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Our Top Ten Recipes


Today we give you our top 10 recipes and a new Recipe Index page. Some of our readers have told us they’d like a better way to search our recipes. Yes, we admit it: We’ve been a bit creative with some of recipe titles and that has made finding a particular recipe on our site more difficult than it should. No more. With our new Recipe Index page you’ll find our recipes listed by name and type. Thus, if you want to find a recipe for, say, Quiche, you’ll discover it listed under Q for Quiche and E for eggs. We’re pretty sure you’ll love our new page. Why not give it a look and let us know what you think.


Meanwhile, here are our top ten recipes based on overall hits. Continue reading

Expressing Gratitude

Are you thankful for the life you have? How do you show it? Is it more important to utter a few words of thanks or to act on your feelings? Do you ever express your gratitude by writing it down? When something or someone really touches you do you ever meditate or pray because of it? Do you regularly offer your hand or a hug to show others how much you appreciate them? Would you volunteer your time or services if someone who had extended to you now needs help? Would you extend the same courtesy to a complete stranger as a way to show thanks to others? We think John F. Kennedy had an excellent point when he said… Continue reading


How do you know when you’re on the right track? Is it simply a matter of having enough life experience to know you prefer going one way over another? Do you see life happening to you or do you engage it by making every choice matter? Are you content to let others tell you what to do, or would you prefer to shut out their voices and follow your heart? If a hike brought you to the edge of a bramble-filled forest, would you poke around the edges seeking out a trail, or would you whip out a machete and carve a new path? George Bernand Shaw shared an interesting thought about life in this quote: Continue reading


What role does money play in defining your happiness? What if you had more money than you can imagine to spend as you see fit? Would you quit your job? Would you buy a new house? A new car? A luxury yacht? Would you toss out your old wardrobe and buy all new clothing? Would you replace your old furniture? And once you bought all these things, how would you spend the rest of your fortune? On travel? Art? Gourmet food? Do you ever see reaching a point, where the idea of spending money would get old or tiring? And more importantly, would “owning” all those new things bring a bigger sense of joy to your life, or would owning “more stuff” ultimately weigh you down with added burdens? We think Thomas Jefferson had a point when he said: Continue reading

Brighter Days Ahead

What do you do when life feels too hard? Do you lean on a shoulder for a good cry? Do you turn away from your responsibilities? Do you seek solace in a beer or go to find a high? Do you escape into sleep or endless dreams? Do you have trouble pulling yourself out of bed to face the day? And perhaps more important, how do you get back on track? Where do you find hope when hope feels beyond grasp? Doesn’t the answer lie within? Isn’t each of us ultimately responsible to learn how to see the world differently? We like how Martin Luther King put it when reflecting on hope in this quote. Continue reading

The River

If you visited your favorite spot every day would you notice a difference from one day to the next? Would the clouds be big and fluffy Monday, and ominous on Tuesday? Would it rain on Wednesday, but shine on Friday? Would the air be absolutely still on Saturday and blow past your ears two weeks from tomorrow? Do you expect to see a bird singing or sailing high upon an updraft? Will that flower you saw yesterday still be in bloom? Will a plane leave a contrail high overhead? Will your special someone be joining you? And perhaps more profoundly, is it even possible to be the exact same person you were the last time you stopped by? The universe is in a constant state of flux. Do you see it? Can you feel the subtle changes or do you only notice if they roil and roll past? We like how the ancient philosopher Heraclitus spoke of change in this quote. Continue reading

Mind Over Matter

How are the things we experience and think about relevant to who we’ve become? Have you ever wondered why some view the world in stark terms of black and white and others see finer shades of color? Are you passionately convinced or uncertain of your beliefs? Have they ever led you astray? Are you ever surprised when an experience turns out different than you first expected it would? If you grew up in another culture or foreign land do you think you would be the same person you are right now? Would you hold the same views? How about if you grew up in another family? Would a different personal history equate to holding different beliefs? Have you ever read a truly inspiring book? What if you’d never even heard of it? Would life be the same? We like the words Gandhi used when talking about the importance of our thoughts… Continue reading

Great Savings #61 – Embrace Virtual Records


I've got paper clutter everywhere. What do I do?

Are you buried under a mountain of paper? Do you like the feeling? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Are you constantly shuffling through paper or old photos? Do you have too much clutter? Do you realize all that printer ink you use ends up costing more than the printer, itself? Maybe it’s time to do something about it. I know I resist a lot of the new technology that comes along, but with endless change on the horizon this is one area I can be thankful technology provides me with alternatives. Are you still printing out receipts, bills, statements, photographs and the like? Why not save money, get organized, reduce clutter and, go virtual instead? Continue reading

Great Savings 60 – Embrace Change

Change is inevitable and yet we resist it. Sometimes we resist it with every fiber of our being. If you feel stuck financially or otherwise, it’s worth asking the following question: “Are you resisting an important change you need to make due to some underlying emotion?” Continue reading

Great Savings 59 – Build Hope For The Long-Term


This beautiful sunset promises a bright new day.

Do you hold hope for the future?

Nothing kills a savings plan faster than the inability to think long-term. For some thinking long-term is easy. For others, the lack of hope for something better makes the very notion of long-term investing feel like an impossible dream. Yet it’s worth asking: Is hope something that happens to us by chance or something we hold the power to create? Continue reading


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