JB Can’t Blog


JB’s having a tough time thinking up a new blog post in today’s Adventures of Javabird comic… Continue reading

Woofda 3.5 – Vacation


Will Dusty finally get to go along on vacation? Find out in today’s Life With A Dog comic adventure…. Continue reading

27 Tips For Saving Gas



Maybe it's time to change your driving habits.


The cost of gas gyrates up and down like a yo-yo. So whether you’re trying to save a few bucks or doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, cutting the amount of gas you use is the only way to go. Sure you could try carpooling, riding a bike, taking the bus, combining car trips, or even that old standby, walking. Unfortunately, these choices don’t always make sense. That’s why it pays to understand how the condition of your car and the way you drive impacts fuel efficiency. In this report, I’ll show you 27 proven methods for getting better gas mileage, with a special focus on driving skills that can cut gasoline consumption. Continue reading

Sugar Sugar Honey Honey


Sugar Sugar Honey Honey.


There’s an old song by the Archies with the same title, but this post isn’t about my sweetheart, it’s about my sweetener—sorry, Honey!


I like sugar, but I also like to know when I’m eating it.  That’s a problem for me when I go to eat prepackaged or processed foods.  When I bother to check ingredients it’s not uncommon to find added sugar in at least one of its forms listed among top ingredients.  And unfortunately, added sugars lead to weight gain, elevated blood sugar and high triglycerides—all things I want to avoid. Continue reading

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