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Our goal is to bring relevant, timely information that will offer you a path to a much brighter future. We have ideas for saving money, information on investing, tips for bringing a sense of peace back into your life, great recipes, some quirky stories about famous ducks, comics and so much more.

Our belief is things can be much better, no matter where you start. The key is to continuously take concrete steps forward and to learn how and why we get stuck along the way.  Why not make us a regular part of your day?


Check Out Our Recipes Page

If you’ve just joined us and want to catch up on some of the recipes you missed, we’ve got delicious desserts and fabulous entrees ready to try.  Plus, we have several food related topics you won’t want to miss.  You can find our recipes under the Zero-Based-Living menu tab above, or by clicking here.


Start Saving Today

Our “Great Savings Tips” are loaded with ideas to help you save. If you missed our original series you can look at our complete list of tips by clicking the link above, or finding it under the Zero-Based Living menu tab above.  What are some of our most popular savings tips?  Just about anything to do with saving energy, ideas for free entertainment, and how to cut the cost of your wedding.  Take a look at the list for a complete rundown.  There are literally hundreds of ways you can save.


Invest For A Brighter Future

Interested in investing, but don’t know where to start?  Just looking for some time tested investing strategies.  Check out our “Investing Ideas” page for links to all our posts on investing.


Good For A Laugh

Our “Adventures Of Javabird Comics” are always good for a laugh.  If you’re just joining us and want to catch up on Javabird’s continuing adventures you can find our Comics page under Humor tab above.  Or if you want to read our whacky version of history catch all the action by checking out our Famous Ducks Of History page.


Home Projects

Do you have a home project you been thinking of starting?  Want some tips to make some of those hard chores easier?  Watch our Home Projects Tips page for the latest post in our series.


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