JB’s Got Gas

JB has a problem, but it’s everyone else who has to suffer. Check out the latest Adventures of Javabird comic.
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If you were seeking comfort, would you want the person offering it to accept you for who you were, or to offer a list of all the ways you need to change? When others come to you for support do you harp on all the reasons our world is screwed up or just offer to listen? At any given moment would you rather be encouraged or discouraged by the person you’re with? What if a better, more loving world is no farther away than individual acts of kindness? We like how Mother Teresa put it in this quote. Continue reading

The Crow Bar 8.1 – Baseball


So why don’t crows watch more baseball? The get tired of getting hit by stray fowls! Okay, that’s strike one, but prepare yourself. These puns may just knock it out of the park. Here’s today’s Crow Bar comic. Continue reading

JB Drank Too Much

JB drank too much and now the only question is if he’ll let Lillybean drive. Here’s today’s Adventures of Javabird comic. Continue reading

JB’s “Sheer Genius”


JB’s back to dishing out advice in this Adventures of Javabird comic. Continue reading



Ever felt like you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time? Was that a consequence of luck, fate, or something more significant? Ever felt wronged, snubbed, or pushed around? Did it leave you feeling like the world was out of control? Ever felt so hurt by someone it left you thinking the damage couldn’t be undone? Is that really the way the universe works? In truth, aren’t we ultimately the sum of all our decisions? And if so, then does any decision ever need to be complete in itself or forever unchangeable? When you blame others for your circumstances you give away your power and allow others to hold you hostage to it. When you truly come to understand the power in making decisions, you see no one else has more ability to change anything and everything about your life than you do. We like the way Steven Covey put it in this quote. Continue reading

The Crow Bar 8.0 – Doctor


They say laughter is the best medicine, but does that include the almighty pun? Find out in this Crow Bar comic. Continue reading

Chicka ‘n Dee – Senate


Chicka receives an unexpected call from party headquarters in this Chicka ‘n Dee comic. Continue reading



What exactly do we mean by the word reality? How do we know what’s real and what isn’t? How do we determine what’s true or false? How do we know if we’re paying attention to the right things? How do our senses play into the equation? In the book Woe Man, author Bob Anderson writes on the topic of reality. We like the way he summed it here. Continue reading

The Crow Bar 7.9 – For The Birds


We considered flying south for the winter, but when that didn’t pan out we decided to wing it. And no doubt we’ll ruffle a few feathers in this new comic, but hey, it’s The Crow Bar. Continue reading


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