you ready for it? He says it’s inevitable.


Think about it: An airplane flies at several hundred to several thousand feet overhead, but drones will be zipping in and out of your neighborhood mere dozens of feet off the ground. They will need to be that close to unload their cargo. And that means any sense of the privacy you enjoy now will soon to be a fading memory.


Of course, Amazon won’t be the only company out there offering delivery drones. Any company selling products will need their own drones (or to engage companies that have them) to compete for business. Some obvious examples of companies who will need an entire fleet of drones are UPS, Federal Express, DHL and the U.S. Postal Service.



Here’s What They Don’t Want You To Think About:


Would you recognize a drone if it was on a phone pole?

Drones won’t just be tasked with flying. They will also land on the side of poles or walls to carry out spying.

Lest you think an increasing number of drones filling our skies is the only issue at stake, here are some thoughts that should chill to the core:


Spies everywhere. With so many new drones around it won’t be long before anyone who is the least curious can spy on you. How would you like the pervert down the block sending a spy drone with a camera right up to your bedroom window? Or how would you feel about a sex predator tracking your kids or significant other from the sky? Have you ever been stalked? Just wait until stalkers get their hands on this technology. You won’t be safe anywhere.


Criminals will thrive on this technology. Any criminal worth his salt will be extremely interested in tracking your activities. From above or perhaps perched in a nearby tree a mini-drone can watch you leaving your house. That would provide burglars with the perfect opportunity to strike and avoid detection. Plus, by putting a drone in the sky thieves can keep watch for the police and basically set up early detection to avoid capture. Unfortunately, burglary is the least of your worries as kidnappers can track your children until they are in the clear, and gangs can transport drugs or weapons across international borders with ease.



As the famous science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, once said, “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.” We’d do well to pay attention.

Your government will be equally interested in keeping tabs on you. They will monitor your activities under the guise of countering criminal activity or terrorism. With new listening, infrared, and camera technology those in power can keep watch on virtually everything you do. An infrared camera aimed at your house can tell them exactly how many people occupy your home. Listening devices can capture your private conversations through walls or windows. Cameras can record you skinny dipping in your backyard pool or hot tub, or even getting it on in the “privacy” of your own bedroom.


Ratcheting up terror. Let’s not forget terrorists, assassins, or those we label the mentally ill. With even a few thousand new drones in the sky how will we know which ones are serving a legitimate purpose and which ones are loaded down with destructive payloads? Imagine an armed drone swooping down on a house, a car, your office, your child’s school, your church, or a crowded street and setting off a bomb. If you believe we are immune from this type of terror, then consider all those already killed or injured by our military drones in far off countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. You can be sure that sooner or later retribution is coming.


A drone spying through a window.

How will you feel when you see the first drone hovering outside your window?

Consider the consequences before it’s too late. No doubt drones offer a world of exciting potential to help solve crime, fight fires, assist in natural disasters, or deliver emergency medical supplies to remote or hard to reach locations. Yet once again a new technology is being rammed down our throats before we have adequate time to consider all the consequences. If you value what is left of your privacy, if you enjoy looking up at a clear sky, if you value the safety of your loved ones, then I urge you to contact companies like Amazon, your government representatives, and to write to the Federal Aviation Administration and demand they keep these drones out of our lives.


Mankind survived for thousands of years without drones. We don’t need them. Like swarming insects they threaten to take over our lives. Who knows how they will affect our air quality, who knows how much noise they will generate, or how they will affect birds and other wildlife. Who knows how many workers will be displaced and lose their jobs. One thing is certain: A robot drone can work 24 hours a day and you can’t, so if you care about your job, you better take note.


Make your voice heard before it’s too late. Share this editorial with your friends. Write or speak to those in positions of power. You can still make a difference, but only if you act now.


To find out how to contact a member of Congress, click here.

To contact the FAA which has the final say on controlling our air space, click here.

To contact your local representative, go online and search for your city or county’s website. Most have a help line which might point you in the right direction.


One Response to Drones Are Set To Destroy Our Way Of Life

  • Connie Nichols says:

    Excellent editorial! Thank you for providing contact information for Congress Critters. You can bet I will be sharing this widely.

    After watching the 60 minutes segment this past Sunday between Charlie Rose and Jeff Bezos, I was horrified to think that our government would even consider approving this. Unfortunately, there is so much money involved that I’m sure the government bigwigs will be only too willing to approve it with minimal or no restrictions, and certainly no regulations or penalties. Our craven Congressman are only too willing to open their pockets and vote according to the money.


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