Whether you want Comics, Famous Ducks of History or a something completely different or unexpected, is the place to be when it comes to getting a daily dose of laughter. So join us. Follow along as we boldly go where no bird has gone before.



Another Adventures of Javabird. We jumped into comics with the Adventures of Javabird. Join JB, his Mrs., Lillybean, daughter Anna and dog Tuffy as they meet life’s challenges head on.


Another comic adventure.Just so you know, ducks don’t get all the credit around here. Our Chicka ‘n Dee comic series follows the crazy life of two rapping chickadees. You never know what to expect as these two mix it up.


Meet Whiskers The CatA stray cat recently wandered into the life of our good friends Carlos and Sunshine. Madame Whiskers, as we call her, is busy making herself at home. Poor Carlos and Sunshine: They have no idea what they’re in for.


Today's Crow Bar comic...Need a good pun? Some people love ’em and some hate ’em, but either way their bound to make you laugh. Be sure to catch all the pun-ishment taking place at The Crow Bar.


Another Life With A Dog Adventure Comic From what’s life without our “Life With A Dog Woofda™” adventures. Follow Dusty as he demonstrates what being a good dog is all about. Hey, if you love dogs, you’ll love Woofda!


Famous Ducks of HistorySo you think you know history? Think again! We can’t leave off without mentioning our very own Famous Ducks Of History series. Get the down and dirty from the duck’s point of view. You think humans are amazing? Wait until you meet these ducks. Talk about making history!


Hey, we aren’t done yet. We’re always looking for the things that tickle so check out our new The Lighter Side page to see what you’ve been missing. It features a variety of humorous pieces–some that may have you laughing out loud.




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