Family Budget

Great Savings 39 – Grow Your Own Produce


What good is saving money and building wealth if it means lowering the quality of life? In today’s tip, we’ll discuss how you can have it all. Not only can you save on fresh produce, but you can insure your family is eating their healthiest. Continue reading

Great Savings 35 – Wait To Buy


Sometimes the things we see create a real need we wish to satisfy.

The clothes are cute, but they aren’t on the list. Will you buy them anyway?

Imagine you walk into a store. You see the coolest new 3D TV or a killer pair of heels. You fall instantly in love and pull out your wallet. Or you walk into the grocery store and see an amazing cake in the bakery section. It’s not on your list, but it’s your favorite fudge chocolate and screams, “Eat me!”


Are you ever lured in by the unexpected as you walk down the aisles? Not only is there an excellent chance the answer is yes, the stores design the flow of traffic and create incredible displays to tempt us into buying on impulse. Here’s how to fight back. Continue reading

Great Savings 27 – Buy In Bulk


For some people buying in bulk becomes an obsession—and for good cause. When you buy in bulk, your per unit cost of food (and thus your per unit serving cost) goes down and that cost reduction can really add up. For example, if you cook for a family of four and can cut just 25 cents off the cost of a serving, your meal costs a dollar less. Add that amount up over the course of a year and you save $365! However, buying in bulk doesn’t guarantee you’ll end up with the best deal. That’s why smart shoppers use these 8 Bulk Buying Tips: Continue reading

Great Savings 13: Cut The Cost Of Rent



This apartment is nice, but I don't need the facilities. That can save money.

It may not be a villa, but as cheap rent goes it has a pool.


How much of your income should you spend on rent? 20%? 25%? 35%? The trouble with any formula that gives a specific guideline is it rarely takes into account differences in lifestyle or other considerations like location. For example, it’s far more expensive to rent in a big city than out in the country, yet if your work is in the city living in the country may not be an option. Still, as rent eats up a significant portion of most family budgets even a relatively small reduction in the monthly total spent can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands over the years. Continue reading

Kids and Money: Setting Clear Expectations


Take the time to talk to your kids about setting priorities.


When your kids are old enough to talk back to you, it’s time to start teaching them about money and finances. Don’t wait until they graduate from high school and head off to college. By then, you’ll have missed an incredible opportunity. Our saving and spending habits begin in early childhood. That means building a better future is all about equipping kids with the right tools from the get-go. Continue reading

Great Savings 11: Saving Money On Groceries


What's on your grocery shopping list?

Become a better grocery shopper. It’s not just about money it’s about your health.

Grocery shopping takes a huge bite out of most family budgets. As a significant portion of our grocery purchases are discretionary, the way we go about shopping becomes a key factor in controlling whether and how we spend or save money, and thus, how we build wealth. As we learned in Great Savings Tip #10, saving even a few pennies on the items we purchase most often results in saving thousands of dollars over a lifetime. Yet money isn’t the only issue at stake when it comes to shopping for the food we eat. Of equal importance is to buy the right kinds of food so we eat healthy meals and snacks and end up feeling and looking our best. To save money and time, and to embrace a healthier lifestyle, try these 10 super smart grocery shopping tips: Continue reading

Great Savings 9: Swap Goods, Time and Talent


As a kid, did you ever trade something like baseball cards for an old catcher’s glove? Or as an adult have you traded your time or a special talent with a friend?  For example, suppose you know all about tools and your friend is basically clueless about fixing things. Have you offered to help with a project in exchange for something he or she can do for you? Trading like this is one form of barter. Bartering is basically the exchange of goods or services without the direct use of cash. And it turns out barter is a great way to save thousands over the long run. Continue reading

7 Tips To Find Nice Affordable Rentals



A cheap apartment complex may not be the only answer.

Looking for something better, but need to watch your costs? Then check out these tips.

For most people rent is their biggest monthly expense. Worse, every dollar paid in rent is a dollar gone forever. That’s why it is critical to get your money’s worth when you go to rent housing. In this article, we discuss seven proven tips to slash your rent with the goal of living in a nicer place than you do right now. Continue reading

Great Savings 5: Utilize Free Services


Great Savings Tip #5

Our original tip #5 is still true: You can save a bundle over the long haul if you can talk a friend into cutting your hair. Yet there are many other ways to save using the same basic idea. Thus, today’s tip is all about keeping the services you really need, but finding a way to spend less on them. Are you currently taking advantage of free services? Here are six ideas for saving: Continue reading

Great Savings 3: Cancel Unused Services


Cutting the cost of automatic subscriptions.

Without realizing it, we set ourselves up to automatically spend hundreds or even thousands a year. Do you know how much you're spending this way?

As we continue updating our Great Savings Tip Series, today we begin looking for specific areas of savings. Let’s start with all those subscription and membership fees. Continue reading


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