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Great Savings #61 – Embrace Virtual Records


I've got paper clutter everywhere. What do I do?

Are you buried under a mountain of paper? Do you like the feeling? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Are you constantly shuffling through paper or old photos? Do you have too much clutter? Do you realize all that printer ink you use ends up costing more than the printer, itself? Maybe it’s time to do something about it. I know I resist a lot of the new technology that comes along, but with endless change on the horizon this is one area I can be thankful technology provides me with alternatives. Are you still printing out receipts, bills, statements, photographs and the like? Why not save money, get organized, reduce clutter and, go virtual instead? Continue reading

Great Savings 60 – Embrace Change

Change is inevitable and yet we resist it. Sometimes we resist it with every fiber of our being. If you feel stuck financially or otherwise, it’s worth asking the following question: “Are you resisting an important change you need to make due to some underlying emotion?” Continue reading

Great Savings 59 – Build Hope For The Long-Term


This beautiful sunset promises a bright new day.

Do you hold hope for the future?

Nothing kills a savings plan faster than the inability to think long-term. For some thinking long-term is easy. For others, the lack of hope for something better makes the very notion of long-term investing feel like an impossible dream. Yet it’s worth asking: Is hope something that happens to us by chance or something we hold the power to create? Continue reading

Great Savings 58 – Stop Lying To Yourself


gst58-numberWhat’s the biggest impediment to improving your lifestyle or better still getting rich? Maybe it has nothing to do with having enough money. Maybe it’s more simple. Maybe it’s more in how you fail to make money a priority. In essence, how you lie to yourself about an ongoing financial situation. Don’t believe it? Then consider these questions: Continue reading

Great Savings 57 – Meet Problems Head On


Are you ignoring a big financial problem?

If you’ve been sitting on a problem for awhile, maybe it’s time to change things up.

When it comes to the world of debt and savings, most everyone has experienced a situation where they put an important decision on hold and it created a much bigger problem down the road. Time has a way of compounding and confusing the issues. That’s why facing problems head on is so important for building a brighter future. But what if the change you seek feels too hard or you always end up coming up with another excuse for why it didn’t happen? Are you doomed to repeat the same pattern again and again or can you really make a change? Continue reading

Great Savings 56 – Lead With The Details


This is Great Savings 56 - Sweat The DetailsWhy do anything in life halfway? Thomas Paine, one of our founding fathers has often been quoted as saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” When it comes to finances, it’s worth thinking about this approach to maximize savings, cut expenses, and invest for the long-term. Continue reading

Great Savings 55 – Save On Extended Warranties


I just bought a new stove.

When does it make sense to buy an extended warranty? Check out the guidelines below.

An extended warranty is basically a special type of insurance policy to help defray your costs should something you buy need an unexpected repair and it’s no long covered by the products regular warranty. Most often you won’t learn the cost for this policy until you’re at the checkout counter and under the gun to make a decision. At this point you’ve already committed to buy the product so pushing this extra cost on you is easier for the store. But how do you know if you’re really getting your money’s worth? Follow these simple guidelines for some peace of mind… Continue reading

Great Savings 54 – Embrace Your Passion

JB is a couch potato.

JB contemplates getting off the couch.

Do you feel like you are in a constant tug of war where you are the rope and others pull you this way and that? For some, this ebb and flow is just the way life is supposed to be, meaning life just happens to you and you have to take what comes. Yet someone you know is different for the simple reason they know their true passion and continually choose to pursue it with a vengeance. These people don’t let life happen, they make it happen. Continue reading

Great Savings 53 – Cut Back On Life’s Noise


A gorgeous Mexican sunset over the marina in Cabo.

What matters most in your life? Are you going after it? Are you letting things get in the way?

Every day we are bombarded with messages. We touched on all the messages aimed to get us to buy in our Great Savings Tip #22 – Tune Out To Tune In. This time around we’ll focus on other types of messages that hit us just as hard. These messages come at us from all directions, pull us this way and that, and ultimately leave us with underlying stress. We like to call these messages life’s noise. Get sucked in and swallowed by life’s noise and the risk is to end up so out of sync with your real priorities you never seem to get anything accomplished. Continue reading

Great Savings 52 – Think Outside The Box



JB’s stuck in a financial box. Things look different from the inside peering out.

Is money tight? Having trouble getting out of debt? Are you trying hard, but can’t save a dime? Do you constantly spend more than you mean to? Maybe money isn’t the real issue. Perhaps you’ve unintentionally locked yourself inside a box and haven’t considered what life looks like from the outside. Continue reading


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