Reflected Me


When you look in the mirror what do you see? Are you ever happy with the image reflected back at you? Do tiny imperfections seem to grow before your eyes? Are there too many wrinkles? Is your face breaking out? Is your nose too big? Is it oddly shaped? Do you wish your hair was different or would quit falling out? Are your teeth spaced too far apart? And more to the point, would others see you the way you see yourself? Or is it more likely they would gloss over your imperfections, since they’re too caught up with their own? Here’s what author Bob Anderson had to say on the subject in his new novel Woe Man: Continue reading

The Power To Create: My Journey As An Author


Woe Man the novel: All the rules have changed.

Bob Anderson just published his first novel Woe Man.

How does one excel? Being good enough to stand out takes practice. Mastering an art form or profession requires ongoing effort and undying commitment. Honing skills is important, but having a real knack for the special thing you do may be even more critical. Some require a constant source of inspiration for success. Others seem blessed by good fortune or the genetic pool. Perfecting an attitude of stubborn resilience never hurts—for all those moments that tempt you to quit. For a lucky few, excelling is a breeze. For the rest, a bumpy ride. In case you wonder, I drive that rust bucket in the back of the line.


Ever since my college days, I knew I wanted to write a novel. I never considered myself gifted. In no shape or form was churning out stories or poems a part of the equation.  I suppose it was more about my experience of being transported out of my body by the books I read. In other words, books literally sucked me in and took over my life for the short time I got caught up reading them. It was magic and I wanted to be a part of it. Continue reading

25 Fun Free Entertainment Ideas



Find a great place to walk nearby.

There’s nothing like a walk to soothe both body and soul.



Feeling bored? Feeling tapped out? Looking for something fun to do? Here’s our list of 25 activities you can do for free. Don’t blow the family budget on expensive game or theater tickets. Learn to save a buck and have some fun while you’re doing it. Continue reading

Tasty Chicken Mushroom Black Bean Casserole


This mouth watering chicken casserole is served with guacamole and sour cream.


Think casserole and most might think tuna, yet this chicken black bean casserole contains a host of healthy goodness that could change all that. Hey, call it a “Mexican Lasagna” if you want to be fancy. Just try it, and you can claim credit for discovering a new family favorite, one that happens to be packed with nutritional content. If you want to eat healthier, but refuse to give up on taste, you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Mouth-Watering Roasted Broccoli Garlic Asiago Mashed Potatoes




Whether you love carbs or are doing your best to cut them, you still want that occasional indulgence. Now, I always loved just about any mashed potato, but a number of years ago it seemed everyone added garlic and cheese to really kick them up a notch. Today, we go a step further and combine the amazing flavor and texture of roasted broccoli. You are not going to believe how great these taste until you pop them in your mouth. In fact, these may just be so good you won’t want to share.  Continue reading

High Gear

Do you use all of your abilities? Do you use them to their fullest? Does life require a different skill set at different moments? If you faced a difficult challenge could you shift into a higher gear? We like what the famed cartoonist Charles Schultz said about human capability in this quote. Continue reading

Expressing Gratitude

Are you thankful for the life you have? How do you show it? Is it more important to utter a few words of thanks or to act on your feelings? Do you ever express your gratitude by writing it down? When something or someone really touches you do you ever meditate or pray because of it? Do you regularly offer your hand or a hug to show others how much you appreciate them? Would you volunteer your time or services if someone who had extended to you now needs help? Would you extend the same courtesy to a complete stranger as a way to show thanks to others? We think John F. Kennedy had an excellent point when he said… Continue reading

Immutable, Irrefutable, Indisputable Laws Of Nature


Chicka has a hard time sleeping.

From sleep to food or money these laws explain everything.

When you try fighting against these laws it’s like hitting your head against the wall, swimming against the tide, padding upstream, running in place, leaping over a forty foot ditch, crossing the bridge that goes nowhere, or scrambling up the super slipperiest of super slippery slopes. Without further ado, here are the 10 immutable, irrefutable, indisputable laws of nature: Continue reading


How do you know when you’re on the right track? Is it simply a matter of having enough life experience to know you prefer going one way over another? Do you see life happening to you or do you engage it by making every choice matter? Are you content to let others tell you what to do, or would you prefer to shut out their voices and follow your heart? If a hike brought you to the edge of a bramble-filled forest, would you poke around the edges seeking out a trail, or would you whip out a machete and carve a new path? George Bernand Shaw shared an interesting thought about life in this quote: Continue reading

The Pain Of Change

What happens when you discover you are no longer the person you were and need to make changes? Is it easy to embrace the growth you foresee? Do you hesitate by getting mired in self-reflection? Do others reject you for wanting to be different and try to hold you back? Do they ever shame you into giving up on changing for fear you will leave them? Do you end up suffering as a result? And if you do, can you say if your anguish or pain is ultimately a good thing or a bad thing? In other words, does it lead to more suffering and discomfort, or is it simply the by-product of coming to terms with the emotional, spiritual, or psychological growth you seek? We think Khalil Gibran had an excellent point when he spoke of pain in this quote… Continue reading


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