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Great Savings #47 – Insure Against Catastrophic Loss


Don't leave yourself at risk. Protect your hard-earned cash.

A catastrophic loss can end up costing a bundle.

Where our personal wealth is concerned, we eventually accumulate enough of it that the mere possibility of a “catastrophic loss” is unacceptable. And while any loss can be bad, a catastrophic loss is a large loss, one that creates a significant strain or hardship on our financial situation. As everyone is different and has a unique situation it’s hard to put an exact dollar figure on such a loss. Yet no matter where you stand, a catastrophic loss means you end up taking a huge hit to your finances—one difficult if not impossible to recover from. Continue reading

Great Savings #46 – Diversify


What happens when you carry all your eggs in a single basket? You risk a total loss.

Mr. B needs to diversify.

No doubt you’ve heard the expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” There’s a lot of wisdom in that statement. If you carry a big basket holding all your eggs and drop it you’re likely to end up with a huge mess. If you split the eggs up among several baskets dropping one doesn’t affect the other others so the potential loss is considerably less. In much the same way, diversifying your financial assets is a great way to protect yourself from a devastating financial loss. Let’s take a look and see exactly how this plays out. Continue reading

Great Savings 14: Save On Investing


Figuring out the world of investing can look complicated. Take these simple steps.

Investing is tricky business. Some would tell you successful investing is as much about luck and gambling as it is about finding value in a product or company. Others would say stock and bond prices are as much a reflection of a government’s fiscal priorities, some news event or fickle investor sentiment as any underlying worth. So how can you be money smart when it comes to investing? Think long-term. Continue reading

Avoiding Joint Financial Disaster


How do your investments stack up as a couple?Are you married or living with a significant other?  Do you both own investments?  If you do, are you aware of your partner’s investment strategy?  While many people understand the risk of holding too much of one particular type of investment in their own portfolio, they sometimes forget (or are just unaware) that as a couple they may also be over-exposed to certain stocks or other asset classes. Continue reading

Hope For A Brighter Future


It always raining on my parade.


With our economy still sputtering along at about half speed and unemployment at record levels, hoping for a better future can seem like some exercise in the absurd.  Sure we all have wants—more money, more savings, and a decent chance to retire in comfort—but how is that possible under conditions like these? Continue reading

Is An Annuity Right For Me?


Is an annuity right fore me?

Sinking Feeling


As I checked the markets this morning, the Dow starting off in the red and began a swift plunge down some 200 points.  I don’t know about you, but whenever that occurs, it feels like my stomach goes along for the ride.  Sure I expect to incur some losses from time to time, but my fear is I’ll get caught losing a huge chunk of my savings if the markets take a nosedive. Continue reading

12 Strategies For Successful Investing


Are you doing everything you can to protect yourself?


Which way is the market heading? Are my investments the best ones to be holding now?  Should I sell now and wait until things calm down? Many investors try to outsmart the market. The strategy they use is called market timing. Market timing means buying in or selling out in order to try and beat other investors who hold for the long-term. The hope is to reduce losses and increase profits.  While maximizing return is an admirable investing goal, successful market timing requires skill, luck and a whole lot of nerve. Unfortunately, unless you pay strict attention it’s a strategy that rarely pays off. Continue reading

Plan For Retirement Now

Do you have enough money to retire on?

Almost half the retiring population is worried about money. Are you?


I’m Not Ready!


Only eleven percent of baby boomers, (those born between 1946 and 1964) are strongly convinced they’ll be able to retire and live in comfort—this according to an AP-LifeGoesStrong poll.  Further, almost 44% “are not confident that they’ll have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.”  With our economic times feeling so uncertain, what steps can you take now to improve your odds for financial security? Continue reading

Great Savings Tip #98 – Sweat The Small Stuff


A roll of the die.

Are you leaving everything to chance?

This tip is number 98 out of 100 in our Great Savings Tip Series—designed to help find ways to spend less and save more. For more ways to save money see our Great Savings Tips page with a complete list of all our tips. Continue reading

The Money Quiz


50 questions about money for a better life.


There Are Lessons Everywhere


We learn about money from our parents, family members, friends, and acquaintances.  Sometimes, we even learn about money from strangers, or from people we see in movies or the media. Some of the things we learn are helpful and some aren’t.  Money has a way of permeating all aspects of our lives.  Having money can increase choices.  Not having it can simplify life by eliminating them.  An investment we make can be good and create all sorts of unexpected opportunities, or it can be bad and end up sucking the life energy out of everything we do. Continue reading


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