Missed Shot

A nerdy young man spots a pretty woman about his same age at a party. He would love to dance with her or have any excuse to strike up a conversation, but he wavers. A woman sees an ad for a open position at work. She would love to apply, but she knows two others who also want it and they might be more qualified. An old man thinks back on his life and wonders what his life would look like if he had only taken that trip to Europe in his twenties. A woman celebrates her thirty-sixth birthday and wants a baby. Her boyfriend is willing, but they aren’t married and their income seems iffy. All of these people want something. All fear taking the steps to move forward. What role does fear have in holding you back? We like the way Wayne Gretzky put it when talking about taking a chance in this quote…


A quote by Wayne Gretzky: "You'll always miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

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