Hand That’s Dealt

People are different. We have different backgrounds, genes, cultures, ideas, skills, talents, and wealth. Put them altogether and our differences define us. They separate us. They motivate us and drive us to change. Yet not all differences are external. Sometimes differences are better measured by time. Don’t we all have the ability to learn and grow through our experiences? And yet when it comes to coping with life’s challenges, isn’t it better to accept the hand that’s dealt? In other words, isn’t it better to deal with our circumstances based on who we are in the moment, rather than who we wish we were, or who we were in the past? Josh Billings was the pen name of 19th-century American humorist Henry Wheeler Shaw. We like what he implied about muddling through life in this quote…


A Josh Billings quote: Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well."

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