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Javabird Posts (Alphabetical)


*2 Bean Chicken Chili Soup – Recipe – Even the pickiest eaters will like this one.

*2 Ideas Bound To Make Millions – If you don’t like talking to automated answering machines, this one’s for you.

*3 Ideas To Create Millions Of New Jobs – Lets throw Congress out in the street.  We can create jobs right now.

*4 Key Principles For Starting A Cottage Business – Bootstrapping your way to success.

*4 Simple Steps To Limit Unconscious Spending – Take control of your financial future every time you shop.

*4 Store Tricks Designed To Take Your Money – Guest Author – Shopping? Go armed with knowledge.

*5 Minute Black Bean Party Dip – A recipe. This dip is quick, easy and great anytime.

*6 Strategies For Overcoming Outrage – Life doesn’t need to be all anger, stress and outrage.  Here’s how to change it.

*6 Tips For Making Successful Resolutions – Good tips for setting goals and resolutions.

*6 Top Mysteries Solved By Your Duck Historian – Famous Ducks – Humorous answers to all your most important questions.

*7 Steps To Secure Your Financial Future – In times like these it’s more important than ever to take control.

*7 Tips To Find Nice Affordable Rentals – Want to cut your rent in half and live in a nicer place?

*9 Reasons To Fear Your Smart Phone – Editorial – Are smart phones dangerous? What if the answer is yes?

*10 Recipes For Cookie Monsters – Recipes – If you like cookies you’ll want to try these recipes.

*12 Strategies For Successful Investing – Are you doing everything you can to protect your money?

*15 Rules Guaranteed To Lead To Happiness. Or Not! – Humor – You gotta see these rules.

*21 Minutes A Day Can Save Your Life – Lack of exercise can kill you. The good news: You don’t need much.

*25 Fun Free Entertainment Ideas – Don’t blow the family budget. Here’s 25 ways to have fun.

*27 Tips For Saving Gas – Spend less on gas by cutting consumption. Check out these tips.

*109 Ideas For Tuning Up The Soul – Finding peace in a world of technology.


*Abracadabra Chocolate Microwave Cake – Bake a cake from scratch in under 10 minutes.

*A Better World – Francis of Assisi – “Where there is charity and wisdom…”

*A Blast From The Past – Top 10 comics for 2013

*A Gleam In Dad’s Eye – When does life start? Better ask your legislator. – Editorial.

*A Kind Word – Quote – Leo Buscaglia – “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word…”

*A Key Secret To Finding Happiness – Learn why anger gets in the way and what you can do about it.

*A Key Secret To Winning As An Investor – Loss control is critical.

*A-Maize-ing Corn Veggie Relish – Recipe – A veggie medley with a touch of spice.

*A New Year’s Challenge – Will Carol take the plunge?

*A Rose By Any Other Name – The names we give our kids.

*A Survivor’s Guide To The Debt Crisis – Humor – 10 steps for getting through the national debt crisis.

*A Tea Party For Nana – Remembeing Mom on what would have been her 75th birthday.

*A Tribute: Round 2 – All in the name of downsizing.

*A Walk On The Beach – Come discover the awe-inspiring sites to behold.

*A Whiskers & Woofda Christmas – Comic – Madame Whiskers and Dusty join forces.

*A Woman Sconed: Furiously Good – Delicious whole wheat scone recipe.

*Achieve – Quote – Harry S. Truman – “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you…”

*Achieving Goals: Shuck Your Emotional Baggage – Learn how emotions get in our way and what to do about it.

*Age Finally Gave Me The Boot – Age is taking its toll. Looks like I’m in for a few more adjustments.

*All In A Bottle – Quote – Louis Pasteur

*All You Need Is Love – Art – Share these 5 beautiful hearts and spread a little love.

*Amazing Applesauce Cake – Recipe – Whole grains and no frosting equal amazingly tasty treat.

*An Ode To Wine – Is wine overrated? We think not.

*Anna Can’t Sleep – For Quacks – A comic. Anna asks her Dad for help when she can’t go to sleep.

*Anna Goes Camping – For Quacks – A comic. Anna packs her bags for a family outing.

*Anna Grows Up Fast – For Quacks – A comic. Anna demands a few changes.

*Anna Takes Driving Lessons – For Quacks – JB gives Anna her first driving lesson.

*Anna Wants A Dog – For Quacks – Will JB allow it?

*Anna’s Education – For Quacks – JB encourages Anna to follow her dream.

*Anna’s Little Angel – For Quacks – A Comic. Will Anna finally get a dog?

*Anna’s Resolutions – For Quacks – A Comic. Can Anna stick to her resolutions?

*Are My Christmas Lights Costing Me A Fortune? – It pays to upgrade holiday lights.

*Are Speculators Gamblers? – See what makes gambling and speculation different and why it’s important for investing.

*Are The Best Plans Spontaneous? – Are you laid back and carefree or a planner?  Have you wanted to be different?

*Are You Cooking With Olive Oil? – Find out why its a good idea and when it works best.

*Are You Ready For The New Year? – If you’re looking to make real change you’ve come to the right place.

*Art Happens – Meme – Art is found everywhere. Are you open to see it?

*Artist – Quote – Michelangelo – “I saw an angel in the marble and carved…”

*Attitude Adjustment – Quote – Jefferson – “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude…”

*Avoiding Joint Financial Disaster – See why you need to know how your partner invests.

Back to the top.


*Bailey’s Butterscotch and Chocolate Fudge – This recipe may be the very definition of decadence.

*Bad Hair Day – Meme – Don’t worry so much.

*Be Easy On Yourself – Meme – Life doesn’t have to be so hard.

*Beginning’s End – Quote – Seneca – “Every new beginning comes from some other…”

*Be Our Best – Quote – Benjamin Franklin “The best thing to give your enemy…”

*Beauty – Quote – Helen Keller

*Bill Gates, Mr. Swirly And Interior Design – My laptop’s driving me nuts and I’m pretty sure it’s not me.

*Black Bean And Avocado Salad – A recipe – Are you eating enough black beans. If not, you’re missing out.

*Black Bean And Barley Soup – A recipe – Delicious and super healthy soup.

*Bliss Bars – Yum! – A delicious on an old family treat. A recipe.

*Blown! My Power Is Out – Take these simple steps to prepare for the next power outage.

*Boo Hoo Hoo Blueberry Pancakes – Recipe – These are easy to make and both healthy and delicious.

*Brain Food: Another Reason To Eat More Fish? – Can eating fish help prevent Alzheimer’s?

*Brighter Days Ahead – Quote – Martin Luther King – “Only in the darkness can you see…”

*Burning Fat: Weight Loss And Exercise – Part 5 of our series for “Real Help With Weight Loss“.

*Business Partners – Twisted Humor – Is being in business only about location? You decide.

*Butter Toffee Crunch Cookies – If you like the flavor of toffee, these will win you over on the first bite.  Recipe.

*Buy Great Clothes For Pennies On The Dollar – Great shopping deals on clothes are out there if you know where to look.

Back to the top.


*Candy Cane Reindeer – Fun craft project for the holidays.

*Checkbook Tricks: Keeping A Tight Rein On Cash – Avoid overdraft fees.

*Checking Out The New Neighborhood – Review your new neighbors before you buy.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – 007 – Comic – Chicka wants a new profession.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – 3D Printer – Comic – Chicka brings home a new toy.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – After Hours – Comic – Dee wakes Chicka at 2 a.m.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Aloha Spirit – Comic – The birds make it to Hawaii.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Apology – Comic – Chicka makes up with a friend.

*Chicka ‘n Dee Are Nesting – Comic – The birds are going domestic.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Aunt Bess – Comic – Dee shares some unsettling news.

*Chicka ‘n Dee Build A Nest – Comic – It’s nesting time.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Buggy – Comic – Is it gnat season?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Bored – Comic – What does Chicka do when he’s bored?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Campaign – Comic – Chicka kicks off his campaign.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Can’t Sleep – Comic – Chicka’s having trouble sleeping.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Candidate’s Wife – Comic – What’s the campaign like for Dee?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Cookies – Comic – The birds are hungry for cookies.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Crash – Comic – The computer crashes.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Easter – Comic – Chicka gets a new job.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Egg Patrol – Comic – Red alert!

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Eggsplanation – Comic – Chicka demands an explanation.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Errand – Comic – This errand goes astray.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Fallout – Comic – The election’s over and Chicka blames Dee.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Fireworks – Comic – The sparks fly.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Flashes ‘n Gases – Comic – Best argument for separate beds.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Flight School – Comic – Pete and Re-Pete get their first lesson.

*Chicka ‘n Dee Fly South – Comic – It’s a long journey, but they finally make it.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Forget Me Not – Comic – Dee forgets.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Freezing – Comic – The birds wait for the bus.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Global Warming – Comic – Chicka disagrees with scientists.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Grub – Comic – What’s for dinner?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Guantanamo – Comic – Can Chicka survive an interrogation?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Gun Safety – Comic – The birds have an important public service announcement.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Hay Fever – Comic – ‘Tis that sniffling season.

*Chicka ‘n Dee Head West – Comic – A change in scenery is warranted.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Hot Flash – Comic – Dee is heating up.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Huntin’ Season – Comic – Looks like the bird’s luck has changed.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Hurricane – Comic – Better look out. The wind’s picking up.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Insomnia – Comic – Look who’s having trouble sleeping.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Inspiration – Comic – Chicka needs some art supplies.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Lawsuit – Comic – Chicka gets a surprise delivery.

Back to the top.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – My Valentine – Comic – Will Dee get a big surprise?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – New Beat – Comic – The birds are singing a new tune.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Nor’easter – Comic – They survived the hurricane. Now what?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Peace At Last – Comic – Chicka’s got a new plan to deal with an old fear.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Peeling – Comic – Dee hears of a new study.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Phone Book – Comic – Chicka gets an unwanted delivery.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Plugged In – Comic – The birds like their new pads.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Prep – Comic – Chicka prepares for a medical procedure.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Remembered – Dee gets a pleasant surprise.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Rhetoric – Comic – The campaign heats up.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Seedy – Comic – Does Chicka have a new addiction?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Senate – Comic – Chicka gets an unexpected call.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Senator – Comic – Meet the bird who would be Senator.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Shooting – Comic – Chica’s first press conference as Senator.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Sky High – Comic – The birds fly to Hawaii.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Smart Pad – Comic – Chicka brings home a new toy.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Solo – Comic – Boys will be boys.

*Chicka ‘n Dee’s – Spring Rap CD – Comic – Chicka ‘n Dee are back from the tropics.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Sunburn – Comic – The sun finally comes out.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Suntan – Comic – How much is too much?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Surgery – Comic – Chicka consults with the doctor.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Surprise! – Comic – No one expected this.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Test Results – Comic – The results are in.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Artist – Comic – Chicka shares his dream with Dee.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Cure – Comic – Can Dee cure Chicka’s fear of sharks?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Debate – Comic – You’ve never seen a debate like this one.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Fall – Comic – Our dysfunctional birds show their true colors.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Job Offer – Comic – Paradise is getting expensive.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Peeps – Comic – Time to meet the new neighbors.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Tropics – Comic – Our two favorite birds explore the tropics.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – The Vote – Comic – Will Chicka win the race for Senate?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Time To Get Up – Comic – The birds oversleep.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Tools Of The Trade – Comic – The birds scheme to get rich.

Back to the top.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Trouble – Comic – There’s trouble in paradise.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – TSA – Comic – Will the birds stay in the Pacific NW.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Vegetarian – Comic – The birds sit down to a meal.

*Chicka ‘n Dee Wake Up – Comic – Who wakes up the birds?

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Wine – Comic – Chicka learns an important fact about wine.

*Chicka ‘n Dee – Your Guy – Comic – Dee can always count on her guy.

*Chickpea Salad – Recipe – If you want great taste and need fiber this salad’s for you!

*Chili Cheese Cornbread – Is this cornbread recipe the best ever?

*Chili Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies – A recipe – You and your friends will be raving over these cookies.

*Chocolate Coconut Almond Fudgies – A heart warming and heart healthy treat if ever there was one. – Recipe

*Chocolate Dipped In Chocolate – A recipe for a yummy chocolate treat.

*Chocolate Syrup Brownie Magic – An easy recipe for those times you need a chocolate fix.

*Cholesterol: The Good, Bad and Ugly – Find out what the doctor didn’t tell you about your high cholesterol.

*Churchill’s Dirty Little Secret – Famous Ducks Of History – If not for this duck the war would be lost.

*Cinnamon Rolls: The Next Best Thing To Nanny’s – Delicious and healthy whole wheat cinnamon rolls.

*Coconutterchip Cookies – Recipe – A twist on traditional chocolate chip cookies with a word on gluten.

*Coco-Nutty Topping – Recipe – Here’s a great topping for ice cream, yogurt or even your salad.

*Collecting Rich Dividends – Investing in dividend stocks can pay big time in the long haul.

*Community Supported Agriculture – Eat and live better for less by using a CSA.

*Coo-Coo For Coconut Lemon Squares – Recipe – All the goodness of coconut combined with lemon. Excellent!

*Cookie Making Demystified (& Stained-Glass Cookie recipe) – Humor and fun to make cookies.  What could be better?

*Cooking Steak In A Cast Iron Skillet – Recipe – An easy alternative to barbecue for a perfect steak every time.

*Connections – Quote – Max Frisch – “Technology…the knack of so arranging the world…”

*Crazy About Cranberries – Recipe – I used to hate ’em and now I love ’em.  Find out why.

*Critical Connection: Sleep and Weight Loss – Overweight? Getting enough sleep? It could be related.

*Cut Your Mortgage Down To Size – Your house may cost you double the sales price. See why paying a little more can save $1000’s.

Back to the top.


*Dad’s Now All About Downsizing – After years of prodding, Dad’s finally ready to sell the house.

*Dance Like No One Is Watching – Quote – Satchel Paige

*Danger Ahead: The Credit Card Disconnect – What to get out of debt?  Then learn the real difference between cash and credit.

*Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Chili Black Bean Cookies – Low sugar and high nutrition can taste good.

*Debt Relief: Two Solutions That Work – There are 2 real solutions for debt relief. Beware of the others.

*Decadence Delivered:  Coco-Nutty Topping – Here’ a quick topping that will go over desert, yogurt, salads and more.

*Decisions – Quote – Steven Covey – “I am not a product of circumstances. I am a product of…”

*Diana Nyad: First? Not so fast. – Famous Ducks – Here’s what really happened. It ain’t pretty.

*Different Drummer – Quote – Thoreau – “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears…”

*Disaster Preparedness For Your Pets – 7 steps to protect your pet in a disaster.

*Diversification: A Safe Money Machine – Thoughts on diversifying your portfolio. One strategy that works.

*Diversity – Meme – Embrace diversity graphic.

*Do The Math – Quote – Aldous Huxley – “Facts do not cease to exist because they…”

*Don’t Let Them Ride Without A Helmet – Follow these basic bike and driver safety rules.

*Don’t Settle For A Biscuit. Try Popovers Instead – A recipe – Here’s a great alternative for a plain old biscuit.

*Dream The Impossible – Quote – Robert Goddard – “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of…”

*Driving Each Other Crazy – What are the rules of the road in your house?

*Drones Are Set To Destroy Our Way Of Life – Editorial – Are you prepared for the coming change? You won’t like.

*Ducks Occupy Wall Street – Learn how to demonstrate from a real pro.  Humor.

Back to the top.


*Easier Than Pie – An Apple Crisp – This recipe makes a yummy treat without the hassle of making crust.

*Easter Ducky Coloring Project – Here’s a fun coloring project for the kids.

*Easy Black Bean Brownies – You won’t believe these brownies have black beans in them. They’re amazing.

*Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies – Quick and delicious no-bake’s mean no hot oven.

*Easy Chocolate One Pan Wonder Cake – From scratch and so simple the kids can make it.

*Easy Oaties – Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a healthier treat.

*Egg Quandary – Kitchen Tip – An easy way to tell if your egg is hard-boiled or raw.

*Eyes Wide Open: Avoiding Financial Disaster -It’s time to talk to your partner about money.

*Einstein’s Relativity – Humor – Einstein and Reagan?

*Emergency Valentine’s Card – Humor – Or perhaps to save your skin.

*Endeavor – Quote – Lao Tzu – “A journey of 1000 miles…”

*Everlasting Change – Quote – Heraclitus – ” There is nothing permanent…”

*Evolution Revisited: A Duck’s Perspective – Humor- Ducks? The missing link? Oh, yeah, baby.

*Expectation – Quote – William Shakespeare – “Expectation is the root…”

*Expressing Gratitude – Quote – John F. Kennedy – “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget…”

*Extra Effort – Quote – Roger Staubach – “There are no traffic…”

Back to the top.


*Failure To Try – Quote – Einstein – “Anyone who has never made a mistake…”

*Fall Home Checkup: 11 Must-Do Tasks – Protect your home and family by take care of these simple tasks.

*Familiarity – Quote – Anais Nin – “It is the function of art to renew…”

*Familyisms – The Family Slang – My family had a way with words.

*Fe Fi Fo Fum Banana Bread Delirium – A recipe. – Taking banana bread to the next level.

*Feline Groovy – Photo – Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

*Fig ‘n Pig In A Blanket – Recipe – Taking the old party favorite to a new level.

*Fighting Fair: Improving Troubled Relationships – 5 steps to take to help build and maintain long-term trust.

*Finding Balance In Nature – Rediscover the beauty of nature. A photo essay.

*Fish Fillet Gourmet – A great way to cook cod, one without all that deep-fried fat.

*First Duty – A True Story – Guest Post – A man starts a new career in the Navy and ventures into the absurd.

*Flipping Out Over Pineapple Upside Down Cake: I’m head over heels in love with this quick and easy cake recipe.

*Focus On The Light – Quote – Aristotle – “It’s during our darkest moments that we must…”

*Forgiveness – Quote – Confucius – “To be wronged is nothing unless…”

*Free Coffee’s A Gas – How much gas do you use as you sit idling in line? Find out.

*French Decoded: Learning The Language – A humorous take on learning French.

*Fried Veggie Hash Browns – You may never want “plain old hash browns” again after trying these.

*Friends, Friendship And The Internet – What’s the difference between a real friend and a virtual one?

*Frog Time – Humor – Become one with the frog.

*From Each According To Their Ability – Quote – Albert Einstein “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree…”

*From The Shadow Of Fear – Quote – Mark Twain – “Courage is the resistance to fear, mastery of fear…”

*Frozen Honey Blended Yogurt – Try this delicious and easy-to-make alternative to ice cream.

Back to the top.


*Gandhi The Interpreter – Humor – Would Gandhi be as famous without this duck?

*George Duckington Crosses The Delaware – Humor – It was a duck that crossed the Delaware first! Honest!

*Getting Free Music Legally – Avoid the pitfalls. There are lots of ways to get free music without risk. Try out these sites.

*Getting Out Of Debt: Step 1 – Find out if you’re really ready to get out of debt.

*Gluten-Free Gnocchi – A recipe – Without or without gluten, this gnocchi is delicious.

*Go With The Flow – Meme – Is life harder than it needs to be?

*Going Green Doesn’t Mean Fertilize – Is it time to stop loving our lawns?

*Great Savings 1 – Start Savings Today – Take the first step.  Commit to making change.

*Great Savings 2 – Seek The Help Of Others – Don’t go it alone. Help comes in many forms.

*Great Savings 3 – Cancel Unused Services – Take control. You could be spending way more than realize.

*Great Savings 4 – Make Your Own Repairs – Try fixing it yourself. There are lots of resources to help.

*Great Savings 5 – Utilize Free Services – Can you save on the things you really need? Find out.

*Great Savings 6 – Change Your Credit Card Habits – Your cards may be robbing you of a secure financial future.

*Great Savings 7 – Cut The Cost Of Habit And Addiction – Addiction can literally destroy your ability to build wealth.

*Great Savings 8 – Limit Unconscious Spending – 5 Tips for becoming a smarter, more savvy shopper.

*Great Savings 9 – Swap Goods, Time and Talent – You can save thousands and never touch a dime.

*Great Savings 10 – Spending Consciously – Try the annualizing trick to make better spending decisions and build long-term wealth.

*Great Savings 11 – Saving Money On Groceries – Try these 10 tips for saving and better health.

*Great Savings 12 – Eating For Health And Wealth – See why cutting added sugars can save much more than money.

*Great Savings 13 – Cut The Cost Of Rent – Major expenses like rent really impact your ability to build wealth.

*Great Savings 14 – Save On Investing – 8 tips for cutting the cost of investing. Saving more means earning more.

*Great Savings 15 – Rent, Borrow or Buy Used – 5 ideas for spending less on the items you want and need.

*Great Savings 16 – Make Financial Goals Achievable – Look at the big picture then develop attainable goals.

*Great Savings 17 – Never Borrow From An ATM – That cash advance loan costs more than you realize.

*Great Savings 18 – Maximize Your Income – Even a few dollars a month makes a huge difference.

*Great Savings 19 – Less Is Really More – Saving money today creates future opportunity.

*Great Savings 20 – Thrive Through Self-Discovery – Don’t buy the wrong things. Develop a strong sense of self.

Back to the top.

*Great Savings 21 – Take Responsibility For Actions – With responsibility comes the power to change the future.

*Great Savings 22 – Tune Out To Tune In – Limiting ads helps big time when it comes to cutting expenses.

*Great Savings 23 – What You Own Owns You – The key to wealth may not involve accumulating the material.

*Great Savings 24 – Redefine Retirement – Think about retiring this way to understand way you need to start saving now.

*Great Savings 25 – Leveraging Income – Discover how leveraging time equates to earning more income.

*Great Savings 26 – The Power of Gratitude – Find out why gratitude is so important for accumulating wealth.

*Great Savings 27 – Buy In Bulk – Bulk buying works best when you follow these 8 tips.

*Great Savings 28 – Money And Happiness – Can you have one without the other? Find out.

*Great Savings 29 – Opt Out Of Financial Peer Pressure – 5 steps to resist the pressure to overspend.

*Great Savings 30 – Save Gas – 8 quick tips for saving money at the pump.

*Great Savings 31 – Talk $ense – Factors to consider if you plan to lose the land line.

*Great Savings 32 – Cut The Cost Of Home Ownership – 7 ways to make owning more affordable.

*Great Savings 33- Protect Your Credit – Why it’s important and 4 steps you can take today.

*Great Savings 34 – Cash Is King – Credit cards carry heavy hidden costs. Don’t pay more than you have to.

*Great Savings 35 – Wait To Buy – If you’ve been tempted by an impulse item you really didn’t need you’ll love this tool.

*Great Savings 36 – Avoid Bank Fees Like The Plague – These 4 simple steps can add up to thousands.

*Great Savings 37 – Protect Your Data – It’s easier than ever, but you need a plan to protect critical files.

*Great Savings 38 – Put Savings First – There’s a difference between savings and investing. Put savings first.

*Great Savings 39 – Grow Your Own Produce – Save money and improve the quality of life. 6 reasons to grow your own.

*Great Savings 40 – Embrace Exercise – The quality of life goes hand in hand with building long-term wealth.

Back to the top.

*Great Savings 41 – Embrace Cooking From Scratch – Save money and protect your health.

*Great Savings 42 – Spend Less Than You Earn – 6 tips to insure your personal financial success.

*Great Savings 43 – Give More With Less – 12 ways to save on gift giving.

*Great Savings 44 – Change Your Passwords – Everything about passwords you need to know.

*Great Savings 45 – Save On Heating And Air Conditioning – 15 ways to save big heating and cooling your home.

*Great Savings 46 – Diversify – Learn why it’s critically important to diversify your assets as you go to invest.

*Great Savings 47 – Insure Against Catastrophic Loss – Do you have a plan to cut losses in place? Maybe it’s time you did.

*Great Savings 48 – Focus On Prosperity – See why it’s not enough to focus on getting out of debt.

*Great Savings 49 – Ethics And Wealth – Live life with a guilt-free conscious.

*Great Savings 50 – Buy A Smart Phone – Take advantage of technology to help build wealth.

*Great Savings 51 – Building Better Relationships – Discover why building relationships is so important for improving the quality of life.

*Great Savings 52 – Think Outside The Box – Break free of old expectations and obligations to build a brighter future.

*Great Savings 53 – Cut Back On Life’s Noise – Learn to ignore the unimportant so you have time and energy for the important stuff.

*Great Savings 54 – Embrace Your Passion – Life isn’t only about money. Discover your passion before it’s too late.

*Great Savings 55 – Save On Extended Warranties – 7 guidelines for deciding when it pays to buy extended coverage.

*Great Savings 56 – Lead With The Details – Get a handle on the details and make a plan.

*Great Savings 57 – Meet Problems Head On – Don’t wait before the problem gets worse. Take steps today.

*Great Savings 58 – Stop Lying To Yourself – Are you being truthful to yourself about your finances? Maybe it’s time for a reality check.

*Great Savings 59 – Build Hope For The Long-Term – Discover the power of investing and saving over the long haul.

*Great Savings 60 – Embrace Change – Change is possible, but you need to deal with the underlying problem first.

Back to the top.

*Great Savings 61 – Embrace Virtual Records – Save money, cut clutter, and get organized.

Note: We are updating our original Great Savings Tip Series. All our original tips are listed below this message. Also, the original series includes many tips that were combined into one post (the combined originals are those listed after Tip 100).

*Great Savings Tip #66: Smorgasbord – Make leftovers fun.

*Great Savings Tip #67: Cable TV – Opt out and save big time.

*Great Savings Tip #68: Fast Foods – You can make your own.

*Great Savings Tip #69: Generics – Are you taking advantage?

*Great Savings Tip #70: Cosigning – Avoid it at all costs.

*Great Savings Tip #71: Car Theft – Be proactive. Save money, hassle and time.

*Great Savings Tip #72: Splurge Purge – Purge the urge to splurge.

*Great Savings Tip #73: Insulate Pipes – Are your water pipes at risk?

*Great Savings Tip #74: Big Screen TV – It may pay you to buy a big screen TV.

*Great Savings Tip #75: Recycle The Refer – The old one may cost more than it’s worth to run.

*Great Savings Tip #76: Invest in a 401K – Are you turning down 1000’s in free money?

*Great Savings Tip #77: Make your own gift and holiday cards. – Save money with this adult and kid-friendly project.

*Great Savings Tip #78: Buy term life insurance. – See why term life beats whole and consider these tips before buying.

*Great Savings Tip #79: Entertain with a potluck. – It’s more fun with a little help from your friends.

*Great Savings Tip #80: Cut your wedding down to size. – Here’s 20 ways you can save on your wedding.

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*Great Savings Tip #81: Floss at least once a day. – Do it for your health, not just your teeth.

*Great Savings Tip #82: Spend less on a beautiful garden. – 7 ways to cut the cost of gardening.

*Great Savings Tip #83: Hold a garage sale. – 14 tips to make your garage sale a success.

*Great Savings Tip #84: Simplify. – 8 tips for simplifying your finances.

*Great Savings Tip #85: Save with higher deductibles. – Consider these factors as you weigh the size of deductibles.

*Great Savings Tip #86: Think free entertainment. – 20 ways to entertain yourself for free.

*Great Savings Tip #87: Save on kids toys. – It’s about time, not things.

*Great Savings Tip #88: Think cremation over burial. – You can save thousands.

*Great Savings Tip #89: Synergy. – Combine forces and save thousands.

*Great Savings Tip #90: Prioritize spending. – Use this 8 step process to help stay afloat.

*Great Savings Tip #91: Do your own home repairs unless… – Know when to do it yourself and when not to.

*Great Savings Tip #92: Protect yourself from identity theft. – Are you taking these 9 steps to stay safe?

*Great Savings Tip #93: Save on travel expenses. – 13 tips to keep the family budget on track.

*Great Savings Tip #94: Cut moving expenses. – Tips for cutting the cost of your move.

*Great Savings Tip #95: Cut your water bill. – Tips for saving water in your home and yard.

*Great Savings Tip #96: Cut your taxes. – 10 ways to legally cut taxes.

*Great Savings Tip #97: Spend less on an education. – 9 ways to save on the cost of college.

*Great Savings Tip #98: Sweat the small stuff. – 6 ways to take charge of your financial future.

*Great Savings Tip #99: Save money buying real estate. – 12 factors to consider as you go to buy.

*Great Savings Tip#100: Go Green – Ideas for saving money and the planet.

*Great Tips To Start Saving: Part 1 – 19 have been replaced or updated. See above.

*Great Tips To Start Saving: Part 20 – Make Lunch

*Great Tips to Start Saving: Part 21 – Thermostat, Hot Water Heater, Rent A Room

*Grilled Taters On The BBQ – Here’s a quick and easy method for grilling potatoes.

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*Hamburger Rice – No Boxes Here – Recipe – Try making your next casserole from scratch.

*Hand That’s Dealt – Quote – Josh Billings – “Life consists not in holding good cards…”

*Happiness – Quote – Thomas Jefferson – “It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which…”

*Happy Birthday Dieters! – Recipe – Here’s a healthy carrot cake you’re going to love!

*Happy New Year From Javabird! – Our best wishes to you and your family.

*Happy Spot – Meme – Share a moment with someone you love.

*Harvest Fresh Italian Plum Crumble – A recipe – Here’s the best way to enjoy plums.

*Harvesting Hidden Wealth: Trading Up For Cash Part 1 – Discover the hidden wealth all around. It’s everywhere.

*Harvesting Hidden Wealth: From Theory To Practice Part 2 – Start getting your share of hidden wealth.

*Healthy Black Bean Meatballs – Believe me, you won’t miss the meat.

*Healthy Eating: Good And Bad Fats – Get the skinny on all the fat you eat as our weight loss series continues.

*Hearty Twist On Chocolate Chip – A great alternative to traditional chocolate chip cookies.

*Help I Can’t Get To Sleep – 14 suggestions for getting the rest you need.

*Help I Need Cash Fast – 15 do’s and 5 don’ts when you need cash in a hurry.

*Hey, We Missed You – If you haven’t checked our site in awhile, check out these posts.

*Hidden – Quote – Oscar Wilde – “Most people are other people…”

*High Gear – Quote – Charles Schultz – “Life is like a ten speed bike, most of us…”

*Hitting The Target – Quote – Schopenhauer – “Talent hits a target…”

*His Tail Was Burlap – Songs Of Easter – Humor – The real story behind “Cottontail”.

*Holiday Giving: The Magic Of Christmas Part 1 – Thoughts on Christmas and the holidays.

*Holiday Giving: Getting Real Part 2 – Some gift suggestions for holiday shoppers.

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*Home Project Tip 1 – Cleaning Windows: Ideas to help get you started.

*Home Project Tip 2 – Cleaning The Stove: There are different ways to clean depending on your stove.

*Home Project Tip 3 – Cleaning The Oven: Tips for cleaning your oven including a green alternative.

*Home Project Tip 4 – Plastic Food Containers: Is your cupboard about to explode? Try this alternative.

*Home Project Tip 5 – Cabinet Pullouts: Increase the efficiency of your storage space by using pullouts.

*Home Project Tip 6 – Hanging Blinds: Save some money by doing this one yourself.

*Home Project Tip 7 – Hanging Pictures: Learn how and where to hang pictures.

*Home Project Tip 8 – Vacuuming: Great tips to make vacuuming less of a chore.

*Home Project Tip 9 – Dirtiest Places: What are the dirtiest places in your home?

*Home Project Tip 10 – Cleaning The Refrigerator:  Cut down on bad orders and have a healthier fridge.

*Home Project Tip 11 – Fix Those Leaky Gutters:  My gutters were leaking and I needed a quick fix.

*Home Project Tip 12 – Gutter Guards: I installed my own and saved thousands.

*Home Project Tip 13 – Installing Cabinet Knobs: Check this before you drill.

*Home Project Tip 14 – Installing Adjustable Shelves: Got stuff. This could help.

*Home Project Tip 15 – Changing A Light Fixture: You can probably do this job yourself.

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*Homemade Chicken Barley Soup – A recipe – You may never go back to the can with this easy recipe.

*Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup – A recipe – A delicious meal in itself or a great addition to sauces or casseroles.

*Honey I Smell Gas And It’s Not Me – Know these natural gas safety tips.

*Honey Nut Butterscotch Brownies – This brownie recipe substitutes honey for sugar and is chock full of nuts.

*Hope For A Brighter Future – Times are bad, but hope still rules who controls the future.

*House Cleaning Misses – Grungy But Forgotten – Some of the things that get missed and some tips to help out.

*Household Hazardous Waste: Coming Clean – Find out what you toss and what’s considered hazardous.

*How Much Should I Save Every Month – Start a savings plan now!

*How Old? – Quote – Satchel Paige – “How old would you be if…”

*How To Dispose Of Prescription Drugs – Whatever you do, don’t flush them.

*How To Grill Fresh Salmon – Doesn’t anything really compare to a properly cooked grilled salmon?

*How To Make Your Own Pumpkin Puree – Pumpkin is used in all kinds of recipes.  Skip the can and roast your own.

*How To Save On Gas And Groceries – Try these tips to beat inflation.

*How To Stop Emotional Overeating – Learn about the connection between emotional overload and eating.

*How Would You Pay For A Nursing Home? – Even young people can end up in a nursing home. Will you be able to afford long-term care when it’s your turn?

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*I Love Oven Roasted Asparagus – This quick easy recipe could turn asparagus haters into lovers.

*I Was Wrong And Now ADC Is My BFF – Humor – Being wrong bites, but this could be for the best.

*Immortal – Quote – Susan Erz – “Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do…”

*Immortal Words Of Wisdom – Humor – What’s it like to life forever?

*Immutable, Irrefutable, Indisputable Laws Of Nature – Humor – You can’t fight ’em so you might as well know what you’re fighting against.

*In The Moment – Quote – Khalil Gibran

*Incredible Buttermilk Buckwheat & Walnut Pancakes – You won’t get pancakes this good from a mix.

*In A Jam With A Passionate Friend – Food – My friends helped me re-discover the joy of cooking.

*In Search Of The Perfect Guacamole – Really good guacamole may be easier to make than you think.

*In The Face Of Darkness – Quote – Helen Keller – “Keep your face to the sunshine and you…”

*In The Face Of It – Quote – William Arthur Ward – “In the face of unjust criticism we can become…”

*Inside My Head – Quote – Terry Josephson – “No matter where you go or what you do…”

*Instant Presto Candy Bacon – A super quick recipe without the mess.

*Instant Presto Candied Walnuts – Enjoy fresh candied walnuts anytime.

*Instant Presto Roasted Coconut – I love the smell of roasted coconut. This is quick.

*Is An Annuity Right For Me – If your tolerance for loss is low, you may want to consider an annuity.

*Is Easter Over? I Hope Not – Reflections on Mom, growing up and Easter.

*It’s A New Day – Meme – Mountain Fresh

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*JB & Lillybean Love Stuff – Is there ever enough? – Comic

*JB – After The End – The world doesn’t end. Is there any fallout? – Comic

*JB And Oliver Go Camping – JB spends a night in the woods with his nephew. – Comic

*JB And The Ears – JB discusses his dreams with his shrink. – Comic

*JB And The End Of The World – JB frets over the Mayan calendar. – Comic

*JB And The Steering Committee – JB’s buddy wants him to upgrade. – Comic

*JB – Anniversary – JB and Lillybean celebrate their day. – Comic

*JB Babysits – JB’s been tasked to watch over his nephew. – Comic

*JB Blogs Recipes – JB concentrates on creating new recipes for his blog. – Comic

*JB Books A Vacation – The weather outside is frightful. – Comic

*JB Builds A Deck – JB goes all out to build a deck. – Comic

*JB Calls The Cable Company – JB’s cable is out. – Comic

*JB Can’t Blog – JB struggles to write on his blog. – Comic

*JB – Company’s Coming – There’s company on the way. – Comic.

*JB Crunches – Anna discovers her rather can still surprise her. – Comic

*JB – Daylight Savings – JB resets the clocks. – Comic

*JB – Dirty Dog – JB has to clean up the mess. – Comic

*JB Does Yoga – JB stretches more than his muscles. – Comic

*JB Drank Too Much – JB hands Lillybean the keys. – Comic

*JB Exposes The Mrs. – Will we finally get to meet Mrs. JB? – Comic

*JB – Fertilizer – JB tries to keep up with his neighbor. – Comic

*JB Fetches Her Purse – Lillybean needs a favor. – Comic

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*JB – Footprints – It’s dog versus duck. – Comic

*JB Gets A Tree – JB brings home a tree for the holidays. – Comic

*JB Gets Breakfast In Bed – Anna surprises her dad for Father’s Day. – Comic

*JB Gets Fen Shui’d – JB comes home to a surprise. – Comic

*JB Gets Counseling – JB shares his problems with a pro. – Comic

*JB Gets Prepared – JB goes all out for his next blog post. – Comic

*JB Gets Sick – JB has a rough night. – Comic

*JB Gets The Latest News – JB and the Missus are upset by the news. – Comic

*JB Holds A Grudge – JB receives another unwanted letter. – Comic

*JB Goes Out For A Drive– JB and Lillybean note the change in seasons. – Comic

*JB – Ideas For The Ages – Real aha moments. – Comic

*JB In The Corn With Oliver – JB and Oliver visit a corn field. – Comic

*JB Is Accurate – Lillybean needs help measuring. – Comic

*JB Is King Of His Domain – JB picks out new furniture. – Comic

*JB Is The Answer Man – Anna wants an answer. – Comic

*JB Is Santa’s Helper – JB earns some extra holiday cash. – Comic

*JB – It’s Father’s Day – Anna struggles with a gift. – Comic

*JB – It’s Flu Season – How will JB fight off the flu? – Comic

*JB It’s Monday – Oh, no, time to face another Monday. – Comic

*JB It’s Tree Time – JB and Lillybean argue over Christmas trees. – Comic

Back to the top.

*JB It’s Valentine’s – Lilybean can’t wait for Valentine’s. – Comic

*JB July 5th – JB deals with some post holiday fallout. – Comic

*JB Kicks Back – The Mrs. is stunned to hear JB’s words. – Comic

*JB Let’s Talk – JB tries connecting with Anna. – Comic

*JB “Likes” Duckbook – JB shares a post on “Duckbook”. – Comic

*JB Locks Up –  JB’s computer starts to bog down. – Comic

*JB Loves Beans – Anna is at her wit’s end. – Comic

*JB Loves Biking – JB goes for a ride at night. – Comic

*JB Loves Manners – JB goes for yet another light night ride. – Comic

*JB Mind Over Body – JB needs to lose some weight. – Comic

*JB Mows – The grass is growing. – Comic

*JB Needs A Fix – Anna discovers a problem in the kitchen. – Comic

*JB Needs Candy – Halloween is coming. – Comic

*JB Needs Inspiration – JB is fresh out of ideas. – Comic

*JB Never Forgets–  JB has a mind like a steel trap. – Comic

*JB Nothing Works –  JB takes drastic measures when things break down. – Comic

*JB On Getting Older – JB talks of moving on in years. – Comic

*JB Over The River –  The Mrs. informs JB of their holiday plans. – Comic

Back to the top.

*JB Plays Dodgeball – Anna challenges JB to a game. – Comic

*JB Plays Ping Pong – JB demonstrates his ping pong prowess. – Comic

*JB Rakes Leaves – Time to do the outdoor chores. – Comic

*JB Remodels – JB teaches Tuffy all about remodeling. – Comic

*JB Saves Christmas – J Rudolf gets sick.  What’s Santa to do? – Comic

*JB Says No – JB is tempted by a unique travel offer. – Comic

*JB Sees Dr. Quack -JB gets a much needed check up. – Comic

*JB Shares It – Can anyone keep JB from sharing? – Comic

*JB Shops For Wine – The Mrs. needs placating. – Comic

*JB Snores – JB sleeps, but his snoring keeps the Missus awake. – Comic

*JB Spices It Up – JB thinks the new casserole tastes bland. – Comic

*JB Starts A Blog – With JB’s back out of commission, Anna has an idea. – Comic

*JB Supports The Arts – JB’s Mrs. decides to start painting. – Comic

*JB Takes A Survey – JB takes an unexpected call. – Comic

*JB Takes Lillybean Shopping – JB and the Mrs. search for deals. – Comic

*JB Takes Tuffy For A Ride – How will Tuffy take to riding? – Comic

*JB Thar She Blows – JB wants a new tool. – Comic

*JB The Accident – Lillybean has an accident. – Comic

*JB The Dark Side – Will JB be seduced by the dark side? Find out. – Comic

*JB The Perfect Yard – Sweat and toil pays off, or does it? – Comic

Back to the top.

*JB The Sky’s The Limit – JB encounters a serious problem with his laptop. – Comic

*JB To The Rescue – JB and Anna rush to the basement after hearing a loud boom. – Comic

*JB Too Much To Do – JB sorts priorities with the Mrs. – Comic

*JB Trains The Dog – Now who’s the master? – Comic

*JB – Two Birds – The day started like any other… – Comic

*JB Wants A Refill – JB gets more than he expects. – Comic

*JB Wants Wine – It’s a lazy holiday weekend. – Comic

*JB Went Shopping – JB is surprised at what he found in the stores. – Comic

*JB We’re Number One – JB and a buddy go shopping. – Comic

*JB Whacks A Mole – JB gets an unwelcome visit. – Comic

*JB What A Dog – Anna needs help with the dog. – Comic

*JB’s 4th – JB plans a special outing for the 4th. – Comic

*JB’s 4th With Oliver – JB spends the holiday with his nephew. – Comic

*JB’s A Pill – JB’s taking vitamins. – Comic

*JB’s Ab-duck-tion – JB goes out for a brisk walk, then sits to catch his breath. – Comic

*JB’s Adventures In Investing – Wacky tale of our friend Javabird as he jumps back into the market. – Comic

*JB’s All Ears – Anna is frustrated by one of JB’s uncanny abilities. – Comic

*JB’s Beer – JB enjoys the game with the Mrs. – Comic

*JB’s Best Advice – JB takes his blog in a new direction. – Comic

Back to the top.

*JB’s Black Friday – The stores are gearing up for the holidays. – Comic

*JB’s Blog – Anna is horrified when she checks her Dad’s blog. – Comic

*JB’s Blogging Buddy – JB meets up with his blogging buddy. – Comic

*JB’s Chores – JB struggles to finish up his chores. – Comic

*JB’s Daydream – Is JB watching too much TV? – Comic

*JB’s DUI Christmas – Not all of Santa’s helpers are up to the task. – Comic

*JB’s Done With Downsizing – JB deals with the aftermath of family downsizing. – Comic

*JB’s Early Gift Surprise – JB’s got a surprise in store for Lillybean. = Comic

*JB’s Getting Fit – What’s JB’s secret for staying in shape? – Comic

*JB’s Getting Old – JB can’t seem to keep up. – Comic

*JB’s Got Gas – JB’s got a problem and really needs help. – Comic

*JB’s Got Talent – Anna is surprised to learn of her father’s real talent. – Comic

*JB’s Got To Fix It – There’s more to fix than meets the eye. – Comic

*JB’s Holiday Diet –  JB fights the battle of the bulge. – Comic

*JB’s Holiday Feast – JB enjoys a quiet holiday dinner with family. – Comic

*JB’s Holiday Lights – JB gets ready to hand the lights. – Comic

*JB’s Install – It’s really hot out. – Comic

*JB’s Instructions – JB displays his mechanical prowess. – Comic

*JB’s Going Viral – Does JB’s blog finally have a hit? – Comic

*JB Is Grill Master – JB gets a new grill. – Comic

*JB’s Labor Day Weekend – JB looks forward to a long, relaxing weekend. – Comic

*JB’s Lazy Afternoon – JB is determined to enjoy the weather. – Comic.

*JB’s Mail Call –  It was a day that started like any other. – Comic

*JB’s Marathon – Is JB up for an Olympic challenge? – Comic

*JB’s Market Mishap – JB learns another lesson the hard way. – Comic

*JB’s New App – JB demonstrates a new high-tech talent. – Comic

*JB’s New Job – JB has some exciting news. – Comic

*JB’s New Reality – The Missus delivers some big news. – Comic

*JB’s New Toy– JB gets more than he bargained for. – Comic

*JB’s New Year – Anna wants to stay up and celebrate. – Comic

*JB’s Party – JB is inspired by a TV show. – Comic

*JB’s Phone Sales App – JB’s creative juices get flowing. – Comic

*JB’s Resolutions – Can JB stick to them?

Back to the top.

*JB’s “Sheer Genius” – JB’s dishing out advice. – Comic

*JB’s Shrink – Anna and Mom wait outside while JB visits the doc. – Comic

*JB’s Six-Pack – JB demonstrates his amazing new talent. – Comic

*JB’s Spa Treatment – The Mrs. sends a grouchy JB to the country. – Comic

*JB’s Super Bowl Ad – JB bites the bullet and pays for a Super Bowl Ad. – Comic

*JB’s Taxing Time – It’s tax time for JB. – Comic

*JB’s Vacation – JB’s family is excited about their upcoming vacation. – Comic

*JB’s Weather Report – JB wants a report from the Mrs. – Comic

*JB’s Weekend – The promise of the weekend. – Comic

*JB’s Wish – A trip to the mirror shows unwelcome changes. – Comic

*JB’s World Record – Anna and JB share a special moment. – Comic

*JB’s Zen Of Driving – JB and Lillybean go out for a drive. – Comic

*Julius Caesar And The Peking Duck – Now that’s cooking.

*JW’s World Famous Almond Crunch Cookies – Recipe – You’ve never read a recipe like this one.

*JW’s World Famous Stadium Sausage Sandwiches – Recipe. JW’s done it again with his delicious sausage pita!

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*Kahlua Cinnamon Coffee Date Bars – Recipe – These bars have “Yummm!” written all over them.

*Kahlua, Coconut & Cashew Blondies – Even if you normally prefer brownies, you’ll want to try these.

*Kahlua Crunch – What’s better than coffee?  How about some chocolate with your coffee.

*Kathryn’s No-Fail Quiche – If you like eggs, you’ll love this quiche recipe.

*Keeping Your Car Safe For Less – Tips to keep the family safe.

*Kick Starting Impossible Success – Anyone can succeed. Are you ready?

*Kids and Money: Setting Clear Expectations – Are you talking to your kids about money? It’s not too early.

*Kindness – Quote – Aesop – “No act of kindness, no matter how small…”

Back to the top.


*Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine – Quote – Victor Borge – “Laughter is the shortest…”

*Learn About Money On YouTube – A great tool for learning.

*Leave Us A Note Vacation – Humor – Here’s how a trip to the beach with grown kids, might go.

*Lemon Cross Cookies – Recipe – The delicious taste of fresh squeezed lemon, coconut and walnuts in a cookie.

*Let Me Try The Quinoa Pudding – Quinoa is a healthy, whole-grain substitute for rice that makes a great pudding.

*Let There Be Peace – Quote – Mother Teresa – “If we have no peace it is because…”

*Let’s Get Rid Of D’clutter – Humor – We have too much junk and I needed some new solutions.

*Let Us Live – Quote – Mark Twain – “Let us live so that when we come to die…”

*Life – Quote – George Bernard Shaw – “Life isn’t about finding yourself…”

*Life’s Journey: Tracking Right – Why career and life choices matter. 2 stories worth reading.

*Lillybean’s Cheesy Bean Casserole – This shy duck makes one mean green bean casserole.

*Limits – Quote – Arthur Schopenhauer – “Every man takes the limits of his own…”

*Long Live The United Kingdom of America – Humor – Why elect another president when we could have a king?

*Lottery 101: Winning The Biggest Prize Of All – Your odds of wining are zero unless you’re using this trick.

*Love – Quote – Mother Teresa – “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come…”

*Love Is… – Quote – Henry Louis Mencken – “Love is the triumph of imagination over…”

* Leonardo’s Vitruvian Duck – Humor – Credit where credit is due.

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*Macaroni Salad: Messing With Tradition – Try this delicious whole grain pasta salad recipe.

*Madame Whiskers 1.0 – New Kitty – Comic – Carlos and Sunshine get a new cat.

*Madame Whiskers 1.1 – Tummy – Comic – Whiskers lays down a few rules.

*Madame Whiskers 1.2 – Cool Cat – Comic – Every cat needs one of these.

*Madame Whiskers 1.3 – Inside – Comic – Who’s in charge at this house.

*Madame Whiskers 1.4 – Moody – Comic – MW shows her many faces.

*Madame Whiskers 1.5 – Optimist – Comic – Half full or half empty?

*Madame Whiskers 1.6 – Cat Box – Comic – How hard is it to get good help?

*Madame Whiskers 1.7 – It’s A Virtual World – Comic – The Madame wants an online presence.

*Madame Whiskers 1.8 – My Sorrow – Comic – What’s the life of a cat really like?

*Madame Whiskers 1.9 – Cable – Comic – What does the Madame watch?

*Madame Whiskers 2.0 – H2o – Comic – What is Madame’s favorite brand of water?

*Madame Whiskers 2.1 – Etiquette – Comic – So you want an audience with Madame?

*Madame Whiskers 2.2 – Mine – Comic – Who’s getting a little too comfortable?

*Madame Whiskers 2.3 – Aloof – Comic – The Madame shows her colors.

*Madame Whiskers 2.4 – Announcement – Comic – The Madame wishes to share a word.

*Madame Whiskers 2.5 – Vacation – Comic – Will the Madam play when the owners go away?

*Madame Whiskers 2.6 – Weed – Comic – Just how far will curiosity take the Madame?

*Madame Whiskers 2.7 – Daydream – Comic – The Madame lets go with her imagination.

*Madame Whiskers 2.8 – Yoga – Comic – The Madame offers a class in Yoga.

*Madame Whiskers 2.9 – New Years – Comic – Happy, happy from the Madame.

*Madame Whiskers 3.0 – Gotcha – Comic – Can the Madame be tricked?

Back to the top.

*Madame Whiskers 3.1 – Rules – Comic – The Madame faces tough new rules.

*Madame Whiskers 3.2 – Revenge – Comic – The Madame plans to get even.

*Magnification – Quote – Abraham Lincoln – “If we magnified our successes as much as we magnify…”

*Magnificent Microwave Muffin Man Mix – Healthy, quick and good tasting, too.

*Make Your Own Granola Bars – Control what’s in your snack bar with this easy recipe.

*Make Your Own Hummus – Try this highly nutritious and delicious snack made from chickpeas.

*Mama Lu’s Oatmeal & Buttermilk Pancakes – Now that’s one good pancake!

*Marcia’s Spicy Macaroni And Cheese – A spicy version of mac n cheese that’s downright delicious.

*Meatloaf On My Mind – A recipe.  What’s downsizing have to do with making meatloaf? Find out here.

*Memorable Moments – Quote – Mara Angelou – “I’ve learned people will forget what you said…”

*Merely An Illusion – Quote – Albert Einstein – “Reality is merely an illusion…”

*Microwave Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies – A recipe. Quick, easy and delicious. Better try ’em.

*Mind Over Matter – Quote – Gandhi – “A man is but the product of his thoughts…”

*Missed Shot – Quote – Wayne Gretzky – “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots…”

*Mistakes – Quote – Albert Sheinwold – “Learn all you can from the mistakes of others…”

*Mix It Up This Holiday – 6 recipe ideas that are bound to win over your pickiest eaters.

*Moose Drool Soup – Recipe – It may sound bad on the surface, but this lentil soup made with beer turns out to be delicious.

*Mona Lisa? How About Mona Gallina? – Humor – DaVinci’s real inspiration was the side of a barn. You doubt it?

*Monstrously Good Creme De Cocoa Squares – A delicious chocolate treat based on an old “Lemon Square” family favorite.

*Mouth Watering Roasted Broccoli Garlic Asiago Mashed Potatoes – Recipe – You’ve never had taters like these.

Back to the top.

*Multiple Sclerosis: No Whining. I’m Grateful. – An MS diagnosis is no walk in the park, but it could be worse.

*My Bunny And Me – A tale about dogs, stuffed toys and best friends.

*My Dad The Rock – A tribute to my Dad, the man’s who has been there through thick and thin.

*My Delicious House Special Fried Rice – A recipe – Rice never tasted so good.

*My Life With MS – A true story from one whose ongoing struggle with the disease continues.

*My Mother Has Alzheimer’s – A daughter struggles to cope with change.

*My New Diet Plan For The Holidays:  Nooooooo! – The battle of the bulge is on…so far the bulge is winning.  Humor.

*My Precious In A Cup – Nothing says yum like a hot, frothy mocha.

*My Reverse Bucket List – Thinking of trying something? Of not trying something? What’s holding you back?

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*Name That Tuna – Comic – This tuna was dressed up like a salmon…

*Never Alone – Quote – Wayne Dyer – “You cannot be lonely if…”

*Never Say Die – Quote – Thomas A. Edison – “Our greatest weakness…”

*New Social Media Tax Uncovered – Humor – You won’t believe the new law we uncovered.

*Nixon And The Gap – Humor – Our twist on Nixon and Watergate.

*Not My Mother Says Whistler – Humor – Was that really Whistler’s Mother?

*Not Your Grandmom’s Tuna Melt – I like grandma’s cooking, but she never made a sandwich like this.  Recipe.

*Novembrrr! – Comic – Do Chicka and Dee fly south for the winter?

*Nurture From Nature – Quote – Audrey Hepburn – “To plant a garden is to…”

*Nutmeg Logs: The Best Cookie Ever? – These cookies are amazing.  See for yourself!

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*Of Pyramids And Life’s Top Secrets – Famous Ducks – Food pyramids and the secret’s to a happier life.

*On A Roll – Nothing like fresh, home-made cinnamon rolls. Yum!

*On My Mind – Meme – Thinking of you.

*One Upping The BLT: Cutting Out Those Carbs – Our delicious Northwest take on a BLT lettuce wrap.

*Opportunity – Meme – Slow down and discover what you’re missing.

*Other Plans – Quote – John Lennon – “Life is what happens when you…”

*Our Top Ten Recipes – Here’s the top recipes based on total views.

*Outside of Time – Quote – Madame de Stael – “Love is a symbol of eternity…”

*Overcoming Shyness: 9 Tips For Making Conversation – Have a hard time making small talk?  These tips may help.

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*Pacifico Pancakes: There’s Beer In That Batter – Pancakes made with beer?  You bet!  They’re delicious – Recipe

*Pancake Puffery – A recipe. – Try this Baked Pancake for breakfast.

*Papa Dan’s Favorite Huevos Rancheros – A recipe – If you like eggs you’ll love this traditional Mexican favorite.

*Perception – Quote – Wayne Dyer – “If you change the way…”

*Pet Safety Over The Holidays – Here’s some reminders to keep your pet safe.

*Plan For Retirement Now – 12 things to consider as you plan for retirement.

*Playing By The Rules Of The Kitchen – There are 2 types of cooks. Which are you?

*Please Stop Staring – My uncle has Down’s Syndrome.  He’s family.

*Point Of View – Meme – How does it feel to stand in their shoes?

*Portabellas: No More Gut Bombs For Me – I love hamburgers but they no longer love me. I’m glad I discovered portabellas.

*Posts Of Christmas Past – Here’s some great ideas on gift giving, holiday lights, and having fun with the kids.

*Precious Moments And Semi-Precious Stones – More and more I love hunting for agates.

*Pumpkin Bread – The Taste Of Fall – A recipe – I don’t like fall for the colder temps, but I sure like it for pumpkin bread.

*Putting My Garden To Bed – My health requires doing things differently.

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*Q and A – Quote – Voltaire – “Judge a man by his questions rather than…”

*Quick Comfort Food – Easy Cheesy Rigatoni – A recipe so simple the kids can make it.

*Quick & Easy Tater Salad – What BBQ would be complete without this recipe?

*Quick and Healthy Veggie Brown Rice – Are you eating brown rice? Try it this way.

*Quickie Granola Snack Bar – High fiber, low sugar, great taste: Could you want anything more?

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*Rattlespointystick On Shakespeare – Humor – You’ve never seen Hamlet like this.

*Reach – Meme – Dare to dream.

*Real Help With Weight Loss – 5 steps to a healthier lifestyle. Part 1

*Reality – Quote – Bob Anderson – “Reality: We ignore subtle nuance or label it superfluous…”

*Recharge, Refresh, Energize – I needed a vacation…more than I realized.

*Reflected Me – Quote – “The cruel mistress of self-reflection is the…”

*Releasing The Bonds That Tie – Find out how to cut old anchors and ties.

*Romney’s Family Trip – Political Comic – It was all just an innocent family trip.

*Running For Gold – Now, I run for a different kind of gold.

*Rules For Healthy Eating: Cutting Added Sugars – 10 tips for cutting back. Part of our Weight Loss series.

*Rules For Healthy Eating: Start With A Balanced Diet – When you diet, cut health risks by eating well. Part of our Weight Loss series.

*Rules Of Engagement: Written In Stone – Humor- There are rules for meeting someone new.

*Running On Empty – All the tips you need for saving money and gas.

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*Salty Dog Clam Chowder – Here’s my Dad’s old recipe for delicious clam chowder.

*Sautéed Peppers and Onions – Recipe – Try these with cheese and crackers.  Yummy!

*Save Money Buying Wine – Great ideas for getting the best deal on wine.

*Save Money Making Your Own Bargain Generics – Make these products yourself and do it for less.

*Seasoning A Cast Iron Pan – Here’s the do’s and don’ts on seasoning, plus how to take care of your pan.

*Season’s Greetings From Javabird – Here’s a holiday card for you.

*Seeing – Quote – Edgar Degas – “Art is not what you see, but what…”

*Self-Inflicted Polar Bear Challenge – Did Carol take the icy plunge. Find out.

*Self-Storage: Renter Beware – We were ripped off. It was a professional. Here’s what to do.

*Seneca: All Life is Slavery (Reprinted with permission from

*Shades Of Summer – Before all memory of summer fades away, I’m sharing these photos.

*Shaking Out The Cob Webs – Tackling those long delayed projects.

*Shockingly Good Almond Butter And Date Cookies – Here’s a healthier alternative to traditional peanut butter cookies.

*Shortbread: Decadently Delicious – Recipe – What’s not to love about sugar and butter?

*Should I Buy Or Rent – Consider these 8 factors as you decide where to live.

*Should I Really Buy Organic? – It pays to know which non-organic foods contain the most pesticide.

*Should We? – Quote – Alfred A. Monapert – “Do not confuse motion and progress….”

*Simple Spicy Artichoke Dip – Recipe – Here’s a really great party dip, that’s easy to make.

*Six Highly Effective Habits For Saving Money On Groceries – Great grocery shopping tips for saving money and time.

*Slash Spending: Try The Annualizing Trick – This one trick can save $1000’s when applied to any regular purchase.

*Smart Wired But Only Half Connected – Turn that phone off if you want a real conversation. Editorial.

*Smoked Salmon Wild Rice Medley – A recipe. Delicious and nutritious wild rice meal.

*Snacking On A Budget: A Tale Of The Kernel – Make your own microwave popcorn.

*Snickerdoodles So Good They Make Me Laugh – If you thought all sugar cookies were the same, you’ve got to try these.

*Soaring – Quote – Winston Churchill – “Kites fly highest against the wind, not…”

*Some Windows Support Here Please – I’m getting really strange error messages. Check ’em out. – Humor

*Songs Of The Heart – Quote – Maya Angelou – “A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings…”

*Sorry No Permission – For Quacks – What happens when your website crashes?

*Sour Grapes: Are Home Wine Cellars Worth It? – Here are the key factors for storage that affect a wine’s taste.

*Speedo: Tale Of A True Champion – I was thrilled to watch the baby turtle struggle toward the sea.

*Spicy Chicken Curry Cashew– A recipe – When I want to spice things up, I cook up this delicious recipe.

*Spicy Microwave Walnut Brittle – A recipe – Amazingly tasty brittle with a dash of heat. You’ll love it!

*Spinach Au Gratin – A recipe – Are you getting enough spinach?  Here’s a great way to eat it.

*Spread The Joy – Meme – Keep smiling.

*Spread Your Wings – Meme – Find the good. Share a little love.

*Spring! – Meme – I can feel it in the air.

*Spring Into Spring – The signs of the season are popping up all over.

*Spring Is In The Air – The flowers are in full bloom. Take a look. Photo essay.

*Sprouting You Way To A Greener Future – Grow your own nutritious sprouts.

*State Of Mind – Quote – Henry David Thoreau – “It’s not what you look at that matters…”

*Stop! Don’t Send That Email! – Self-help. – 10 reason email fails us.

*Summer Perfect Iced Java Nudge – A recipe – Here’s one thoroughly decadent drink.

*Sugar Makes You Dumber? Rats! – Humor – Why do we rely so much on rodents?

*Sugar Sugar Honey Honey – Learn the skinny on added sugar.

*Super Simple Sangria – Here’s a delightful recipe for a citrus based wine cooler.

*Survival Shopping: 8 Tasty Recipes – Really inexpensive recipes that taste great.

*Survival Shopping: Eating Well On Less – How to shop when money is extremely tight.

*Survival Shopping: True Bargain Foods – Money saving foods for a tight budget.

*Surviving A 6 Story Fall – True Story – My friend fell six stories and lived. Now, comes the hard part.

*Surviving A 6 Story Fall: 1 Year Later – Here’s an update on my friend a year after his incredible accident.

*Surviving These Crazy Markets – Humor – You’d best learn the real meaning of these investment terms.

*Sweatin’ Bullets: I never thought I’d try Hot Yoga.  Now, can someone help me up?

*Sweet Onion, Basil And Tomato Sandwich – Here’s a delicious all vegetable option for lunch.

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*Talk To Your Kids About Money – Help set reasonable goals and expectations.

*Talking Points: Following The Party Line – Political Humor – Why listen to the pundits when you can read this?

*Take A Peek At My Pico – Here’s a quick and easy recipe for delicious Pico De Gallo.

*Tasty Chicken Mushroom Black Bean Casserole – Recipe – This might be the best casserole ever.

*Take These 7 Steps To Avoid Fraud – Don’t be an easy target.  Take these easy steps to protect yourself.

*Teach Your Kids To Save – Start the kids early and teach the the value in saving.

*Teachable Moments – Quote – Aldous Huxley – “Experience teaches only the…”

*Telomerase & Meditation (Reprinted with permission from

*Thanksgiving: It Wasn’t Always Turkey – Here’s the real scoop on the holiday. Humor.

*The 7 Best Ideas For Saving Energy At Home – 7 quick and smart tips for saving energy.

*The 9 Step Flue Prevention Etiquette – Are you following these cold-fighting rules?

*The 12 Ways I Manage Stress – I take these steps to help manage my daily stress.

*The Art Of Illusion – And now for the most amazing handstand you’ve ever seen…

*The Best Carrot Is A Burnt Carrot – I love oven roasted carrots!

*The Bureau of Peeking Ducks – They’re watching you and it’s worse than you thought. – Famous Ducks

*The Creation Of Wealth – A quote from Margaret Thatcher.

*The Crow Bar 1.0 – Fern Gully – Comic – So, Harry, did you hear the one about…

*The Crow Bar 1.1 -Shrooms – Comic – Hey, Dave, did you hear the one about…

*The Crow Bar 1.2 – Oinkers – Comic – So these pigs walked into a bar…

*The Crow Bar 1.3 – Hair-Raising – Comic – Now, that’s some hot salsa!

*The Crow Bar 1.4 – Pop – Comic – Talk about a groaner!

*The Crow Bar 1.5 – Cooking – Comic – Check out this biker chick.

*The Crow Bar 1.6 – Clock – Comic – Do these crows have too much time on their hands?

*The Crow Bar 1.7 – Beer – Comic – Harry works on his math skills.

*The Crow Bar 1.8 – Slimy – Comic – The crows try to get their reptiles sorted out.

*The Crow Bar 1.9 – Teacher – Comic – Don’t mess with the math teacher.

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*The Crow Bar 2.0 – Diagnostics – Comic – Matt dishes some friendly bartender advice.

*The Crow Bar 2.1 – New Job – Comic – Harry gets a new job.

*The Crow Bar 2.2 – Boomerang – Comic – Matt listens to Harry’s woes.

*The Crow Bar 2.3 – Police – Comic – Dave gets caught up watching the news.

*The Crow Bar 2.4 – Rain – Comic – It’s dumping rain.

*The Crow Bar 2.5 – Author – Comic – Harry writes a book.

*The Crow Bar 2.6 – Gravity – Comic – Dave reads a book.

*The Crow Bar 2.7 – Coins – Comic – Rough night for Dave’s kid.

*The Crow Bar 2.8 – Divorce – Comic – Trouble with the Missus.

*The Crow Bar 2.9 – Pins & Needles – Comic – Matt needs some pain relief.

*The Crow Bar 3.0 – Sale – Comic – Harry and Dave discuss the big sale.

*The Crow Bar 3.1 – Rules Of English – Dave’s interested in the rules of the language.

*The Crow Bar 3.2 – Airplane – Harry and Dave shoot the breeze.

*The Crow Bar 3.3 – Half-Baked – Matt and Harry are having way too much fun.

*The Crow Bar 3.4 – Hereinafter – The boys discuss what makes for a proper wake.

*The Crow Bar 3.5 – Theft – Dave is unhappy.

*The Crow Bar 3.6 – Humor – Matt hears from Carlos.

*The Crow Bar 3.7 – Poison – Matt’s under the weather.

*The Crow Bar 3.8 – Ex – Matt’s Ex shows up at the Crow Bar.

*The Crow Bar 3.9 – Board –  Harry and Dave get excited about trees.

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*The Crow Bar 4.0 – Sole – The boys are casting deep for this comic.

*The Crow Bar 4.1 – Division – Matt and Felicia talk math.

*The Crow Bar 4.2 – Seal It – A seal walks into The Crow Bar…

*The Crow Bar 4.3 – Corny – The boys are dishing it out.

*The Crow Bar 4.4 – Snooze – It’s getting late at The Crow Bar.

*The Crow Bar 4.5 – Diet Plan – The boys talk about shedding a few pounds.

*The Crow Bar 4.6 – Old Soldier – The boys are firing at will.

*The Crow Bar 4.7 – Chemistry – Is Harry out of his element?

*The Crow Bar 4.8 – Aging – Will these two ever grow up?

*The Crow Bar 4.9 – Tofurkey – Harry gets an invite to dinner.

*The Crow Bar 5.0 – Santa – The boys are getting jolly.

*The Crow Bar 5.1 – Dentist – Look who needs a visit to the dentist.

*The Crow Bar 5.2 – News – Dave catches up.

*The Crow Bar 5.3 – Garbage – Matt takes out the garbage.

*The Crow Bar 5.4 – Lady’s Night – Can the ladies dish it out like the boys?

*The Crow Bar 5.5 – Plane Trip – Beth is taking a trip.

*The Crow Bar 5.6 – Spying – Our spies are operating at peek efficiency.

*The Crow Bar 5.7 – Postal – Has the gang gone postal?

*The Crow Bar 5.8 – Squeaky Clean – Dave is unstoppable.

*The Crow Bar 5.9 – Football – Harry and Dave get caught up in the game.

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*The Crow Bar 6.0 – Pirates – The mateys are whooping it up.

*The Crow Bar 6.1 – Bills – Matt gets inspired.

*The Crow Bar 6.2 – Peepers – The new face at the bar is a sight to behold.

*The Crow Bar 6.3 – Valentine’s – It’s never too early to make up puns for Valentine’s.

*The Crow Bar 6.4 – Exotic Port – Matt wants to go on a trip.

*The Crow Bar 6.5 – Cheese – Are these puns too cheesy?

*The Crow Bar 6.6 – Noteworthy – Puns of note.

*The Crow Bar 6.7 – Tech – The boys talk shop.

*The Crow Bar 6.8 – Criminal Intent – Should these puns be outlawed?

*The Crow Bar 6.9 – Photos – The boys get candid.

*The Crow Bar 7.0 – Dead Crow – That crow was blooming demised.

*The Crow Bar 7.1 – Moving On – The gang talks about moving.

*The Crow Bar 7.2 – Auction – Will the bar be put up for auction?

*The Crow Bar 7.3 – Playing Cards – Who will win at cards?

*The Crow Bar 7.4 – For The Love Of Bread – Is love on the rise?

*The Crow Bar 7.5 – Ghosts – Are these puns ready for their “day boo?”

*The Crow Bar 7.6 – Coffee – Time for coffee puns.

*The Crow Bar 7.7 – Robbed – Here’s a dose of thief puns.

*The Crow Bar 7.8 – Aches & Pains – Who says puns hurt?

*The Crow Bar 7.9 – For The Birds – We’re ruffling feathers with these bird puns.

*The Crow Bar 8.0 – Doctor – Laughter really is the best medicine.

*The Crow Bar 8.1 – Baseball – These puns are a real home run.

*The Crow Bar 8.2 – Dad – Puns about Dad the whole family will enjoy.

*The Crow Bar 8.3 – Algebra – Who says math isn’t any fun?


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*The Difficulty Embracing Change – Change is constant and all around so why do we resist it?

*The Duck Who Discovered Electricity – Humor – Franklin gets more credit than deserved.

*The Duck Who Was Kidnapped By NASA – Humor – Here’s the real moon landing story.

*The Earthquake Quiz – How Ready Are You? – 34 questions to test your earthquake preparedness.

*The Easter Equation – Meme – Einstein is also famous for this equation.

*The Eye Of The Beholder – Quote – Kahlil Gabran – “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is…”

*The First Presidential Debate By Yours Truly – Hey why spend all that time watching when we can do it for you. – Humor

*The First Step – Quote – Martin Luther King – “Faith is taking the first step even when…”

*The Flame Of Passion – Quote – Ferdinand Foch – “The most powerful weapon on earth…”

*The Frosting Straight From Heaven – There’s nothing like penuche frosting. Yum.

*The Funny Money Scam – A personal story about a money scam you’ll want to avoid.

*The Future Is Today – Quote – Isaac Asimov – “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster…”

*The Gift – Quote – Bil Keane – “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future…”

*The Great Statue Of Liberty Rip-Off – Humor – Humans are at it again…getting credit where credit belongs elsewhere.

*The Heart Of A True Champion – True champions dig deeper when the going gets tough. They don’t give up.

*The Highway – Quote – Friedrich Nietzsche – “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way…”

*The Hype And Myths Of Dieting – Check out 8 common myths of dieting.

*The Inside Scoop On Gettysburg – Humor – If you thought Lincoln had a good speech, try this one. Shall we thank the Russians?

*The Journey – Quote – Wayne Dyer – “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on…”

*The Judgment Trap – Learn what’s behind all those judgments you hold.

*The Last Rose Of Summer – Photo – Summer’s a memory, but a beautiful one at that.

*The Lazy Investor – See why lazy portfolios and passive trading may be the best wealth building strategy.

*The Life Timeline: Planning For A Brighter Future – Take a look at the big picture when setting goals.

—◊–Time Lifeline Survey: Getting Started (pdf) – Life Timeline worksheet.

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*The Magic In The Ramekin – Life’s better with new dishes and chocolate.

*The Magic Of Full Consciousness – Consciousness is the key to a better lifestyle.

*The Money Quiz – 50 questions to ponder about money.

—◊–The Money Quiz: A printable PDF

*The OMG We’re All Going Over The Fiscal Cliff Test! – Humor – Find out if you already know everything that matters.

*The Pain Of Change – Quote – Khalil Gibran – “Your pain is the breaking of your shell…”

*The Power Of Love And Light – Quote – Martin Luther King

*The Power Of Numbers – Quote – Helen Keller

*The Power Of Twitter – A comic. Overthrowing a dictator.

*The Power Of A Kind Word – Quote – Buddha – “Words have the power to both…”

*The Power Of Words – Quote – Lawrence G. Lovasik – “Kind words are a creative force…”

*The Power To Create: My Journey As An Author – A real story about writing a book.

*The Real Elvis – Humor – Who copied whom? Here’s the story of the original.

*The Real Story Of Lady Duckgiva – Famous Ducks – Here’s the truth about Lady Godiva.

*The River – Quote – Heraclitus – “You cannot step in the same river twice.”

*The Road Less Traveled – Meme – Are you missing out on life?

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*The Road To Wealth: Mastering Personal Finance – Money – Take these 10 steps to improve your lifestyle.

*The Running Cash Flow: First Aid For Your Wallet – Neat napkin trick for staying afloat.

*The Second Presidential Debate – Humor – The President came out swinging in this town hall brawl.

*The Secret In The Applesauce – Recipe – Try this trick for truly yummy applesauce. Plus, learn to can.

*The Spice Of Life – Spice up your meals and everything tastes better.

*The Stuffing Wars – What do you like in your stuffing?  Hey, them could be fightin’ words!

*The Tale Of The Two Vincent’s – Humor – Did you know Van Gogh had a sidekick?

*The Top Of Mom’s Head – Mom’s steady decline from Alzheimer’s has taken a surprising twist.

*The Vice Presidential Debate By Yours Truly – Humor – The candidates get it on. Is anyone listening?

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*The Ways We Express Gratitude – Gratitude is the path to a richer, fuller life.

*The Woof-Da Paradigm Shift – Think you got it bad? Trying walking in a dog’s shoes for a day.

*There Are Duckus Amongus – Humor – The ducks have invaded our home. They’re everywhere.

*They’re Breaking Up? Oh, No! – Personal Growth – Find out how to adjust to the feelings of loss.

*This Napkin Is My Personal Financial Planner – Learn how to manage your cash.

*Those That Sang Best – Quote – Henry Van Dyke – “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very…”

*Time To Shift Your Paradigm? – Discover how perception impacts choice.

*Tolerance – Quote – Ralph Waldo Emerson – “To be yourself in a world that is…”

*Tomato Juice: Preserving The Taste Of Summer – Everything you need to know to can your own tomato juice.

*Tommy Cake: Oatmeal And Feathers – A cake recipe made with oatmeal and heart whole grain goodness.

*Tool Of The Tools – Quote – Thoreau – “Men have become the tool of…”

*Tooling Around – Guest post – Tips for taking care of your tools.

*Top Execs Caught Mooning – Yet another display of uncaring folly by the 1% – Humor.

*Top Of The Morn – Meme – Hope your day starts out right.

*Transformed – Quote – Carl Gustav Jung – “The meeting of two personalities is like…”

*Tribute To A Junque Collector – Touching tribute to Mom and tradition.

*Trick Or Treat – You can dress them up, but you can’t take them out.  Photo humor.

*Trick Or Treat – A special holiday greeting from JB and all his scary friends.

*Triple Chocolate Low Fat Brownies – Chocolate lovers beware: These low fat brownies are delicious.

*True Sight – Quote –  Jonathon Swift – “Vision is the art…”

*Tuna Vegetable Salad – A recipe – Delicious and hearty healthy nutritious salad. Great for any meal.

*Turning Dreams Into Reality: Setting Goals – 6 tips for making better goals.

*Twas The Night Before Quackimas – Humor – A familiar Christmas tale retold from the duck-blogger’s perspective.

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*Unbind The Chains and Unlock The Locks – 7 Steps for getting unstuck.

*Unconditional Love – Meme – Short poem on love.

*Uniquely You – Quote – Neil Gaiman “The one thing you have that nobody else has is…”

*Urban Farming: Fresh Food At No Cost – Farming in the city is the way to get fresh produce, and you don’t need to do it yourself.

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*Valentines: All In Desperation – Humor – Try out one of these suggestions on your sweetie.

*Vanilla Cloud Graham Crumble Pie – A recipe. – One delicious Graham Cracker Cream pie!

*Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms – A recipe. – An appetizer bound to impress.

*Veggie Stew – A recipe – Where’s the beef?  You won’t find it here.

*Vitriol – Quote – Mark Twain – “Anger is an acid that can do more harm…”

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*Walk Your Way To Better Health – Try these 10 tips for building a great walking routine.

*We All Love The Figgie Cheesies – Recipe – I never knew I liked figs until I tried these.

*We Call Our Hummingbird Arnold – Tips on feeding hummers and photos.

*Welcome To Javabird – Make us a part of your day.

*Wine Tasting Part I: Skewing The Palate – If you only drink one type of wine, you may be missing out.

*Wine Tasting Part II: 5 Qualities – Learn how to describe and distinguish good wine from bad.

*What Kind Of Investing Is Best? – Investment choices to be aware of.

*What To Say When The Stock Market Crashes – Humor – Here’s a few choice words and phrases.

*What’s Not To Love About Napping? – Have you had your nap today?  It’s about time.

*Where The Truth Lies – Quote – Mark Twain – “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to…”

*Whip Up The Best Tuna Casserole – A recipe – This may just be the new family favorite.

*Wisdom Of The Ages – Quote – John Barrymore – “A man is not old until…”

*Woe Man: A Book Review – 5 stars. Heartily recommended.

*Won’t Bend – Quote – Winston Churchill

*Woofda 1.0 – The Cutest Dog – Our first “Life With A Dog”  adventure comic.

*Woofda 1.1 – Dusty’s Haircut – Dusty does his best to avoid a haircut.

*Woofda 1.2 – The Sandwich – Dusty wants a treat.

*Woofda 1.3 – Nothing Beats – Dusty describes his favorite things.

*Woofda 1.4 – Blogging – Dusty notes a disturbing trend.

*Woofda 1.5 – Blogging – Dusty is a dog on a mission.

*Woofda 1.6 – Wonderdog – A superhero’s life is never easy.

*Woofda 1.7 – Youth – Dusty pines for his younger days.

*Woofda 1.8 – Where’s Mom? – Dusty waits for Mom to come home.

*Woofda 1.9- Snoozing – Dusty thinks big.

Back to the top.

*Woofda 2.0 – Too Amazing For Words – Sometimes it’s the little things that are hardest.

*Woofda 2.1 – Guard The Fort – Dusty is tasked with watching the home front.

*Woofda 2.2 – New House – Some jobs shouldn’t be left to amateurs.

*Woofda 2.3 – Blasted Squirrels – Dusty takes on a pesky squirrel.

*Woofda 2.4 – Mighty Hunter – Dusty demonstrates his amazing prowess.

*Woofda 2.5 – Edumercation – Dusty explains the value of a good education.

*Woofda 2.6 – Today Bites – Dusty talks about his day.

*Woofda 2.7 – Dusty Racer – Dusty races with the best of them.

*Woofda 2.8 – Best Joke Ever – Dusty remembers a good joke.

*Woofda 2.9 – When Dad’s Away – What will Dusty do when Dad’s away?

*Woofda 3.0 – Rescue 9-1-1 – Some bunny needs help!

*Woofda 3.1 – The Time Machine – Can Dusty avert disaster?

*Woofda 3.2 – At Issue – Can Dusty maintain his objectivity?

*Woofda 3.3 – Holiday Blues – Who says the holidays are fun?

*Woofda 3.4 – Bad Boy – Dusty sneaks into Dad’s room.

*Woofda 3. 5 – Vacation – Will Dusty finally get to go along?

*Woofda 3.6 – Get Out The Vote – This could be the start of something really big.

*Woofda 3.7 – Winter Blues – How does Dusty deal with winter?

*Woofda 3.8 – Holiday Binge – Dusty gets a special treat.

*Woofda 3.9 – Holiday Cards – Dusty gets creative for the holidays.

Back to the top.

*Woofda 4.0 – Christmas Tree – Dusty needs some holiday cheer.

*Woofda 4.1 – Better Not Pout – Will Dusty get any presents?

*Woofda 4.2 – The Fall – Dad’s fallen. Can Dusty help?

*Woofda 4.3 – The Day After – What’s Christmas like for Dusty?

*Woofda 4.4 – Resolutions – What does Dusty do for the New Year?

*Woofda 4.5 – A Matter Of Style – Dusty needs a hair cut.

*Woofda 4.6 – The Olympian – Is Dusty cut out for the Olympics?

*Woofda 4.7 – Not Happening – Will Dusty get the meal he wants?

*Woofda 4.8 – Dogbook – How does Dusty fair in the virtual world?

*Woofda 4.9 – The White Flash – Will Dusty get this squirrel?

*Woofda 5.0 – Be My Valentine – Dusty gets creative for Valentine’s Day.

*Woofda 5.1 – New Math – Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

*Woofda 5.2 – Daylight Savings Time – Dusty chimes in on the clock change.

*Woofda 5.3 – Keep Smiling – Dusty reports on a new study.

*Woofda 5.4 – Down Under – Dusty watches his favorite TV show.

*Woofda 5.5 – Give A Dog A Bone – Dusty’s got a bone to pick.

*Woofda 5.6 – Squirrel Free Zone – Dusty reflects on his past success keeping squirrels away.

*Woofda 5.7 – Rise And Shine – Will anything wake Dusty up?

*Woofda 5.8 – The Scratch – Dusty gets a good scratch.

*Woofda 5.9 – Lost – Are Dusty and his peeps lost in the woods?

Back to the top.

*Woofda 6.0 – Gut Bomb – Dusty’s nap makes him hungry.

*Woofda 6.1 – The App – Dusty gets tech smart.

*Woofda 6.2 – Java Dog – Dusty makes Dad stop the car.

*Woofda 6.3 – Loser – Dusty passes the time on the ferry.

*Woofda 6.4 – Once S’more – Dusty goes camping.

*Woofda 6.5 – Dusty Acres – Another camp out.

*Woofda 6.6 – Pizza – Can Dusty resist pizza?

*Woofda 6.7 – Wine Country – Dusty goes on a wine tasting.

*Woofda 6.8 – The Art Of War – Who’s the top dog in Dusty’s household?

*Woofda 6.9 – The Taunting – What happens when Dusty gets a taunting?

*Woofda 7.0 – Words Of Wisdom – Dusty’s come up with a few good rules to live by.

*Woofda 7.1 – Old Dog – Dusty gets an unwelcome letter.

*Woofda 7.2 – Cold Out – It’s fall and Dusty’s cold.

*Woofda 7.3 – Bad Day – Dusty still loves you.

*Woofda 7.4 – Costume – Dusty goes costume shopping.

*Woofda 7.5 – Bad Dream – Dusty struggles to get good sleep.

*Woofda 7.6 – Road Trip – Talk about over the river and through the woods.

*Woofda 7.7 – Bitecoins – Dusty invests in virtual currency.

*Woofda 7.8 – Squirrel Master – Dusty’s battle with the squirrels takes an unexpected twist.

*Woofda 7.9 – Aches & Pains – Dusty’s been demoted.

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*Woofda 8.0 – Super Fan – Dusty shows he’s no fair weather fan.

*Woofda 8.1 – Muttflix – They’re back and now messing with Dusty’s movies.

*Woof Da – Life From A Dog’s Perspective – Life is a bit confusing as a dog. Fun photo essay.

*Word Power – Quote – Josh Billings – “There’s a great power in words…”



*Young or Old: It’s Time To Think Retirement – Get ahead of the game. Start saving early.

*Your Credit: Keeping Score – Learn what your credit score is and why it matters.

*Your Doctor Get The Right Help Losing Weight – Learn why you should consult with your doctor first.


*Zucchini, Coconut and Carrot Bread – Recipe – Here’s what to do with zucchini.


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